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3 Secrets to Increasing Your Financial Frequency

Secret #1 Send out the signal of abundance. Think of your body like a radio tower. What signals (ideas/feelings) are you sending out about your future financial situation? You thoughts are like boomerangs and return to you whatever you’re sending out. Just take 5 minutes to listen to what your head is saying and your heart is feeling about your financial future. Imagine what it would feel like to rest in the experience that for the past 10 years of your life you have had billions of dollars. How relaxed and excited would you feel about money today? How you feel and think about anything is how the world is formed around you. You are a manifesting-a-holic and so take the plunge right now and commit to thinking and feeling abundantly all the time.

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Secret #2 Connect with the Divine Infinite Source. The second secret to increasing your financial frequency is to RELAX into this awesome feeling of being a truly Abundant Being because you already ARE connected to an Infinite Source of energy, love and divine intelligence. This is about grounding that billion dollar feeling into your body by honoring and merging with the spiritual Source within you. This can be done by quieting all that mind chatter and bringing all your attention to the innermost core of your being. The essence of who you are. The Source is where the realm of unlimited possibilities, energy and divine creativity is born. It is not far away at all, it simply shows up when you bring the mind into the silence of the heart.

At you can download
free 30 Minutes Manifesting MP3s and Manifesting Ebook

Secret #3 Take Inspired Abundant Actions Daily. The last secret may seem obvious yet the actuality of it happening is often overlooked. When you think like you are financially free, feel like you are connect to the infinite source, and take actions in the world from this inspired abundant mindset, the money you want to materialize has to manifest. It has no choice. Financial Freedom comes to those who choose it daily. It’s s simple as that. When you shift your mind and completely devote yourself to operating in an abundant paradigm, the Universe has no choice but to match and mirror abundance back to you. Like attracts like. These abundant feeling actions send out a "Millionaire-hood" signal to the Universe, resulting eventually in the manifestation of the abundant state of being that you are seeking.

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