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All matter is made up of energy, and that energy is in motion continually. Everything in the universe, from the smallest molecules to
the most complex living beings, has an optimal rate of vibration to keep
it healthy. We reach this high vibrational level when we are whole,
healthy, and fulfilling our potential. Human beings are able to
consciously control these vibrations within themselves using a variety
of techniques. We know when we have reached a high vibrational state
because we feel good and can sense that we are aligned with all that is.
We find we are capable of healing and have good intuition and
perception that are a result of our resonating closer and closer to our
ideal frequencies.

Thoughts, emotions, intentions, choices, and actions contribute to our
vibrational state, as do the environments we inhabit. Affirmative
activities that leave us feeling joyous, appreciative, loving, and
peaceful raise our vibration. Constructive, creative, and expansive
thoughts do the same. When we cultivate habits that contribute to our
physical health and strength, our vibration is likewise raised. Certain
mantra meditations, breathing exercises, and chants are designed to
increase vibration. But simply practicing gratitude and forgiveness,
surrounding ourselves with loving high-vibration people, eating whole
foods, and spending time in nature can also help us transcend our
current vibrational limitations.

When your desire for change is strong enough, you will find yourself
gravitating toward what can help you achieve and maintain a high
vibrational state. A positive outlook will then become the most
important tool you possess, and this outlook will sustain you when the
path leading toward transformation is wide and winding. As you evolve,
your vibrational frequency will also evolve, aiding you in the creation
of an even higher reality. Consciously and unconsciously, you will
attract auspicious circumstances and positive people that will help you
continue exploring the scope of your higher self until you move beyond
the earthly plane.

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