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A Bit of This Every Day Will Keep the Reptilians Away - by Michelle Walling, ....also March 20,Total Eclipse.

A Bit of This Every Day Will Keep the Reptilians Away - by Michelle Walling,

Our goal at this time is to keep our physical vehicle clear of other people’s energy, your own negative energy, past life energy, and extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional hitchhikers.

Although there are good Reptilians as well as bad ones, in this article I will address how to keep the bad Reptilians away.

The information I received about this came in a very offhanded way. I was watching a video that got my attention titled “Fractality of Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll, Dan Winter - Face To Face” (video below).

I have listened to Dan Winter videos in the past and was able to take some pieces of my big picture from some of the information he has shared. 

Sascha Stone is the interviewer and frankly the first ten minutes had me in a blur, where I think I understand what they were saying without knowing what all of the scientific and metaphysical terms meant.

Only about two minutes of the video were about drugs and kids achieving bliss, and about how they are seeing any avenue they can not to be in a depressive mode. I didn’t get any information on rock and roll! However, what really caught my attention and made my antennae stand up was at the 24:31 mark.

Sascha asks Dan about “high ranking bloodline” people who have had Reptilians appear in physicality in front of them, out of nowhere when they were in their teens.

One woman in particular was realizing that the Reptilian was trying to “slip stream” into her body. Sascha asked if that kind of story sounded outlandish to Dan.

Dan: -“No, it’s so familiar it’s almost repetitive. In the latest article, “Chemistry of the Alien Blood”… once you understand the chemistry of their blood you understand the solutions. The solutions, by the way, are high oxygen- a high oxygen environment and deep breathing will eliminate that danger.

“Moisture is a poison to them….they are attempting to terra form our planet. They need low oxygen, high nitrogen. They need high radiation. They need french fries… and Coca Cola”. These words struck a chord with me because I realized that we can be led to do things to protect us without realizing why. Some people do not really even need to know the “why”. I am one who loves to find out the reasons behind why I have been compelled to do certain things.

For example, it is apparent that Gregg Prescott of In5d has all of these bases covered, without really knowing this part of the equation. Gregg lives in a humid environment in Florida and frequents the beach as much as possible. 

He uses an ozone generator to infuse his spring water and he does not each French fries nor does he drink coca cola. It is apparent that he has been led to these things that are a part of his life for many reasons, but this Reptilian explanation was one of the most interesting.

Ozone water is created from the molecules of water being disrupted by agitation from bubbling or electricity, infusing some of the oxygen molecules with two additional oxygen molecules, creating ozone. 

I have been drinking ozone water for the past year at Gregg’s suggestion, and I totally agree that it has helped me to stay clear and focused on my work. Here is the ozone machine that we have (click the image below for details):
Of course there are many other benefits of ozone water as discussed in these related articles: Why You Should Drink Ozone Water and 100 Benefits of Ozone Therapy, although I am partial to Dan Winters’ explanation!

Everyone is different but if this resonates with you, I would suggest ozone spring water every day to keep the Reptilians away, based on Dan Winter’s scientific research of their host requirements based on their genetic makeup.

Get Dan Winter’s book here.

Water is very important to me- I love being around it. I get many of my article ideas or epiphanies in the shower and if I am just not feeling up to par I will take a hot bath with baking soda and sea salt.

I drink spring water every day and never drink the tap water. If I don’t have a shower or bath every day I begin to feel sluggish and dirty.

I realize what a blessing it is to have this available to me and I try to remember to thank the water for its clearing and to thank the Universe for providing it.

About 4 years ago in the summer, I was overwhelmed with thoughts of getting in the ocean, and where I lived in Texas was a 7 hour drive to Rockport, TX.

I got into the camper van and headed straight for the ocean just to get into the water. Within five minutes of being in the water, dolphins appeared and the sun set.

I felt a wonderful sense of peace and relief that couldn’t be explained to my family or friends. It was quite a magical end to a long day of driving and obsessing about the ocean.

Another thing I have found myself doing is sighing. This has been my body’s way of getting to a frequency that will keep my aura protected without me even realizing why.

Some people may take a sigh as a boredom clue or a plight of sadness. Not me, I’m bringing more oxygen into my body to keep the Reptilians away!

Here is the Sascha Stone interview with Dan Winter

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Comment by Besimi on March 19, 2015 at 2:28am

MARCH 20, 2015 – Total Eclipse Opens 11:11 Portal Into Abundance

solar eclipse 2015

We’ve arrived at the BIG moment of 2015! On March 20 aTotal Solar Eclipse in the final 29th degree of Pisces brings March’s 11 Universal Month to a spectacular climax – and initiates abundant opportunities.

Several Astro-Numerology Codes of Abundance are lit up at the SAME time!

First on March 16, Pluto and Uranus meet for the final of seven times in a 90 degree square. You’ve been transformed to the core by the ongoing “square-dance” between these two “change-agent” planets during the last three years!

Four days later, on March 20th, the 11:11 Portal opens with the moment of the year: the Eclipse of Rebirth.

This Total Solar Eclipse merges at 29º Pisces – the final degree of the final Zodiac Sign and thus the final 259thdegree of the complete 360 degree Zodiac circle.

▶ 29 Degrees = 2+9 = 11
▶ March is an 11 Universal Month
▶ March 20 is a 2 Universal Day (2 is the lower octave of number 11)
▶ 11:11 Eclipse happens on the Equinox – equal day and night – and birth of the NEW astrological year!

11:11 means no stone is left unturned, no opportunity left undiscovered.

A Total Eclipse on the Equinox with the 11:11 Code activated allows ALL bygones to be bygones with greater ease than ever…opening up the portal of JOY.

BE fully CONSCIOUS of the eternal joy within you.

Recognize and celebrate the total rebirth of your Inner Light.

For all the details on this PIVOTAL 11:11 Eclipse, watch this special video:

Be sure to share the spectacular 11:11 Portal of Abundance Code with your friends and family!

Much Love and Blessings,


I’d love to hear from you! Are you feeling the intensity of this transformation yet? Howe are you stepping through the 11:11 Portal?

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