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Deep in my sleep lastnight I began to see things unfold in my dream...It began with a new investigation into the 9-11 murders and the President was blaming peace groups as terroritsts...He began to push on random people as part of the supposed "9-11 Inside Job" He also said that it WAS an iniside job because his own citizens were the ones who commited it...before I woke I saw my NAME and my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER flash on TV as an attempt to bring me in for "ONLY QUESTIONING" along with a HUGE list of others...this dream has made me wonder how easy this act would really be...and although it is far from occuring...I am not fearful of this...but the event of it's occurance in my mind has not shaken me from my pursuits...

If anyone else has had a dream like this I'd like to share similarities...Peace be with you all...and Love and Light to all...thank you for reading...and Namaste...<(-.-)>

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