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$43 Trillion in China Gold, Germany, Bush-Clinton and 9-11

So, we rely on our ignorance to create a paranoia about the Chinese that doesn’t exist. Now, let’s fast-forward to where we are today…

In 1933, during the Great Depression, China had a little problem. They had dissension in their country. So the United States and China could mutually help each other. We needed to restart our economy and the Chinese had a ton of gold and they didn’t want it to fall in the wrong hands. There was an internal struggle behind Chang Kai-Shek and the rebellion that Mao Tse-tung had led. Now, there was some assistance by the Chinese elders…, they wanted to use Moa Tse-tung and communism to unite China because up until that time, China was very fragmented. So the Chinese were very pragmatic. They used communism as a tool. We think of communism as something horrible. The problem is, there is no absolute and political theory. There is no absolute socialism. No absolute democracy. No absolute capitalism. No absolute communism. There’s no absolute ANYTHING. But we think in terms of absolutes when we want to demonize things we don’t understand.

So, the Chinese elders wanted to unite their country. They had a problem. The United States had a problem. So in 1933, the Chinese said “Look, we’ll lend you the equivalent of 46 trillion dollars to restart your economy.” So, they speared the gold to the Philippians, and across into Mexico, and then back up into the United States. And that forty-three trillion was parked at the Federal Reserve Bank and used to issue money to restart our economy in the depression. Now, they lent that money on a seventy-five year lease. So…., from 1933 until 2008 it was seventy-five years. But…, at the time…., everybody inside the US government knew about this and didn’t want to talk about it. Then along comes George Bush Sr. He becomes President of the United States and when he starts giving the speeches about the New World Order…. And One Thousand Points of Light… And if you go back there’s a speech almost INDENTICAL to that in number…, in 1941. And it was the same thing…, A New World Order .. One Thousand Points of Lights… When I heard George Bush give that speech, it was chilling to hear those words come out of his mouth…., because I had just read those when I was in the service in Germany.


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