imagesReceived February 18, 2015


Greetings Beloveds. I come before you today to deliver a message of Love and Well-Being to you all. For all is well. For all is as it should be. Pull yourselves back from your expectations and thought-forms of striving for ‘life as it should be’ and Be Now in this Moment with me.

All is well. All is as it should be. All is encompassed in this Now Moment as an inkling of more creation in the next moment. And so it goes. Pull back into the Now. Pull back into the center of your being and find that all is well, all is as it should be. Stop the striving and gather your heart into the Now, into the center of your being and life, and feel with it, now with me.

What is it you are feeling? What is it you are noticing? The stillness beckons you. Pull back into that stillness now, beloveds, and travel with me into the deeper recesses of your Heart. For now is the time to live there fully.

Forget all the strivings, forget all the ‘should-be’s’, and know that Now Is as it should be for you in this moment.

And so it goes. Does it not relieve you of your suffering in this moment, to know that you have arrived where you are to be in this moment? Pull back from the regrets and the strivings and relish this moment. From here you create. From here you are full and whole.

It is as it should be. It is as it always was meant to be. Your development up to this moment is perfect for you, and your development from this moment on is perfect for you. Let go and feel it.

And in that letting go comes a fullness of joy and ecstasy that you are all you can be, in this moment. For in acknowledging that, you have set the stage for further travel into your Full Divine Essence.

Relax into it now. Feel your heart cells expanding into eternity. And soften your gaze upon the world. Feel it deeply into your heart now. You are Joy, you are Bliss. You are Grace. You are Freedom. You are Love. Luxuriate there now, beloveds.

Take a moment now to assess. What did pulling back from your expectations and strivings do for you? Did it open your inner sight to more possibilities? Good. Excellent. You are tapping into your true essence more as you accept the enormity of it, the perfection of it, and the completeness of it.

Nothing is lacking. Nothing is necessary to be strived for. You are all it is, all you ever were, as you drop the trappings of what ‘could-be’ and ‘should-be’ and ‘never-was’.

You are glorious in your perfection, graceful in your being, to all in the Higher Realms who observe you. Accept the vastness of your potential in this moment of Now. Feel into it. Relax into it. Pull back into the stillness from all your strivings and doubts and fears, and arrive at this moment now like a new-born baby with no attachment to what could be or what never was. You are innocent and pure in your essence now. Feel into it. Feel into the purity of your essence. Allow the freedom that pulling back from striving will bring you. Pull back into yourself and find all you need, all you are.

In this, your perception awakens to more clarity, allowing you to perceive your True Self that is full of wonder and creation just as it is now. And forever more it shall be, as long as you sit within that essence, seeing it as perfect and complete in its creation.

Settle and feel into that perfection now. Allow it to dwell in stillness within you. Feel the enormity of it, feel the majesty of it. Know you are complete and whole as you are in this moment, allowing more light to illuminate what is not as yet revealed, yet not to be seen as a lacking.

Accepting your Perfection in this Now Moment is the step toward Wholeness. In it is revealed all that must come to the surface to complete it. And that is both a paradox and a truth. For in your perfection breeds more life and fulfillment towards your greater destiny and purpose.

Ponder this, my beloveds. And relax into the knowing that you are a perfect specimen within the realm of Creator. Nothing can ever take that away. You are whole and complete as you are, and nothing is lacking. There is just potential to be revealed, but only in the fertile grounds of your acknowledgement of your Divine Perfection.


I AM Mary Magdalene, always and forever in and with Love.


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