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An advice too all members who are easly scared or pissed off about a blog post

Simple has that! especialy those post about ILLUMINATTI ,NWO, david icke, alex jones , the economy collapse etc.. of you are easly pissed by sort of post just dont read them personaly i think that major of these post about this is pure disinfo
and negativity just just like all the mainstream news the newspaper its just pure BS most of the time we dont have a single clue where this kind of info come from most of the times these negative peoples obcsess with conspiracy stuff are just thinking too mutch and most times the ones who write this just write these things with their own opinion thrown in , so there is maby 5% of their news that is true the rest is just pure disinformation ! most of the time these kind of post are just negative energy for fragile peoples this is not our mission for lightworkers ! just trust you own opinion but just dont let a post offend you or pissed you or scare you off! yeah i believe in the ILLUMINATTI and a shadow goverment but i am not obcess about it! i just think some peoples make this worst as it is! David willcock once said in a video i saw that when you are pissed or scared about the ILLUMINATTI it give them more power! just ignored them the ILLUMINATTI will fall on their own love and light everyone NAMASTE

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Comment by iDom on March 4, 2009 at 10:43am
Ah, ok, Clint… I'll do the pissed off one.


Comment by Martin on March 2, 2009 at 1:26am
Haaa thank brother of light love to you too!!

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