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   American government poised to unleash  "Angel of Death" smallpox bio-weapon Mike Adams November 25, 2021 Alternative link here  Back in September, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)…


American government poised to unleash 

"Angel of Death" smallpox bio-weapon

Mike Adams

November 25, 2021

Back in September, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under Joe Biden arranged for the delivery of a huge supply of a drug called TPOXX, which just so happens to be a pharmaceutical medication designed to treat smallpox.
Bill Gates recently warned that a smallpox release could happen in US airports, and vials labeled "smallpox" were recently found in a Merck lab.
A smallpox bioweapons release by the deep state or globalists would accelerate their global depopulation program and only strengthen their tyrannical control over the people of the world.
P.S. Also today, my podcast covers the flash mob looters who are terrorizing America, with violence spreading out into the suburbs and smaller cities like Waukesha, WI. Find today's full podcast at:
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Mike Adams
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