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A bit more discussion of ‘illusion’ – The Council

A bit more discussion of ‘illusion’ – The Council

A bit more discussion of ‘illusion’ – The Council

Several of the questions that have been sent prompt us to have a bit more discussion of ‘illusion’.

Currently, it is often said to you that all is illusion. In former times and other cultures, it was called Maya. It seems hard to understand, but it is actually very simple. Let us dive right in.

Pick something that you can see in front of you right now. For ease of discussion, we are going to pick table. We pick a coffee table made of wood and glass. You may pick a chair or anything else that you can see and apply everything that we shall say to that.

In your current perspective, which is to say in the illusion, we would be looking at a wood and glass table. Is it a wood and glass table? Yes. So then, how is that an illusion?

First, and most important, is the linear perception that it is an unchanging object. You do love your unchanging conditions. It is what it is, you say. Well, it is what it is, BUT… you are not at all seeing even a tiny bit of what it is. For instance, it is a system of interacting fields of energy that is temporarily holding the appearance and function of table. Table itself is a word that you apply to flat surfaced objects upon which you can place other objects. This table will, at some point, not be a table. And these components of table will continue to evolve and shift in their forms and functions… forever. We said it is wood and glass. It is also former trees, former sand, former space dust, former star stuff. Even the subatomic particles that make up its form are constantly winking in and out and also being exchanged.

Someplace, at some time, another person, lost in antiquity, decided to create from his environment a convenient object on which to place something. He called it a name. its usefulness was agreed upon by others, and the practice of creating these things spread. All over the world, those objects were called something. Finally, in your part of the world, it became called table. And then even its use further evolved it into coffee table. But it is just a useful, temporary collection of matter in constant motion.

Do you see how it is an illusion? We do not mean that it is unreal. We mean that your perception of it is woefully incomplete. We also mean that nothing that you look at is in any way permanent… or complete.

Further, let us point out that you only perceive in three dimensions. But you live in many more than that. You, your table, your cat or dog, that person over there are all existing in much larger ways than you are able to understand. Although you most likely have only the smallest of inklings, or no inklings, of that. This is in the process of changing.

There have always been those in your world who have seen what others could not see, heard what others could not hear, went where others could not go, etc. But the numbers of these are now growing. And every one that awakens these abilities, every one who expands the consciousness, contributes to the evolution of all. Even as you do when your own perception expands.

You say “Maybe. But it’s not happening for me.” And we say yes, it is. It is happening for humanity on this world, and therefore, it is happening for you, as well. There are a great many things you may do that will help you expand your consciousness, but one of the most effective will be your more frequent realization that you are a part of a whole. You are not just a human, you are human. Human is a collection of fields of consciousness that, combined, are a field of consciousness.

The same is true for everything. It is true for families, for neighborhoods, for cities, states, countries, worlds, even galaxies. You have a lot to explore as you become able. But begin by exploring yourselves.

Perhaps you might wish to begin by asking yourself, “What am I, really? What am I beyond what I have been told?” You could spend a great deal of time on that question alone. But don’t forget that you are NOT a permanence of any kind.

Love and blessings on your journeys.


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