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A Path of Personal Transformation
By Kenneth Schmitt
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From quantum physics we know that there is a universal consciousness that all conscious beings participate in. We all have infinite consciousness as part of our essential Being. Although our awareness of it has been removed, we can regain it. It depends upon our personal interests, our understanding and our intentions. Our greatest tool in expanding our consciousness is our free will. We have absolute freedom in choosing what we pay attention to. What kind of energies fill our awareness is our personal choice. In the dense energies of the empirical world, we have powerful distractions, but they all are only energetic wave patterns that require our realization in order to affect us. We make them real in our experience by our belief in their reality. Our realization gives them access to our life force in resonance with them. Our senses become receptive to their energetics. It is all within the absolute direction of our awareness and realization. Being able to direct our realization intentionally in every moment requires practice.

When we have an interest in understanding life on a deeper level, we open ourselves to it and become receptive to the signs and symbols around us, leading us to realization of our own essence...+

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