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555 - Unity Consciousness (sphenic angelnumber)

555 - Unity Consciousness (sphenic angelnumber)

day 555 after 21-12-2012 is 29-6-2014 (can be june 27)

Retrospekt from day 444

111 days before a portal to the Earth opened, as well in man a portal opened. We became aware of our consciousness. The Dark in panic made the last operation, but our ET family avoid it. The plan was to make a crash in China by flight MH370 with the mystery cargo, which contained a very dangerous thing? This should be a false flag, that directed the attention of Russia to help China, while the Dark could occupy Ukraine with minimum resistance. Then having a platform to attack Russia.

As we know, both parts of their operation failed. This failing made the Dark panic even more and their operation Ukraine went so clumsy, that the public attention and new awareness exposes much of the secret operations.

This 'out-in-the-open' process has accumulated our knowledge of our governments enslaved routines and revealed that the Darks have made them inoperative, and the need to conclude the next action depend only on the worlds people.

555 means 'Unity Conciousness' and normal the advice is 'buckle your seatbelt', when we act in that state. In other words, people are ready to make a change from what we was, by what we now become, to happen at 29-6-2014.

What's going to happen?.

More are hollowed out and empty: money, information, education, religion, politics, science and even history. There are more. The essence is, that the Cabal make falsified information to manipulate us.

Some good people are working for the open and good and have made resistance and are ready to interact in the coming change. They are very aware that it will be at least a two step operation to make the change. In example it is expected the money system will be renewed, simply because the old  money do not work properly. This could happen the june 29. The Movement are prepared to implement new money and economic system. Even they know that it will be used temporary, since money itself has a bad ability to misused. The best is then to make better money over a period, where people find out they do not need them, and then leave them. It is the same with information. Soon all information will become available. But there comes a period, where we have to learn to use 'real'¨and 'pure' information - instead of our now routine, where it is common, true information are embedded inside false information.
One development is very ready to start, and that is energy. For more than 100 years, developing of new energy devices have been ready, but suppressed. When the new portal opened at 444 at 10-3-2014, energy device constructors went out in the open a few days after and gave information to all people to have, create and use these. June 2014 the Tesla-Car company have unlocked their patents and they are free to use. All this is a new trend, and show peoples mind have changed.
All in all the fate tells me, that more of these things will happen about the same moment, and put the world to move in its new direction, the light becomes so bright that the Dark are no more.

Day 555 are the 29-6-2014. (can be 2 days before) In numeroly things increases when there are two 5's.At day 550 at the 24-6-2014 things will show up and take action, and continue until 559. That makes an increase of 6 days and decrease of 4 days. 555 is also called the highest number ( holy number, angel number), and cannot be passed except something important will happen to man. 5 is the symbol for man. How powerfull 5 is you can study here 555 also signifies that both negative and positive make an exchange - but mostly it is explained as 'the flow of life change'. Since a person is 'in life', the person will be pervaded by this change.

555 is a sphenic number

555 5 all elements(air, earth, water, fire, ether) combined is a sphenic number.

The number 5 is the most dynamic and energetic of all the single-di...
 37 days before another sphenic number 518 showed up. On this date, may 21, the famous Gas Deal Russia-China was signed. This must be viewed as a forewarning, what is to come on day 555.

Since gas is energy, there is much to a sensation of energy will come. Not gas, but an energy device, that will make it clear for anybody that the old energy crisis is passed and no more will cause any war. Since the old economic are directly related to the old energy, the new device will liquidate the economic system. Since all politics are economic management all politics will miss power.

These few but significant cases will make people interact in a new way. Many will interact to clean up and build up, and as energy have no cost all information will be available all over for anybody at no cost. Under this act of cooperation we will find out, that we interact perfectly and forceful together witout control, since we are all informed, what we are doing at any moment. We therefore quit the money as an unuseful control tool. Russia all ready show the entrance to this multipolar way of interaction.
Let's have a look at the monopolar

The old monopolar system simply looks as a caricature compared to the multipolar. No normal people accept the monopolar attitude: "We will enslave and rob you and lie to you about it. If you do not like it, we kill you."Modern man is a sophisticated spiritual advanced being confronted by a primitive agressive paranoid control freak.

He is really primitive this kind of being.

  • Together with the likeminded pack, they enslave, kill and rob those they meet outside the pack.
  • If nomore exist or they miss outside, they do the same act inside the pack.
  • When the last one are alone, he will kill himself.

Killing is a main act inside the pack, to clean up.

Since this simple attitude being is as intelligent as you and I, something else must be different in his makeup.They are very carefull about bloodlines and families and mindcontrol their children. In some sence they show a bigger aggressive attitude, but miss the ability to balance this with other things. This missing ability to control to balance things for all and everybody, can clearly be seen in their NWO-agenda, where they need a OWG to manage life. But that will never happen, since they are not able to govern in a constructive way. This shows that they are too aggressive to respect their own intelligence. Or put it this way: They dominate deadly to themselves.

This fatal absence to balance and keep up things, are they well aware of. So they know they need someTHING to help this. Religion and magic. They cannot use somebody, since they miss to respect individuals.

The roman catholic church is a perfect example of this thesis. It separate man from an artificial personality called God, who authorizes the chuch to 'educate' God's children.The church stand behind the whole education system, and it is a copy of the packs family psy-up tradition distribuated on all humanity. To keep on, they make news for adults to keep them misinformed.

The church stand behind the justice, to adjust the makeup of misinformation.Inside the church they poison each other ad hoc. Simply because they hate to be in need of a leader. This show the ambivalence between intelligence and aggression inside the pack is the same force used outside killing people.

All they have, is this tendency to institutionalize and thereby disempowering the individual. That is why here exist a lot of mega organizations. They are all powerless. Which is crystal clear in the actual Ukraine situation.

All this means that we have been mind-controlled and blackmailed, by religion, monetary, politics and justice over thousands of years. In the now fatal situation the Dark keep the US isolated from the rest of the world by these tools. We know it, but not in US. And west europeans too are much misinformed and enslaved.

Let's predict next step 555 should be the turning point, where we must expect these governing tools to disappear, take a turn over, so that man start create what HE is created for. Many are ready. At this moment the world becomes more excited day after day. Both people and nations around the world communicate and negotiate so much, that it is already clear, the world is about making a move. I expect this to increase, and we must be ready to face many big changes including our way of thinking and acting. It will be choking, surprising, negative and positive in a mix. There can be a misalignment of 2 days earlier. So I expect things start take

act at june 22,

top at june 27 and

end july 1

The astrological Radix

- show a cross made up of an opposition (bad sign) and quadrature (bad sign), being dominated by a heavy trigon (very good) diagonally over the cross. Very simple analyzed, it show that the Sun (light ) now dominate the Cross (dark). The four elements are 2 struggles:

Struggle between Fire and Earth Struggle between Air and Water

The point about this is that they are both active but cancel each other. This means that confrontation have no effect.

Sun aspects Neptune  

A part of humans longs to be someone very special and humans may be drawn to glamourous people and occupations where you can put your imagination and creativity to use.

If humans life circumstances are more ordinary, they may feel cheated or disappointed that their talents are not recognized by the rest of the world. Humans may not have a clear idea of who they are and where they come from; possibly one of their parents was missing or distant in childhood, leaving them with a vague longing for what they imagine could have been a wonderful relationship.

This sense of loss makes humans able to understand the pain of others and they may feel a great desire to support and protect helpless people or animals. While struggling to develop an identity, it is still important for humans to lose yourself, either by reading or dreaming or through work or hobbies, and they may therefore be drawn to various forms of artistic expression.

Expressed in short term, we miss to know who we are and intend to find out by our senses.
Conclusion be that our situation without struggles effect gives space for our senses to explore where we come from and who we are related to. In a way this confirms that portals to the Earth newly have opened. We just have to make ourselves ready to enter and use them.
The above is an advanced astrological interpretation. The stars tell us that we shall enter the stars now.

555prediction.pdf , made 17-6-2014

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