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For 738 days forest activist Julia Butterfly Hill lived 180 feet high in the canopy of an ancient redwood tree to help make the world aware of the plight of ancient forests. Julia, with great help from steelworkers and environmentalists, successfully negotiated to permanently protect the tree and a nearly three-acre buffer zone. She came down to a world that recognized her as a heroine and powerful voice for the environment.

Julia's occupation of the over 1,000-year-old tree known as Luna is only a part of the actions taken over many many years to save Headwaters Forest and the 3% of the ancient redwood ecosystem that remains. Luna's hillside is where a massive 'debris torrent' originated that destroyed seven homes in Stafford, California. Seeing the mudslide scar from Julia's treetop perspective was a daily reminder that the health of our forests and watersheds directly affects our lives.

Luna stands as a beacon of hope, showing that individuals and communities can speak out against corporate irresponsibility. Luna reminds us to stand up for our own survival and for the future of our shared planet.

The Luna Treesit - History

Julia Butterfly Hill, twenty-six, is a writer, a poet, and an activist. She helped found the Circle of Life Foundation to promote the sustainability, restoration, and preservation of life. The foundation is sponsored by the nonprofit Trees Foundation, which works toward the conservation and preservation of forest ecosystems. Hill has been the recipient of many honors and awards, and is a frequent speaker for environmental conferences around the world.

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