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AIG has the US Congressional Pension Plan

Is it true? Could it possibly be true? Surely not. No, no way. No way it can be true. It can't possibly be true. Surely not. Could it? Oh goodness wouldn't that be something? That might even wake up the dead, maybe even the sleeping public? WOW, now that would really be something wouldn't it?
I refer of course to a report this morning from a former AIG employee on the Laura Ingraham radio program saying AIG has the Congressional Pension Plan. If true we can now understand why Congress has handed over 170 Billion Dollars of Taxpayer Funds to these criminals to divvy up with Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch et al. If true not even the dumb and dumber among us will be able to sleep through this one.

Last evening we sent out a one liner saying delv today. Most sources still say today but the D.C. packs which made it as far as the airport yesterday p.m. were again ordered back to the court last night which, in our view, is a big red flag. It's impossible to know what is going on at the highest levels where things are decided. They quit calling me for advice some time ago (ha). The readiness of the "first rail" is still subject to that which we have not been able to tap into (second rail) since the 200 T blowup last weekend.

No follow-up news available regarding the large Ron Paul Contingent to Brussels or whether the BUSH "pick up" was true. Now we hear three and one half hours of airtime have been blocked out for OBAMA plus whatever next Tuesday night. Without deliveries and banking changes what's to talk about? Closed door activity continued in the Hague all week.

As Bernake/Geithner/Congress take steps to accelerate the debasement of the dollar the U.N. this week has joined Russia and OPEC members calling for the world to "ditch the dollar". Interesting???

"Quantitative Easing". HOCUS POCUS. Trillion dollar deficits. Money from helicopters and Congress, Debts to the people, let 'em eat debt. Everything is accelerated. It likely will not require the usual six to twelve months for the consequences (price increases) to hit all things consumable and metals. It is very difficult to spot the difference between outright corruption being "back filled" at taxpayer expense and legitimite attempts to deal with a horrific economic calamity caused by corruption.

We are now at 13T and counting in subsidies, bailouts and guarantees. This amounts to a take over of free markets, free enterprise and freedom by the government, Socialism at the very least. Ordinarily it might be fun to watch, point and laugh at Congress as a gathering of the most incompetent individuals on the planet as ILLUMINATI Treasury Secretaries and the FED wrap them around their fingers like pieces of string. This is not funny folks, this is deadly serious. A talking head on Fox Business News said today GEITHNERS "save the banks plan" to be introduced next week will move toxic assets from the banks into the FED, from there into Treasury and from there back into the banks AT TEN CENTS ON THE DOLLAR. What happens to the other NINETY PERCENT FACE VALUE OF THE WORTHLESS CRAP? As we said all along it is to be added to the taxpayers tab. Is there anything, anything at all that will cause the American People to rise up and say ENOUGH? Apparently they think not as they know very well their typical constituent can't follow must less understand this flim flam, this shuffle, this three card monty. And those who do do nothing so it continues "until the banks own everything in the land our fathers fought and died for". Having pocketed Trillions up front the Banks, ably assisted by the ILLUMINATI owned Treasury, Fed, Congress and Administration now pass their cesspool of financial exotica onto generations of taxpayers. This is IN YOUR FACE CRIMINALITY. This is CHANGE you can believe in, I.e. SOCIALISM. It is beyond words, it is BEYOND BELIEF. It makes all previous forms of "control" pale in comparison. The inmates finally have complete CONTROL of the asylum and they are destroying everything they touch. "If the government takes over the Sahara Desert there will soon be a shortage of sand" (Volker I think).

While they destroy our country they must have a good diversion, preferably a first class "outrage" for the sheep to Baaah at. 165M in AIG bonuses should do nicely with a little pumping up by Congress and the media. What about the 3.6 BILLION paid to Merrill Executives right before the deal with B.of A.????? Merrill got 15B from TARP (taxpayers) then paid 3.6B of it in BONUSES while Congress was slipping another 25B into BofA's coffers, also taxpayer funds. Smoke and mirrors, Flim Flam, THEFT, CORRUPTION, and it takes all of them to tango and they are doing so right in front of our sleepy eyes. The LIBERAL ELITE, as opposed to their ignorant voting block, know exactly what they are doing as they have been planning it for decades. Now do you understand why OBAMAS "CHANGE" was never defined?

It's Friday, CHINA has not been paid, we have not received and the D.C. packs were diverted to Treasury not the Court as stated above. Everyone expected deliveries today and i do mean everyone. The FED/Treasury are printing and dumping Trillions into the system. What does it all mean? Damn if I know.

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Comment by Andy (UK) on March 22, 2009 at 4:04am
the american people will blindly go along with what Obama says, they have been duped by this guy, they look up to him as some sort of Messiah, the one that will make the change, can we do it yes we can he says.
Wake up America, you are being railroaded, shafted, screwed from every angle, time for you all to stand up and see what is really going on, stop listening to the BS speeches Obama is giving you..wake up

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