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58 Motherships on their way-Michael Elligion

Planetoid Motherships & our ‘New Years’ Resolution” What, you may ask, does 58 gigantic planetoid size Galactic Federation of Light Motherships (which are each over hundreds and thousands of miles across in size)—which are on their way to Earth right now, and due to arrive near Earth sometime possibly as early as within the next few weeks or months--and our New Years Resolutions—have in common? Well, I feel that what ever we each specifically list as—at least one of those very important or “High Priority” “New Year’s” Resolution--should not JUST be the “same ol, same ‘ol” mundane, boring ‘resolutions’ that people on Earth tend to focus upon each and every year—and most people usually never fulfill them anyway. Instead, let’s make—or at least include in this year’s—2012’s New Year’s Resolution, of a much more important one—of a “Cosmic” or “Intergalactic” nature—such as Decreeing, Invoking & Visualizing, something that I know we can be much more passionate and Empowered about—of helping speed up the Manifestation of mass planetary Divine Intervention, by the Galactic Federation of Light, to be able, sometime during 2012, that our “Cosmic Extended Family” of the ‘Star Nations” that are Represented in these 58 Mother Ships (which contains many fleets of much smaller Merkabah Light Ships), will be openly Landing in mass all over Earth. Before 2012 is over, to Officially Lift the planetary quarantine once and for all. In other words, in this “Cosmic New Year’s Resolution”, we each individually & collectively, will now do all that we can, to help make it manifest, and of course this means that two of the other very important events will also occur, both Discloser and N.E.S.A.R.A. will be Announced & Implemented. Also included in this forwarded e-mail, is a Channeling thru another Channel from the Being named “Allendale”—who is actually the Higher/OverSoul Self, aboard a Federation Light Ship, of the “White Hat” within the cabal who had referred to himself as “Anonomous” (and had that “Irish” sounding accent). He had called up on the phone during that conference call when David Wilcock was on ‘Project Camelot’ being interviewed by Kerry Cassidy about two weeks ago when he first officially released the documentation from Ben Fulford, and David’s life had been threatened just hours before. Since then, there have been quite a few Channelings from Allendale, as he also has mentioned alittle about his Earth conscious self incarnated on Earth to infiltrate the cabal and help overthrow it, as he was helping to do two weeks ago and also letting the “dark hats’ know that they will not be allowed to hurt David for releasing the documentation about the gold, etc. In this particular Channeling, he also briefly mentions about these 58 motherships that are on their way to Earth, which are to finish bringing down the cabal. Michael

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Comment by Trudy on January 7, 2012 at 8:17pm

Great vid Thnx Olga Van Karnig

Comment by Bishop on January 4, 2012 at 6:46pm

i just had a quick look for myself on GE. verrry interesting! and a great find!

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