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An Update on Nibiru by Chris Thomas, Aug 2013

An Update on Nibiru by Chris Thomas, Aug 2013

An Update on


by Chris Thomas

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1. Introduction 1

2. A History of “Nibiru” 1

3. Why Try to Make People Afraid? 2

4. Extra Terrestrial Races 3

5. Star Gates 8

6. Footnotes 9

7. Book & Recording List 10



I don’t know about you but I like looking at

sunsets. It doesn’t seem to matter how bad

a day it has been for me, or for anyone

else on the planet, taking a few minutes at

the end of the day to watch the sun drop

below the horizon just calms the nerves and

renews my sense of wellbeing.

During August, I have paid particular

attention to the sunsets; attempting to catch a

glimpse of the “new sun”, the one we are

assured is called “Nibiru” that has been

travelling through our solar system dragging

its seven planets along with it.


As I sit at my keyboard, I realise that I am

actually sitting at my keyboard. I am not

sitting at another keyboard in some alternate

universe. I have not been vapourised by the

bow “shock-wave” that this sun Nibiru was

reputedly pushing before it, destroying all

life in the solar system.

Funny that.


But on the other hand, it looks as though the

HGF (Human Gullibility Factor) has been

working overtime.

For several months we have been warned by

those who claim to have insider knowledge

from the NSA, CIA, NASA and the Vatican

telling us that Nibiru is on its way through

our solar system wreaking its destruction

despite any evidence that could support these


O how I long for the time when humans

finally wake up and re-integrate their souls

back into their bodies because then we

wouldn’t have to put up with any more of

this c**p.


A History of “Nibiru”

The name Nibiru is most usually

associated with the translations of the

Annunaki material by Zecharia Sitchin.

Sitchin was acknowledged as the world’s

leading expert at translating ancient

Sumerian “Cuneiform” writing into English.

In the 1960’s, Sitchin began translating a

collection of clay tablets that were reputed to

be about 5,000 years old. These tablets state

that the story they tell was dictated to a

Sumerian scribe who accurately recorded the

story being dictated to him.


*Note: the story was dictated to a scribe

therefore it had to be dictated by “someone”.

This someone is never identified in the story

the clay tablets tell. If, as claimed in the

story, the information was the actual history

of humanity then the history would have

been recorded as it happened. In other

words, the history was common knowledge

amongst all of the people; so why was it

necessary for a story to be dictated to a


The answer is that it is just that, a story and

not reality*.


I have commented on the lack of truth and

the lack of validity of this dictated story

many times in my books and essays and so

am not going to repeat the story here.

Enough to say is that it is a complete fantasy

deliberately designed to mislead people in

the current times into believing that our

“creators” are an alien race – known as the



Within this dictated fantasy story is the

“legend” of the planet Nibiru. Please note the

word planet.


The Velon/Annunaki fantasy story claims

that Nibiru is a “travelling” planet that

enters our solar system every 3,600 years.

Several of its orbits have caused problems

within our solar system, destroying one

planet with the Earth, and the asteroid belt,

being made from the debris of this collision.

According to Sitchin’s translations and

calculations, the last time that this fictitious

planet entered our solar system was about

2,200 years ago (about 200 BC). This means

that the next orbit is not due for another

1,400 years from now.

Are there any human traditions that have a

record of a “travelling planet”?


No there are not. Chinese records, Egyptian

records, Celtic traditions, Native American

traditions, Aboriginal traditions, Inuit

traditions, Eskimo traditions – not one of

them tell of a planet that travels in and out of

our solar system.

Is there an ancient Earth people who speak

of a planet called Nibiru?

Yes, there is. This is the ancient Assyrian

Empire centered around the ancient city of


Except, as far as the ancient Assyrians are

concerned, the name Nibiru was their name

for the planet Jupiter in our own solar system

although the Assyrians possibly spelled it

“Neberu” – meaning “The Ferry”.


However, the fear-mongering that has been

going on over the past few years, especially

in recent months, refer to a sun called Nibiru

that has entered our solar system, destroying

all in its advance.


Quite why Nibiru had changed from a single

“travelling planet” to a sun with seven

orbiting planets has been impossible to track


There does not appear to be any reason

whatsoever to explain why Nibiru has

changed from a single planet to a whole

solar system – at least none that I have been

able to find.


The only explanation seems to be that a

fictitious travelling whole solar system

engenders far more fear in people than a

fictitious single travelling planet does.

Why Try to Make People Afraid?

or the last 1,700 years, there have been

those on the planet who see themselves

as an “elite”.


In order to control the population and to

make them believe what this elite wants

them to believe, the elite have found that by

far the best way is to make people afraid.

By creating situations of fear, especially the

fear of things that do not exist, the elite have

created a society that is made up of

individuals that are extremely gullible and

can be forced to act in ways which go

against their intrinsic nature.


There are many, many examples of this

behavior throughout human history, both in

the past and in the present.

From the total annihilation of whole societies

who refused to accept the teachings of the

Vatican1 to the myth of man-made global

warming and climate change2 to the myth of

international terrorist groups3. All actions

taken by those who consider themselves to be

of the “elite” to create fear in those the elite

consider to be “useless eaters”.


With fear, comes control – if you can make

people afraid then you can control them. If

you control the people, you can make them

do whatever you want even though it is not

in the people’s best interests to do so.

Ever since the Roswell Crash in 1947,

another fear has been added to the elite’s

arsenal – “Aliens”.


Everything from Orson Wells’ radio play of

H.G. Wells’ book “The War of the Worlds”

through the “Alien” movies to the movie

“Independence Day” are all designed to

make us believe that there are thousands of

non-terrestrial races “out there” and all of

them are out to kill humans.

The truth is that none of the races with

which we share our Universe have

developed the kind of technology that could

be described as weapons. We’ll come on to

this later.


However, the race known as Velon do have

serious intentions as far as the Earth is

concerned but it is the human elite who have

created the weapons necessary to bring the

Velon plans about.


Sitchin is not the only one who knew about

the Annunaki (the Annunaki are a sub-race

within the Velon species. The Velon have

sub-divided themselves down into six races:-

Annunaki, Hathor, Jjundaa, Johnaan, Oa and

Mila. These racial divisions are along the

lines of humans dividing themselves up into

Japanese, German, French etc. or Jewish,

Muslim, Buddhist etc.).


In the mid 1800’s a new “Rite” was written

for the Freemasons called the “Palladian

Rites”. This new set of Rites applies only to

Freemasons of the 33rd level.

In this Rite, God did not Create humanity;

humanity was created by Lucifer (the name

“Lucifer” literally means “The Illuminated

One” or “The One Who Brings



The “consciousness” of the Velon (Velus)

also calls “himself” Lucifer.

From what I have been able to find out about

the Palladian Rites, they state that the

Annunaki created mankind under the

direction of Lucifer.

Given that the 33rd level Freemasons are

controlled by the Illuminati, all actions taken

by the elite are to gain favour from their

“god” of Lucifer (Velus).


The Velon see themselves as “god’s chosen

people” who should live on “god’s chosen

planet” – namely Earth and so Velus has

manipulated the elite into carrying out

Velus’s plans. These plans are to remove the

bulk of the human population off the planet

– except for the 500 million they would keep

as “slaves”4.


The elite seem to believe that they can prove

themselves at least equal to their “god” and

in order to do this they have been developing

genetic research – the original name for

genetic research being “Eugenics”.

What better way to prove to your “god” that

you are at least their equal than to create a

new human species of your own?

In order to bring about their plans, the elite

have to subdue the existing human

population and make them believe that

genetic research is a good thing.

In order to achieve this, the elite are trying to

make people believe that this research is the

only way in which a number of human

problems can be solved:


• The world’s population number is out

of control and rising exponentially.

• The only way in which the world can

be fed is through genetically modified

crops or, more recently, genetically

constructed meat grown in a


• The illnesses that people suffer can

only be cured by “gene therapy”.


As well as many other “reasons” why genetic

research must go ahead.

Whilst at the same time hiding the fact that

the human population has literally halved

since 1996 (7.4 billion in 1996 down to 3.8

billion in 20135).


The real reason why people are starving in

the world is because of artificially raised

global food prices.


As someone who has worked as a psychic

surgeon for over 35 years, I can state

categorically that we all have the ability to

cure our own illnesses without the need even

for pharmaceutical interference let alone

gene therapy – all attempts at gene therapy

have resulted in the patient’s immediate



All of these claims, made by the elite, result

in the creation of a state of fear.

A fearful population is easily controlled and


A fearful population forgets about their true

purpose – to re-integrate their soul back into

the body.


Given that this fear-mongering applies

primarily to the westernized world, is it any

wonder that so few people in the west were

able to meet our December 21st 2012



Even the latest crop of “whistleblowers”,

particularly “Snowden”, are adding yet

another layer of fear6.

We need to snap out of our state of fear and

really look at ourselves and the world

around us.


Fortunately, there are many who are waking

up to the state the elite have forced upon us

and are seeing through the lies and


But not enough.


The western world is still too far behind

those in the non-westernised world and we

need to catch up quickly if we are to succeed

in fulfilling our destiny.


Extra Terrestrial Races

Given that so many people are waking

up to the fact that we do not live in a

life-less Universe, there is a huge

amount of confusion over who these other

races are and what their intentions are.

This topic is another region where the elite

have deliberately set out to mislead and to

confuse as well as to generate fear.


If you look through the internet, you will

find literally thousands of web pages

dedicated to “aliens” and their evil intent

and actions against the Earth and humans.

According to these web sites, there are

several thousand alien races, all with exotic

sounding names and exotic sounding home



Virtually all of these web pages are wrong.

Virtually all of these web pages are

disinformation put out by the elite to confuse

and mislead.

There are not thousands of races.

None of the non-terrestrial races have

developed weapons.


Only one of the non-terrestrial races has a

bad intent towards the Earth, the Velon, and

even these have not developed weapons that

could kill humans.


So who are these non-terrestrial races and

where do they come from?


To understand the answer to this question,

we have to take an overview of how our

Universe came into being and developed (for

greater detail than we have space for here,

see “Synthesis”).


The Beginning

There is a “Creator”, one that thinks, one

that wonders, one that has the energy

potential to bring “It’s” wonderings into


All that a Universe is is the “Thought” made



Our Universe was the first to be Created and

it was Created around the energy patterns

that give every soul Created to be in this

Universe the absolute right to choose their

own destiny – freedom of choice.

Freedom of choice is inherent in every form

of life that exists within this Universe and it

cannot be taken away – it can only be given



What the Creator uses to bring It’s thoughts

about is energy. Everything that we see on

earth or in the night sky is comprised of

energy – humans see everything as solid, 3

dimensional objects because our brains and

sensory systems are tuned to see things that

way (see below).


The most common form that these Created

energy patterns take is with consciousness or

soul energy. Everything that exists is

conscious in one way or another. The

Universe is conscious, the galaxies are

conscious, the solar systems are conscious

and planets are conscious.


It is consciousness that makes the Universe

work and explore the Creator’s questions.

There is only one fundamental state of being

that exists and that is soul, or consciousness,

energy. All else is comprised of these

energies in combination.

The “envelope” that encloses this Universe is

made up of thirteen beings, thirteen souls,

who maintain the balance of energies within

this Universe and act as co-creators. The

Akashic calls these beings “The Thirteen”.

The Universal envelope was Created

14,376,279,395 years ago (as of 2013). Into

this envelope were placed the souls who

make up the galaxies and planets.

However, in order to explore the Creator’s

questions, free-moving and free-acting souls

were required and their Creation began 100

million years ago.


For more details of this whole process and

the various races, see: “The Universal Soul”,

“The Human Soul” and “Synthesis”.


The Non-Physical Races

The first races to be Created for this

Universe are constructed of pure soul

energy. They have no physical form or

density and this is why the Akashic calls

them the non-physical races. They were all

brought into being about 100 million Earth

years ago.


There are six of these races, all originating

from very different parts of the Universe.

They do not need any kind of food, as they

draw nourishment from the energies around

them. They do not need any kind of craft to

travel as they just have to think themselves

somewhere and they travel instantly along

the thought. They can travel in this way from

one side of the Universe to the other in less

than the blink of an eye.


Although there are six of these races, we

would not be able to tell the difference

between them.


The difference in energy potential between

these races and humans is so vast that we

cannot detect their presence or communicate

with them when they are in their natural



Ninety nine point nine nine percent of the

souls that are in human form originate from

one of these six races.


The Semi-Physical Races

All of these races were brought into

being about 30 million Earth years ago.

It is with the semi-physical races that

our problems of identification really begin.

These are beings who do require craft to

travel (UFO’s) and have given rise to the

problems of identification of who is who and

from where they originate.


There are surprisingly few of these races but

each of them has spread out from their home

planet and their home galaxy and live on

numerous worlds.


The problem with names is that they can

confuse. Some beings have identical

appearances but claim to come from

different planets and therefore different

origins; whereas in reality, they have the

same “soul origin”. This is why, when

describing the different races, I use their soul

origin name – it avoids a great deal of



Another thing to bear in mind is that the

sighting of UFO’s and alien contact is a very

distracting, albeit fascinating, subject. Given

that our aim, as humans, is to re-integrate

the soul back into the body by the end of

2012, it was felt, by the Earth and Her

guardians, that the number of UFO visits

were distracting too many people away from

their purpose.


At the end of the year 2000, the Earth asked

all of the races, particularly those known as

“Greys” to stop visiting Earth. These races

have honoured the Earth’s request and so

since 2000 very, very few UFO’s have

entered the solar system.


This means that:

Since the year 2000, ninety nine percent of

all UFO sightings and abductions are of

military origin. In other words, people’s

experiences of sighting strange craft have

been of craft of human military origins.

Experiences of being abducted by “aliens”

are abductions carried out by the military.

There are seven “semi-physical” races in



By semi-physical I mean that they have a

physical form and a physical density. To each

other, these races seem as physical as

humans do to each other but if you had one

of these beings standing in front of you in

their natural state, the chances are that you

would not know they were there let alone see



The reason for this is that the human brain

and human senses are unable to bridge the

gap between our state of being, the energy

patterns at which we exist, and the energy

patterns at which the semi-physical races



However, the semi-physical races can

change their state of being. When they enter

our solar system, they have access to the

range of energies that exist here. If they

choose to do so, they can make use of our

“physical” energy range to alter their energy

patterns and make themselves visible to us or

even physical enough for us to touch them.


The semi-physical races are listed here in no

particular order:


NGC 584

NGC 584 is just an astronomer’s

catalogue number. It stands for Newly

Graded Catalogue. The galaxy NGC

584 is located in the constellation of Cetus

and is an unknown (to humans) distance

from the Earth.


The reason why the Akashic records them in

this way is because the name these people

have for themselves is unpronounceable by

the human voice box and, in written form,

their name does not translate into any

human alphabet.


Their original home world is an ice planet

where temperatures can drop to close to

absolute zero (minus 273 deg. C).


They are approximately 2ft 6in to 3ft tall

(0.8m to 1.0m). In appearance they look like

a two year old human child – slender arms,

legs and body with the head being

proportionately slightly larger. Their skin is a

reddish-brown colour. They are able to alter

their energy patterns to, at least temporarily,

live in any environment.


The NGC 584 have taken on the role of

master geneticists. They hold a record of

every form of life that has ever existed in this

Universe and are capable of modifying it to

suit the conditions on any planet.


They have been visiting and working with

the Earth for over 25 million years. Their

craft are cigar-like in shape and are also

usually coloured red.


The Pleiadeans

As their name suggests, these beings

originate in the star system we call the



In appearance, they are the most similar to

humans and average between 6ft and 7ft

(1.8m to 1.9m) in height. They also have

male and female forms although they do not

sexually reproduce.


They could be described as the Universe’s

“diplomatic corps” in that they are usually

involved in everything that occurs within

this Universe.

They have visited the Earth on numerous

occasions and have four “mother ships” in

permanent orbit around the Earth. These

ships are there by the Earth’s request.


The Pleiadeans monitor activities on Earth,

particularly the use of nuclear weapons.

When one of the super-powers has come

close to firing a nuclear missile, craft

launched from these mother-ships have

ensured that the missiles cannot be fired

usually by cutting all electricity to the

command centre.

The Pleiadeans live on many worlds in many



Other names by which they are known

include Ummites and Plejaran.


Their ships are saucer-shaped or saucershaped

with a raised “bridge”. The ships in

permanent orbit are shaped like a rounded



When two Velon ships managed to enter our

solar system, it was the Pleiadeans who

removed them.


The Sirians

These beings originate from the star

system we call Sirius.

They are about 5ft (1.5m) in height

with grey/green skin. They have large round

black eyes and should not be confused with

the “Greys”.

The Sirians have also had long-term contact

with the Earth as well as some humans –

particularly the Dugon people of north west



Theirs is a technological role in that they are

master technologists and can design and

build any “machine” that could be required

for work within the Universe.



As their name suggests, these life-forms

look like quartz crystals.


They live either individually or in

collectives that look like crystal “glaciers”.

Given their “body” form, they do not

physically travel but can project their

consciousness – an ultimate form of remote

viewing – across virtually the whole



Their home world is so far away from Earth

that we have not even identified it let alone

given it a name or catalogue number.

They have made contact with psychics on

Earth but only on extremely rare occasions.

The Greys

his race is the basis for so much

confusion about “aliens”.


They have been called by many names

which include: Zetas, Regillians, Reptilian

and many, many more.

Again, they originate from a galaxy that we

have not identified and so they remain

known as “Greys”.


The name originates from their skin colour

which is generally a uniform mid grey. They

appear to have large, “pointed oval”-shaped

black eyes but this is not true. Their home

world has a particular set of energy patterns

that require them to give themselves eye

protection whenever they leave their planet.

The black eye appearance is as a result of this

protection. When they remove their eye

protectors, their eyes are yellow with vertical



This eye shape and appearance seems to be

the main reason why they have sometimes

been called “Reptilian”.


The Greys are divided into two forms, both

with almost identical appearances except one

form is about 3ft 6in (1.2m) in height whilst

the other form can be up to about 6ft (1.8m)

in height.


They have been virtually constant visitors to

Earth and our solar system for the past

couple of million years. They came to our

attention after the Roswell Crash as it was a

Grey ship that made the headlines – a

number of other ships from other races also

crashed over New Mexico on that day but it

is the Grey ship that became the most well


Following that crash, the Greys have been in

almost permanent contact with the American

military who have allowed them to build

bases on Earth in exchange for their

technology. The Grey bases are built

underground in order to ease their eye



The Greys have been responsible for a

number of “Alien Abductions” as they are

studying human life. There are reasons for

their interest in the human body which

relates to their own physiology but it must be

stated that they have not killed any humans

and most of the abductions attributed to

them have actually been carried out by the

military and not the Greys.


Since 2000, the Greys have generally

complied with the Earth’s wishes and not

entered our solar system.

Note: it is widely reported by abductees that

the Greys travel with beings who look like

preying mantises. I have searched the

Akashic in great depth to try to identify these

beings. The Akashic does not record any such

life-form existing anywhere in this Universe.

The only conclusions I can reach is that the

praying mantises are either some kind of

artificial life-form (mechanical robots or

bio-robots) or a type of hologram.


The Blues

The Blues are another race whose home

galaxy is too far away from Earth for us

to have identified it.


These beings are called the Blues as their

bodies are covered in short blue hair – the

only race who have hair on their bodies.

They are about 2ft 6in (0.8m) in height with

barrel-shaped bodies.

The Blues are also interested in genetic

research and have visited earth on many,

many occasions to study the forms of life that

exist here.


They also work with some humans who have

healing capabilities.

The Blues also tend to travel with the Greys

and help the Greys with their physiological

studies of humans.


Those are very brief descriptions of six of the

seven semi-physical races.

All six races have only helpful and beneficial

intent towards humans and the Earth.

Stories of abductions involving body

mutilations, blood-letting or cannibalism by

any of these races, particularly the Greys, are

totally disinformation


The abductions, and the horrors inflicted, are

carried out by the military and make it

appear as though it is the Greys who are



I would repeat again:

None of these races have developed any form

of technology that could be described, or

used, as a weapon.


None of these races have any harmful intent

towards either the Earth or towards humans.

Claims to the contrary are all disinformation.

*Note. Virtually all of the souls that exist in

human form originate from the non-physical

races. These souls have come to earth to

experience what it is like to take on physical

form and physical density.


If you kill a human, the soul leaves the body,

hangs around for a while and then

reincarnates – if this is what that soul

chooses to do – by starting a new life in a

new body that is born in the normal way.


Another option for humans is for their souls

to leave the solar system and return to the

realms of the non-physical races – to return

to their soul origin.


In this way, all of the souls that make up the

non-physical races are about 100 million

years old and are, effectively, immortal. The

only way in which these souls can “die” is to

choose to return to the Creator or wait until

our Universe no longer exists.

With the semi-physical races, the situation is

very different.


They were Created about 30 million years

ago and their soul is integral to their bodies.

In other words, is they are killed their souls

have nowhere to go. They cannot reincarnate

in the way that humans do and so they must

leave the Universe and return to the Creator;

they have no other options.


Given their state of being, they have not

developed any technology that is capable of

killing them – it would not only kill the body

but also the soul. Deliberately destroying the

soul would be against the Creator and

nobody is prepared to do that. *


Since the year 2000, the Earth has requested

that the semi-physical races do not make

visits to our solar system that are not

absolutely necessary. The semi-physical races

have complied with this request. This

accounts for the huge drop in UFO sightings

since that date.


However, the number of UFO sightings have

been increasing in the last couple of years.

This increase is due entirely to ships built by

the military.

The development of “flying saucer-shaped”

craft was begun in the Second World War by

Nazi Germany at their research facility at

Peenemunde. The man behind these

developments was Werner von Braun who

was brought out of Germany at the end of

the War and worked in America to develop

its space programme.


Add to that early development the

understanding learned from downed alien

ships and we have a new breed of ultra

secret craft flying through our skies but they

were built and are flown by human crews.


There is nothing new about top secret

aircraft flying our skies that generally go

unnoticed by people – remember that the

“Stealth Bomber” flew for 25 years before it

was made public by the military.

What shapes do newer secret “planes” take?

Whatever shape they are, they are

responsible for the vast majority of UFO

sightings in recent years.


The Velon

The seventh semi-physical race is, of

course the Velon.


I have said more than enough about

these beings both above and in my books and

previous essays so there is no need to

describe them here.


One of the biggest problems that has been

brought about by the Velon is their use of

channeled messages to numerous human

channels on Earth.


Again, I am not going to list the individuals,

organisations, committees, federations and

several thousand races that the Velon have

claimed to be but, fortunately, since the 21st

of December 2012, the number of channeled

messages that originated from the Velon has

dropped drastically.


This begs the question of where the

disinformation about the “sun” called Nibiru

ploughing its way through our solar system



There seem to be a number of people

publicly claiming that they have “inside

information” that governments are

deliberately hiding this information from the

public, but who are they working for?


I must admit that I am having difficulty

answering that question but it all points

towards the elite attempting to generate even

more fear but, this time, the fear is aimed

more at those who are beginning to become

aware of the other races and aware of their

human potential.


It appears to me to be to be a deliberate

attempt to slow down the movement towards

soul re-integration.


Star Gates

A great deal has been made about the

existence of “Star Gates” into, and out

of, our solar system. Another word for

a star gate would be “portal”. But what is the



Our solar system is unique. Nowhere else in

our Universe does the combination of energy

frequencies that make up our solar system


As we saw above, the Universe is made up of

a combination of frequencies that allow for

the existence of several forms of life – the

combination of frequencies allow the nonphysical

races to exist and a different

combination of energies allow the semiphysical

races to exist. But on Earth, the

energy combinations are entirely different to

both of the other states of being.


In order to bring about fully physical forms

of life, an area of “containment” was


We could not be directly connected to the

energetic realms of the non-physical races

because we would then exist in a state no

different to theirs.


We could not be directly connected to the

energetic realms of the semi-physical races

because we would then exist in a state no

different to them.


So to create a new state of being – a physical

state – an area of the Universe had to be

partitioned off to ensure that the experiment

of physical life was not contaminated by the

energy patterns from which the other

regions of the Universe were comprised.


Our solar system is deliberately located on

the edge of nowhere. We are located where

we are in order to be separated from the rest

of the Universe and, as we are an

“experiment”, we also needed to be located

in a region where there was very little in the

way of other life as there was a chance that

we could become “contaminated” by other



It is for these reasons that our solar system is

“contained” in an energy “bubble”.

This bubble contains all of the combination

of energy frequencies that compress space,

time and light to the frequencies that

correspond to a “physical” state of being.

This bubble is shaped a little like a rugby ball

and contains 396 dimensions – a dimension

is a measure of energy frequencies and our

“bubble” is limited to this number of

dimensions as they correspond to the energy

patterns of physical existence (the Universe

contains a total of 3939 dimensions – that is

the number 39 followed by 39 zeros).

Whilst we needed to be totally separate from

the rest of the Universe, the other races also

needed to have access to our solar system.

The non-physical races needed access, as

they are the primary soul origins of the vast

majority of humans. The semi-physical races

needed access in order to provide us with

assistance should we require it.


So there are two “Star Gates” into and out of

our solar system.

One relates to the position of the stars on the

“belt” of the constellation of Orion. This star

gate opens directly into the rest of the

Universe and the energy patterns of the nonphysical



The second star gate opens through the

constellation of Draco to the energy patterns

of the semi-physical races (the actual gate is

located in the triangle created by the stars of

Grumium, Nodus Secundus and Aldhibah

just below the “head” of Draco).


These are the only two access points into and

out of our solar system – no other star gates

or portals exist.


In recent years, the Velon have attempted to

persuade people to build new “portals” into

and out of the solar system – all of those

attempts failed.


On the 9th of December 2009, an attempt

was made to use the HAARP station located

on the island of Tromsø in northern Norway

– the “Norwegian Spiral”. This attempt also



There were similar attempts made using

HAARP around the same time as the

Norwegian attempt as well as an attempt

using the particle accelerator in Cern on the

Swiss/French border.


All of these attempts failed as there is

insufficient energy available within our solar

system to build a new portal or star gate.

This is also quite deliberate. The energy

patterns we have available to us are strictly

limited. It was always feared that someone

would come along and attempt to build a

new opening in our enclosing “rugby ball”

and so limiting the amount of energy

available to us prevents the construction of

such a portal.


If there was a sufficient energy potential

available to allow the construction of a new

portal, and someone attempted to build one,

the opening of such a portal would destroy

our solar system and destroy all of the hard

work we had put into finding out how

physical life works.


As one of the questions asked by the Creator

of our Universe was “could life exist at

physical densities?” then creating a new

uncontrolled portal would not only destroy

our solar system it would also destroy the

Universe (one of the primary reasons for this

Universe to exist is to explore physicality. If

the potential to explore that question no

longer existed then there would be little

point in the rest of the Universe existing –

see my books for a more detailed explanation

of this possible problem).


The solar system has been closed to the Velon

ever since they began to cause problems.

They want a portal to be built so that they

could circumvent the solar system defences

and go against the wishes of the Earth.

That cannot happen.


So given our rugby ball energy bubble and

the limited number of star gates, how could

the sun Nibiru, and its seven orbiting planets

(which do not exist), have entered our solar



It cannot, it is impossible for anything to

enter our solar system except through one or

other of the existing star gates.

Even if Nibiru, either planet or sun, did exist,

it would be comprised of energy frequencies

that would be incompatible with the energy

frequencies of our solar system and therefore

could not enter.


But, let us also look at this Nibiru situation

from a practical viewpoint.

Let us assume for one minute that the story is

true and that a new sun has entered our

solar system and is heading towards Earth.


One of two things is going to happen:


1. If Nibiru’s orbit is bringing it into the

solar system from behind the sun and

we cannot actually see Nibiru from

Earth, it should, by now, be having a

strong influence on the Earth.

The last I heard was that Nibiru is

now in an orbit roughly equal to that

of Jupiter. Given that the Earth is

approximately an equal distance from

both the sun and Jupiter then we

should already be seeing an increase

in light levels and an increase of heat

as Nibiru’s energy was added to that

of the sun’s.


2. If Nibiru’s orbit brought it into the

solar system so that it was on the

Earth’s side of the sun then we would

not have any nighttime.

The energy of Nibiru would mean

that the half of the Earth that is

orbited away from the sun would

now be having the full effects of

Nibiru’s energy and therefore be

illuminated meaning that there

would be no night anywhere on



So far, I cannot detect any influence from

Nibiru whatsoever either on Earth or

anywhere else within the solar system and

there is absolutely no evidence at all that

there ever will be any influence from Nibiru

on the solar system or the Earth.


Total disinformation.


Incidentally, the predictions state that Nibiru

will begin to destroy the life on Earth

somewhere between the dates of the 17th to

the 26th of August 2013.

So, either way, we should know the truth of

this in the very near future.


If I have misread the situation and we do all

die before the end of this month, if you want

to tell me off, I will be sitting on a deckchair

on the 2nd planet in the Crystalline system

sunning myself – they have very good

beaches and palm trees there!




1. The first to realise the effectiveness of

instilling fear into a population in order to

control them was the Vatican.

Very early in its history, the Vatican adopted

a policy of “if you don’t believe what we tell

you to believe, we will kill you”. This policy

reaching its peak with the genocide of the

Cathars between 1209 and 1255 where an

estimated one million people were killed.

Unfortunately, it is still possible to instill fear

into the bulk of a population by using lies to

mislead them.


2. One of the biggest lies used by the elite to

instill fear into most of the population has

been the myth of man-made global warming

and the concept that humans can take

actions to prevent the Earth’s global

temperatures from rising.


The Earth has always undergone

temperature swings to meet Her

requirements for the life that inhabits the

planet. In this way, the current average

global temperature is about plus one point

five degrees Celsius but, in the past, global

temperatures are known to be as high as plus

six degrees Celsius.


The reason why the date 1850 is used by the

elite as the base line for measuring

temperature rise is because that is the last

year of the “mini-ice-age” that began

around about 1450 – this was when average

global temperatures dropped as low as minus

two point five degrees Celsius. 1850 was the

last time that the Thames froze sufficiently to

hold one of the winter fairs made famous by

the novels of Charles Dickens.


In 1850, average global temperatures rose

above zero and continued rising until 1996

where the temperature has stabilised at

about one point five degrees. Since 1996, the

global temperature has dropped very slightly

(by about 0.1 deg. C) and have not risen

since (raw data from the Met. Office and

analysed by Prof. David Bellamy).


3. I have carried out a great deal of research

into so-called international terrorist groups

such as al-Qaeda. The results are very

interesting but not enough room here to list

the references – if I can find this

information, so can anyone.

-The “Red Brigade” and “Bader Minehoff

Gang”, who blew up a number of targets in

Europe in the 1970’s and 1980’s, turn out to

be NATO troops.

-When Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1979,

the CIA financed and armed al-Qaeda, as

well as other resistance fighter groups, to

cause trouble for the Russians. The CIA have

remained in control of al-Qaeda ever since.

-Britain’s MI6 (also called SIS) admitted

publically on the BBC evening news that they

were responsible for the 2005 London



-In his book, “The Terror Factory: Inside the

FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism”,

author Trevor Aaronson points out that the

FBI are behind most of the so-called terrorists

that have been arrested in America in the last

ten years. The FBI sets up the attack and then

arrests the “terrorist” to make it look like the

FBI is doing its job. It also, of course keeps

Americans in a state of fear (Mr. Aaronson’s

book reported in the World News section of

Nexus Magazine Aug/ Sept 2013).


4. The reduction of the human population

down to 500 million is the stated aim of the

Illuminati. It is also the primary aim of the

agreement reached at the United Nations

Conference on Environment and

Development (UNCED) that took place in Rio

de Janeiro in 1992. This agreement has been

signed by the governments of over 120

countries – in other words, it is law in all of

these countries including the USA, the EU

and Britain.


A section within the UNCED agreement is

known as “Agenda 21” which presents

guidelines on how the aims of the UNCED

agreement can be achieved on a local level.

5. As of 13.36 on the 12th of August, the

global population was officially:

7,171,596,400 (


Yet, according to the Akashic the actual

figure is around 3.7 billion; less than half

that of the “official” figures.

When explaining about how the official

figures are arrived at, the worldometer site

states: “the current world population figure

is necessarily a projection based on assumed



Note the words “a projection based on

assumed trends”. In other words, the figures

are, at best, a guess at worse, an outright lie

deliberately intended to mislead and

generate fear.


6. There have been a number of

“whistleblowers” in the last couple of years

who have provided information about how

the secret services operate and how they

monitor everyone’s communications. Most

have been ignored by the media however,

there is one that has gained great notoriety

lately has been “Snowden”. His name is in

inverted commas as I have to ask if it is his

actual name.


For an in-depth analysis of his impact and

what he is really up to, listen to the interview

with journalist John Rappaport on Red Ice



One comment that struck me, from

Rappaport’s interview, was that by telling

everyone that the NSA monitors every phone

call or email on the planet is that the impact

is to make people self-censor their emails

and phone conversations.

Self-censorship relates back to footnote 1.

Self-censorship is the goal of everyone who

wants to control the population – it is the

greatest form of mind-control achievable.


An Update on Nibiru © Chris Thomas August 2013 (3)

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