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This Life Support Plan provides a tool for our new DNA children. It includes guidelines for personal responsibility, integrity, honesty, changing habits, focus, behaviors, and commitment for one's evolution. These children will often carry the problems of their parents in order to heal them or release the negative, (emotions or beliefs), programming of the ancestral DNA. When they are told by the parents that this is not their job, they feel enormous freedom to follow their own soul’s purpose and be in emotional dominion. It creates a new agreement in your relationship. 
This is an important checklist to read over with your child or to tack up on your refrigerator. Usually when a parent reads it, a major reflection is revealed to them about what issues their child is carrying for the family or marriage. For example, John may be carrying Dad’s anger or mom’s fear of not being able to express her true feelings. It opens up a wonderful doorway for family discussions, feelings, and role resolution. Parents have also found it to be a mirror to look into to evaluate their own relationship with themselves and their partner. 
• My responsibility is to be happy and ask for support. I’m here to experience life and learn all I can about myself. This includes my strengths and weaknesses.
• I find out what brings me joy, what my gifts are, and to share my life with those I love.
• Everything that happens to me - I create - without exception. I will look in the mirror of others or reflect on myself and ask, 'Why I chose to create the places, people, and events to happen in my life?' I know that I have the power to change anything in my life. This includes self-correction in any moment.
• The way I do that is that I'm honest with my feelings. This grounds me and keeps me from spinning into other people’s agendas or energy fields. I punish or push away those I love when I don’t tell the truth about what is really going on with me.
• Physical movement helps me master the power in my body and its feelings.
• Honesty tells me if what I’m picking up is my feeling or someone else’s feelings…and if I’m being blind to this. Do I focus on all the good things about myself or just the negative over and over - in a rut brain thinking?
• I must master feelings that make me feel like a victim or unworthy, become aware of these, and find ways to fulfill my needs and/or passions so that I feel sure about myself.
• I can take charge of my joy, my desires. This reveals my real self. I make friends easily, because people like friends who are not fake.
• My parents take care of their own relationship and feelings. I do not have to act out their feelings or issues for them. 
• When I can't set boundaries for myself, then my parents naturally step in to guide me to be accountable. Rules can often help me set easier boundaries. Boundaries help me from getting hurt by others.
• I use the language of compassion with self and others. What I do to another or feel about another, I’m feeling about myself.
Changing habits: Practice and discipline are a must for me.
Solutions and a strategy and problem solving replace all excuses or nasty emotions. I use kind words; I'm thoughtful of others. I do not hurt others, nor do I hurt self. People like me because I’m open, honest, and true. I do not hide or run away from myself or others.
Loving language helps to set clear boundaries:
"Mom/Dad, I'm feeling left out. Can you spend time with me today?" "Dad, I need you to help me figure out how to better talk with my friends so I get the attention and friendship I want." "I'm in a bad mood. Can we talk later? I need some time alone." "I feel sad and hurt when you get angry at me."
Focus: Do I put all my energy into the nasty things about life or spend my time creating what I want?
• I tell people how to treat me. If I send a message that I am nothing, then no one will respond to me, because that makes my friends nothing too. Who needs a friend that doesn’t love himself/herself? Everyone will feel this in me and run away.
• What messages do I send out to the world?
• What thoughts do I send out?
• What feelings do I send out?
• What beliefs do I hold dear, that are not open to change?
• My positive attitude brings me everything I need.
Behaviors: Violence, secrecy, torment, and hurt are all actions of a coward in fear. I am stronger than any fear. My hero self faces fear and anger until I turn it into a powerful friend and I make it work for me. Joy/happiness are natural and normal.
• How can I use my fear to change my life to work for me?
• How can I use anger to spark my creative will fire?
• My hiding self uses others to distract me from myself. I allow my emotions to teach me. I’m not a victim of them.
• I’m not too afraid to surrender and be still to know and have new experiences that make me grow into myself.
• Here my mind must surrender control.
• Everything I need to know is within me now. God lives within me.
• I am the new Earth, the next DNA - a more evolved stage in evolution. I am here to express my creative joy and share it with the world.

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