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Amazing Military helicopters info with video

Navy investigating helicopter dip into Lake Tahoe

Tourists near Lake Tahoe, California managed to record a home video of two US
Navy Helicopters submerging into the lake, before swiftly regaining altitude.

The tourists' footage, which you can see below, has been officially recognised as a true account of what occurred back on September 13th by Lt. Aaron Kakiel, the Navy's media officer in the area.

Though it appears as if the pilots are purposely performing a stunt, it's been said that the two MH-60 Romeo helicopters were trying to hover just a few feet above the water's surface, when their power gave out briefly.

Fortunately they pulled up and managed to escape from the water's grasp just before they submerged completely.

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Comment by Light Warrior on September 29, 2010 at 12:41pm
water landing choppers cool stuff looooool

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