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Alfred Webre: "From my perspective Annett and Tellinger are both gatekeepers."

Alfred Webre: "From my perspective Annett and Tellinger are both gatekeepers."

Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 17-Jan-2015 10:56:42


Alfred is responding to the previous post:

Re: I'm Not Sold On The Orchestrated Take Down....

I am quite amazed the Rumor Mill News, whose founder I used to have a civilized dialogue with, has descended to such inaccurate projection. Such a disappointment.

RMN now sounds like an Intel Boiler Room.

From my perspective Annett and Tellinger are both gatekeepers.

Tellinger sat on the DVD he made with Credo Mutwa when Credo was in dire poverty and did nothing with it, despite their contract.

My intent was an appeal for Credo Mutwa, whom I have followed since 2010 when he prophesized the BP Oil Spill.

Annett has just announced the phony Republic of Kanata of which he declared himself Interim President, and which the Mohawks and First Nations of Canada denounce as a land grab of aboriginal lands.

VIDEO - Credo Mutwa: My vision is peace in the world. I blame myself for Tellinger’s malfeasance

As far as I am concerned, my exposes of Annett and Tellinger's behaviour toward Credo Mutwa are evidence-based and sound journalism that clear the field for authentic work to be done in this field.


CIA, Pope John Paul II, Bush Sr. & Jr., Bill/Hillary Clinton do ritual child sacrifice. The Transhumanist Agenda is the core driver of global pedophile, child sacrifice and child-trafficking networks

by Alfred Lambremont Webre

This post is for the public record.

Alfred Lambremont Webre 
Jan. 16, 2015


Thank you for your reply, Alfred

Before I post your reply on RMN, there are a few things I think you should be made aware of.

First off, the post you replied to was not the opinion of RMN as a group.

Every RMN agent, as far as I am aware, has independent license to voice their own opinion, or promote their own research.

The post was my own assessment of recent occurrences, I have witnessed by watching the latest acts of the national dis-info show.

I have to agree, you are in a better position to be more knowledgeable of Annett's character than myself, and it would be more rational on my part to listen more to those with authority on the Annett subject, before drawing a conclusion on that issue.

As far as Tellinger is concerned, it seems your intent was in defense of Credo Mutwa, which is commendable.

Credo is a rare individual, and after he is gone, there is no one who can replace his wisdom or fill his shoes.

However, is it wise to completely throw the baby out with the bathwater on either Annett or Tellinger?

In other words, are there are any positive aspects to the revelations/research of either Annett or Tellinger?

Legitimate considerations, I contend.

In keeping with your mention of the Gulf of Mexico, it was no accident, and no 'oil spill' - but rather an despicable attack on Humanity by the Draco forces - fronted for and by the European 'royals' - the Rothschild organization, along with BP and Royal Dutch Shell who - given the chance - would collectively oversee the extinction of the Human Race.

It is not my intent to disparage you or your work or reputation.

It is my intent that we all get to the heart of the matter, at all times.

Living in, and believing in the matrix designer fantasy land created for us is not doing any of us any good, but only contributes to maintaining the power and control systems for the archon structure.

As you know, there are many layers to this onion, and everyone is at a different level of understanding.

Generally, you and your work are well respected among most agents on RMN, and that includes myself.

In this business, however, I have learned to give blind allegiance to no one, and question everything - including my own conclusions, because everything I do is first and foremost to create a path to the eventual truth.

Like you, I have no love whatsoever for charlatan gatekeepers - and there are many.

But I will hold your feet to the fire, as well as my own - because misguided assessments only serve to confuse even more, and clarity is required for Humanity to move forward.

And - moving forward is the key issue here.

With that being said, I do not know anyone who is not compromised to some degree.

I can only truly know myself, and wish for associates who are as true blue as myself.

I know this about myself, but you cannot truly know my heart, any more than I can truly know your heart.

Are you an honest man at heart, Alfred? Am I an honest man at heart, Alfred?

"Ye shall know them by their works" is the best answer I can offer.

I recently listened to your interview

" Alfred Webre: Positive timeline transform 2015 U$dollar collapse into Sovereingnty, BRICS, Golden Age"

Your expose' was a stellar assessment - one of the best I've heard - of the current situation - including and up to the Draco reptilians who are directing the play.

I have been 'advised' over and over 'not to go there', by other seemingly well intentioned truth seekers.

However, 'Not going there' is impossible if one truly wishes to get to the core of the issues at hand.

Very few are willing to go as far, or even have the understanding to comprehend the archonic structure of Earthly command and control matrix of destructive entities:

Draco - Jesuits (Knights of Malta) - Vatican - 'royals' - Rothschild - the thee headed dragon of the city states - fiat central banks - corporatism - military industrial complex - governments - media.

You will notice that all of these organizations are organizations who destroy life or usurp unearned power and control.

You will also notice that all of these organizations are an offshoot - a mirror image - of the Draco reptilian hive mind that infects Humanity.

These predatory organizations are essentially parasites whose aim is to kill the host, which is the true nature of all parasites.

You are familiar with the unspeakable evil contained Jesuit oath.

You are aware it is an oath of destruction and attaining power at any cost, with allegiance to no one and nothing except the attainment of that power.

The questions that came to my mind after hearing your assessment in the above interview, is:

I understand. I concur, but where do we go from here?

From one Human being to another, Alfred - where DO we go from here?

We are long on opinions and short on active leadership, Alfred.

Is time on our side?

How much more suffering can the Human race endure - and why should the Human race have to endure this madness in the first place?

Whose bright idea was that - aside from a predator race infecting our planet?

When and how will the predators be put asunder?

My broadsword is sharp, but none of us can accomplish the necessary solutions alone.

When will the results of the positive time line begin to surface, and what can we do to expedite the process further.

Not to worry, Alfred.

If you are truly for the well being of the Human Race - I'm on your side.

If you are out for personal fame and glory at the expense of the well being of Human Race - I'm not interested -

- any more than I am interested in Tellinger or Annett - should their recent examples prove to be as big as a man can get in their eyes.

Kind Regards,




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Comment by CHRISTINA on January 18, 2015 at 12:28pm

Re: Alfred Webre: 'From my perspective Annett ....

Thank you Lion for your thoughtful and self-revealing letter ;-)

Here are some pro-active leadership steps that I am taking

EXCERPT ;-) If there is no 2016 U.S. Presidential candidate willing to openly run on this platform, this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre shall run for U.S. President on this platform until a qualified candidate steps forward.[1]

My more detailed U.S. Presidential Platform is set out in the following 27-page paper: “Creating a Positive Future: Time Science Shows Our Earth is on a Positive Timeline in our Time Space Hologram: Suggested Policies”.


​The USA 2016 President must restore the original 1789 constitution and protect the rights of children against pedophiles.

A White Hat in the White House

In Light, Alfred ;-);read=8683

Alfred Lambremont Webre - "A White Hat In The White House"

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Date: Sunday, 18-Jan-2015 10:28:19

Comment by CHRISTINA on January 17, 2015 at 12:17pm
Comment by CHRISTINA on January 17, 2015 at 12:12pm

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