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~Aligning with Earth's Divine Plan ~ Amorah Quan Yin~

Aligning with Earth's Divine Plan
Amorah Quan Yin
Working with the dispensations and activations continually coming into Earth,
from the higher dimensions. These dispensations reach us in various forms.

Waves of energy move through our atmosphere and into our psyches,
stimulating us to feel more deeply,  to receive grace in our lives, or to remember who we are.
Encodings are sent through the rays of the Sun to help us stay on track with our life purpose,
and the Earth's Divine Plan. A major source of planetary activation at this time is the photon band.
Earth has been steadily moving deeper into this photon band for several years now.
This photon band is scientifically defined as an extensive beam of light-encoded anti-particulates,
moving around and through the Earth, from unknown origins.
Spiritually speaking, it is the "Great Awakener."
This beam, that is wide enough to contain our entire solar system,
will surround and fill this planet with its photonic light for 2000 years.
The photon band is like a giant Pillar of Light reaching us from the Great Central Sun.
In 13,000 year cycles, our planet spends 11,000 years outside the photon band,
and 2000 years inside it.
The times inside this band are marked by planetary awakening,
and change on all levels. The last time we were in the photon band,
Atlantis reached its spiritual height and then plummeted as the Earth left the photon band 11,000 years ago.
The photon band contains memory encodings of everything,
we have ever experienced individually and collectively.
All of our karmic patterns are recorded in this band and are time-released to us,
when it is time for us to transform these patterns.
The photon band also contains all of the encodings,
needed to transcend these karmas and to spiritually evolve. You might say that the Divine Plan,
from the Great Central Sun of All That Is is impulsed to us through this photon band.
And every time we enter it for 2000 years, our next level of advancement is offered.
If we resist growing and releasing the past, we experience chaos.
Emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually we experience great expansion, opening,
healing and awakening if we align with the Divine Plan.
If we do not, great stress ensues, or even illness and death.
In order to align with the Divine Plan for Earth and Her people, we sometimes need to release,
specific karmic issues and align with higher principles and ways of living.
These principles are aspects of higher morality. Yes, it is time now for the next level of maturity,
on all our paths; time for spiritual refinement and deeper humility.
And does it not feel wonderful and bring more self-respect and self-trust,
when you do go beyond your previous evolution to an even more enlightened consciousness.
Living as if you are a Christed One, or Ascended Master, NOW is the quickest way to become that!
When in confusion, temptation, or doubt, just stop and ask yourself,
"What would Buddha, Jesus, Quan Yin, or Mother Mary do right now?"
Then simply choose that as your next step. Let us cocreate harmoniously with our Earth,
and all people to insure that the recovery of Divine Alignment,
and Ascension-consciousness may be gracious, easy, and as painfree as is possible.
I am including three key areas of importance that have been given to me by the Ascended Masters,
and Elohim to assist us in this process of awakening and aligning with Earth's Divine Plan.
The first is living in unity in diversity. In order to truly embrace unity in diversity,
it requires respect for everyone's free
will regardless of whether you agree with them or not.
On the spiritual path you are asked to take on the role of living as an example of Divine Humanity.
In other words, to help create a new world that is based on Peace, Justice, Love, Truth, and Oneness,
you must practice embracing those qualities in your life NOW. Yet, even within the New Age,
there is still a lot of elitism, and one-upmanship.
One group thinks they are right and everyone else is wrong.
Some people who do not believe in the need for a guru judge,
the one who does as wrong for giving their power away and being behind the times.
Some disciples of gurus judge those who do not choose this path,
as non devotional and less spiritually surrendered.
There are many groups and individuals claiming to hold all the answers and everyone,
who disagreed with them was wrong. the level of judgment and separatism being presented,
in the guise of spiritual supremacy. 
The realization to let go of any judgment,
or supremacy about what was being said.
I know that the need for discernment as to the Beings with whom we align,
and from whom we receive guidance is crucial.
And I agree with the group's statement that we are all sovereign and connected directly to Source.
And yet, angels and guides who are already at the level to which we aspire,
have always given a helping hand to show us how to raise our own consciousness.
In other words, they set an example for us; just as we set examples for each other as we learn and grow.
I would not wish to change them or judge them in any way.
I would wish for all seekers on the Path of Truth and enlightenment and ascension,
to respect each other's differences and to embrace the loving principle of "Unity in Diversity."
No one really needs to be right by proving others wrong.
We simply can choose to love and appreciate the many faces of God/Goddess,
in every human and every path. We can even learn to celebrate our uniqueness,
and recognize the beauty in a Divine Plan that affords so many vast forms of individual,
and sovereign expressionxinstead of aspiring to the "one and only way."
Any teacher or path that claims to be the best, or the only true way,
is one to turn away from and walk in the other direction.
The need for those who have done wrong to be punished or to suffer for what they have done.
Kuthumi said that there is a gridlock, of sorts, on specific dispensations that can be given,
to Earth as Grace by the higher-dimensional Light Beings.
This is specifically because "the vast majority of humans still wish humiliation and punishment"
on those whom they perceive as having harmed them especially the governments.
This is currently creating a future plan of public exposure, humiliation, jail terms,
even death sentences for many government officials.
Kuthumi said that most people wish this for these officials so much,
that they are unwilling to accept a planetary ascension or even dispensation of Grace,
that could raise consciousness beyond the need for ongoing corruption on Earth,
much less punishment. Under the Karmic Laws, once a person has transcended,
the potential of repeating a negative karmic behavior, all is forgiven and no painful payback is required.
What you can do is examine your own thoughts and attitudes.
Even the subtlest holding on to the need for apologies from those who have wronged you,
in some way before you are willing to let go of the past completely and forgive,
must be released now. And certainly attitudes toward even the grossest of corruption,
must now be brought into alignment with spiritual principles of forgiveness,
and willingness to welcome Grace instead of chaos.

On the path to Mastery, there is a point at which you must, in order to move forward, go beyond forgiveness.
You are asked to transcend all blame and pray for those who have harmed you.
Pray that they learn and grow and transcend the potential for harming others in as much Grace,
Ease, and Love as possible. There is even a time for prayers that a perceived enemy,
or abuser can simply have a sudden awakening into Divine Alignment,
and not have to play out the karmic payback of experiencing the pain they have caused you or others.
To transcend the need for this payback, apology, or even for someone,
to admit he/she has made a mistake is now crucial for us as individuals,
and as a collective human race in order to align with the Divine Plan.
It is easy to righteously justify these old attitudes. But does it serve?
The third area in which the beliefs and attitudes of humans have held back,
certain planetary dispensations of Grace and healing, concerns willingness,
to know the whole Truth if given the opportunity.
Planetary law requires that we must have a vast majority of humans willing to receive,
certain higher-dimensional assistance and information in order for it to be given by the archangels,
angels, Elohim, and Ascended Masters.
In early 2000, we still have barely fifty percent of the human population,
of Earth even willing to know "the whole Truth" if given the opportunity.
Only a tiny percentage of humans actually seek Truth actively. But willingness to know Truth is
all it would take for certain revelations and dispensations to be given to the entire human race.
Relative truth consists of the details of our lives, interactions, and events.
It is ever-changing relative to circumstances and time. Divine Truth is unchanging.
Divine Truth includes such understandings such as: love is eternal;
everyone and everything are sacred beyond usefulness or actions; every thought, word, deed,
or feelings effects all of existence. For much of our human family,
it is frightening to think that some higher understanding could disrupt the status quo.
To be willing to know Divine Truth, one must be willing to let go of any religious,
or spiritual belief that is false and limiting. One must be ready to question every belief,
no matter how long-standing or cherished. One must be willing to see one's self as creator,
of his/her own reality and take responsibility for that creative power. To be willing to know Divine Truth,
one must be ready to release all judgment, blame, martyrdom, victimhood, abuse, need to be right, need
for better than/less than competitive thinking, and all attachments.

That is still too much of a risk for many, and yet it is ultimately the path of freedom.
To fear Divine Truth is to fear Divine Love. For how can you love fully,
and unconditionally if your love is conditional based on seeing truth through veiled eyes of ego personality.
To fear Divine Truth is to fear God/Goddess/All That Is, or Divine Source.
And how can you hope for healing, happiness, and peace if you fear the very source of those energies.
The Love and Light of Source flows unceasingly through All That Is all the time.
If you are afraid of Truth, you simply cannot receive this Love and Light into your body or consciousness.
To fear Divine Truth is to fear your own enlightenment and ascension. And the list could go on and on.
As spiritual seekers, you are asked to be willing and ready, at any moment,
to release any rigidness in your thinking that couldinhibit your next level of awakening or ascension.
Ascended Master Serapis Bey offers these words: "Beloved Seekers of the Light,
Light is Truth, and Truth is Light.
They are inseparable. And to be available for Light,
you must be available for Truth. And to be available for Truth, you must be free of all attachments.
For anything to which you attach yourself is the potential block to your ongoing,
process of enlightenment and Mastery. If you are attached to a relationship that is holding you back,
and you are unwilling to acknowledge the Truth and let go, you will be held back.

If you believe it is wrong to eat meat and you come to a point in,
which your body needs it to be healthy and receptive to Light, you will limit your own awakening.

If you believe you should be able to eat anything you want and transmute the ill effects,
and you reach a point at which you need to eat all raw foods or fast for awhile,
in order to transmute genetic weakness, then you will not be able to anchor spirit,
in the unhealthy, mutant cells. There is, indeed, a time and place for most everything.
And even your spiritually justifiable rigidities are still rigidities.
We are not suggesting that you radically and deliberately go out and defy your beliefs,
or change your diet or relationships. We are merely stating that your willingness and readiness,
to do so at any moment determines your availability for guidance and alignment with Divine Truth.
If you believe you are meant to be celibate and the next step on your path is sacred marriage,
and tantric union, would you choose to stop right action out of attachment to an idea,
you believe to be more virtuous.
You see the greatest virtue of all is spontaneous openness,
and alignment with Divine Truth and Divine Flow. And some of you have been pushing,
against the winds of change instead of embracing surrender to Divine Will and Divine Flow,
which bring availability to Divine Truth. And, in Truth, so to speak, it is actually experiential
and flowing.
It cannot so easily be put into neat and tidy phrases that fill books and libraries.
To experience Divine Truth, you must be empty and available to experience newness,
and change from moment to moment. Some of you have believed that to live by guidance,
and be available for spontaneity, you must not make commitments.
This is a naive and immature thought.
For, if you were not committed to seeking Truth, you would dissipate a lot of time and energy following whims.
And there is a time in which consciousness must experience this kind of irresponsibility.
But once you clearly have an awakening to knowing that there is more,
and you know that you will not stop until you have found it, commitment is essential.
And besides that, if you are listening to true higher guidance, you would not be guided,
to commit to something or someone if it was not in the path of Truth.
Some of you need to settle down to a daily meditation discipline that you know works for you,
and stop dissipating your energy running to every new workshop and reading every new book.
Some of you need to broaden your horizons beyond the same yoga
and meditation you have done for years.

Some of you need to commit to monogamous sacred tantric relationship;
while others need to be celibate and clear out your old sexual patterns of lust and seduction.
You see, Beloved Seekers, Light and Truth are always in flow, everchanging, and ever-expanding.
To follow them and be filled by them, you must learn to recognize when you are in the flow,
and when you are being rigid and attached. When you stop settling for feeling secure and safe in predictability,
you can embrace the higher predictability of awakening to Truth the steps to which are unpredictable.
Ah, Divine Paradox strikes again!"

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