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A Call For an Investigation of What is Known About Crop Circles ~

We, the signers of this, request that attention be paid to the crop circle phenomenon. We urge all those who think there are mundane explanations for crop circles to become aware of the research that has been done that suggests otherwise. It is in fact possible that a highly intelligent non-human agency is responsible. At this time, when a unifying vision is needed for all the peoples of Earth, this phenomenon could provide that. With even a small chance of such a result, we urge serious investigation of the possibility that we are indeed being visited and signaled.

Sign the call.


A Call For an Investigation of What is Known About Crop Circles

Given skewed press coverage and unfounded attacks by professed skeptics, there is a predisposition to dismiss this phenomenon. However, a modicum of time spent examining the evidence shows that there is more to crop circles than is popularly understood .

Something is happening on Earth that could be extraordinary. It is very possible that we are receiving intelligent communications from a non-human source. With circles dating back at least hundreds of years and perhaps thousands, well over 2,000 formations have been documented and examined since 1989 when the phenomenon took a turn into designs of much greater complexity. They have appeared now on every continent except Antarctica, with reports of circles in the United States going back to 1880. Incredibly, we see very little about this in the media.

What If We Are Not Alone?

A great power has arisen, directing thoughts and perception in a certain direction towards a more complete and satisfactory view of reality than the modern conventions of materialism have previously allowed. Gently, subtly, with no disturbance or panic, we are being guided across a watershed, from one worldview to another. And this is in no way arbitrary, but a purposeful process, in accordance with the interests of eternal nature and the necessities of the present. We now can see something of what the ancients meant when they spoke of revelation.

– John Michell
The Cereologist

Crop circles no longer are thought to be nature's designs, or left in the fields by weather phenomena, or produced by advanced military technology, among other theories that have come and gone. The one idea that persists as an explanation is that hoaxers are responsible for these constructions. This explanation, however, is borne of ignorance. Go to http://The to see some details in crop circles that defy explanation as to how they could be made by people .

Should “CONTACT” be in Headlines Everywhere?

This is a call to investigate the evidence at hand about the crop circle phenomenon.


  • Because if the makers are from someplace more scientifically advanced than we
    are on Earth, they conceivably could help us with global warming, random asteroids,
    energy depletion, and every other environmental threat on our living planet
  • Because knowing we are being visited would open our minds to take us beyond our
    dangerously combative present dynamic
  • Because the knowledge that we are not the only intelligent species would capture
    our imaginations
  • Because an otherness amongst us would cause us to dream

With the possibility of ecological disasters looming and a world in permanent war threatening to destroy us all, the help that might come from a civilization more advanced than ours is too important to ignore. Those who have studied the crop circle phenomenon assure us that the data points to such a thing, and that all that's needed is for scrutiny be given to what has been discovered and discerned.

If we were to discover extra-terrestrial life, it would show that we are not intellectually unique in the galaxy. Man has a tendency to think he's very special. We consider ourselves morally, culturally, and intellectually unique. But if we were to find a signal from another star system, another thinking being, we would know that none of that is true. A connection with another intelligence would be the first bridging across four billion years of independent life in evolution. It would be the end of Earth's cultural isolation in a galaxy and a universe surely containing millions of other civilizations. It would be without doubt the greatest discovery in the history of humankind.

Paul Horowitz
Project Director, Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

Wherever interest has been shown in them, crop circles have proliferated in number and have become much more complex. It surely is worth seeing what might be delivered to us and done for us if widespread interest were expressed now.

If you'd like more information, contact:

Suzanne Taylor
Executive Producer, CROP CIRCLES: Quest for Truth
1500 Sunset Plaza Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Phone: (310) 652-3440
Fax: (310) 659-9860

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Comment by Simmy on July 24, 2010 at 7:20am
Thank you for the info Christina!
Comment by JIM4HOPE on July 23, 2010 at 5:14am
I believe these are some intelligent Beings that are trying to comunicate with the good side of humanity .And somebody should attempt to communicate in this same style or method back Nassaim would be a good candidate.

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