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Adam Weishaupt, the most controversial Grand Master of the Illuminati

The Illuminati

Adam Weishaupt, the most controversial Grand Master of the Illuminati, is commonly regarded as a monster attempting to create a sinister New World Order. Weishaupt did indeed wish to overthrow conventional religion and all tyrannical governments. He did indeed wish to create a New World Order, one that would free humanity from the grip of the Old World Order that has Satanically ruled the earth from the dawn of time and which continues to rule to this day. Weishaupt's mission is not over. The New World Order has not yet been built. The world is not yet Illuminated. All of you who wish to bring to an end the corrupt rule of rich elites such as those that run Wall Street, and evil dynasties such as the Royal Family of the United Kingdom or the Rothschild bankers, what are you prepared to do to assist our great endeavour to change this benighted world? It is time to dispel the darkness. It is time for Illumination. It is time to go on a new quest for the Holy Grail.

"The stories of the Grail had been of the greatest importance to me ever since I read them, at the age of fifteen, for the first time. I had an inkling that a great secret lay hidden behind those stories."

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