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2015 Jan 20 – Q & A with Rob Potter and Cobra Posted by Admin on Jan 24, 2015 in Cobra Interviews, Victory of the Light Radio Show

2015 Jan 20 – Q & A with Rob Potter and Cobra Posted by Admin on Jan 24, 2015 in Cobra Interviews, Victory of the Light Radio Show

20th January 2015 – Cobra Interview by Robert Potter (Transcript By DaNell Glade).


OK Ladies & Gentlemen.  Welcome once again, to another special Victory of the Light radio show with Cobra.  I’m your host Rob Potter.  Today we have a very special Cobra interview.  Many of us have not seen Cobra since the new society conference.  We’ll be communicating with him to ask for any questions or updates in regards to our mission on\\

We’re going through some electrifying violent flame purification changes on PFC and we are ramping up to the next level.  I’m happy to report that we have solved the problem for the event support groups, for those of you that have followed us and have had an event support group.  We were on  Meet-up started charging us and we had to withdraw all of our groups.  So all of you people out there around the world in the PFC event support groups, we’re going to ask you to go to and look into the “how to participate” button and we would like you to click on the button “how to create an event support group”.

In there you’re going to receive instructions.  What we have decided to do is, we have a FB page called Prepare For Change all locations.  We’re suggesting that you start a PFC group on Facebook that says, something  like    PrepareForChangeHeidelberg, Germany or PFC Clearwater, FL. for example. Then go to the Facebook preparefor change all locations and let them know.  They will put you on a master list there.  We also, ask that when you go to our web-site after you have created your facebook page you will please  send the name of your facebook event support group to us at PFC and we will put it on our new “event support group locations” button that will be up very soon.  If you are not comfortable with FB, that is OK.  We ask you to create an event support group name, once again PFC(your location) and give us an e-mail address where people can contact you. We suggest an email address be created like This way your information will be kept private and people can still cotact your for your sunday meetings.

People will then be able to go to our event support group locator page and they will scroll down to the country and they will find the city where the event support group is. With this information they will click on your e-mail and or facebook page and they’ll be able to contact you. You may then decide to give them the invitation and invite them to your event support group.  We thank you for continuing for the mission of PFC, to prepare for peaceful non-violent transition to a new society.

We have several other updates on PFC.  One of them is we’re going to be hosting webinars on PFC, hopefully once a month.  We’re going to ask all of you to keep your eyes out for that information by signing up to and receiving our information posts.  Now be aware if you sign up for our newsletter and blog-post notifications, some of these may go to your spam folder in Yahoo or into your promotions folder in g-mail, so please keep an eye on those two folders to interface with us at PFC and be apprised of our webinar.

We may be doing our first webinar for free.  Unfortunately this has a cost and we are all donations on PFC.  We may be requiring a small fee for our webinars.  If we receive extra funds beyond the costs of our webinar fees, these will go into our coffers to maintain our web-site.  We have expenses every month and we need to take care of those.  Also, I would like you all to go and be aware of that web-site which contains a community leader’s brief.  We will be, in the near future populating more information on this and hopefully providing packages for all of you event support groups.  All of you who are watching what is going on in the world will realize that there are many many changes taking place in the world right now and they all are supporting the information from Cobra, myself and many other people in regards to the radical upcoming changes on the planet.  These are all meant to be peaceful, non violent, harmonious, without any harm to anyone, if at all possible.

We ask you all to remember your mission to act as transmitters and information hubs of peace and calm and knowledge in regards the closing down of the banking system and the arrest of world wide criminals.  We expect to be supported through the emergency broadcast networks of the world and all media stations which hopefully will be in control of positive forces in the police and military who will be effecting lawful arrests of criminals in our world’s political, financial and societal infrastructure in regards to financial malfeasance and criminal activity.  This must end on our planet, and how can we make the change.  Many people have asked me how we can get everyone attention and to make a change.  Well, we can post you-tubes, we could go viral.  We could actually have our space family of light appear in our skies and everyone would look, but this may cause confusion and fear.  It is therefore deemed prudent by our galactic friends to reveal themselves to us slowly, bit by bit so we will not be blinded by the intensity of the revelation of their existence as a whole.

Many of us here are aware of their existence and welcome them, the positive benevolent forces, with open arms as they remove the criminals from our world with the help, in conjunction with our earth based white hat military police force allies.  We also would like to remind you that at the time of the event we are going to encourage you to get together at your meet-up group.  We will be interfacing throughout the world.  We have some team members coming on board here from our world wide community of volunteers who will be acting as liaisons with us to increase our social networking and give us a presence on all forms of information download for people to follow us from different countries.

For instance in China, some people have told me that FB is not allowed in other countries.  They do have something called we-chat.  We will be establishing a PFC we-chat presence there and at the time of the event and possibly beforehand, every single post and information that we put out on PFC will be posted through our social media networks.  We ask that you all get together, familiarize yourself with the communities leader’s brief as well as network amongst yourselves for wonderful good ideas that may be relevant within your local country, province, state, city, village, hamlet, town to facilitate peaceful, calm reliance at the time of the event.

So how can we get people’s attention. Well, guess what, as we all know, the event, by definition, signals close down of the world’s financial system as it exists.  The central banking, swift bank codes system of the transference of  money is controlled by the Rothcchilds’ and the Rockafellers and other criminals within the banking system and in order for us to switch over to a transparent system, we all know that this must end.  How could we possibly get people’s attention and make them aware of this.  Well, we can’t really do it by media which is controlled, therefore it has to be, for some people, and actually for most, a surprise.  Many of you have been talking to your friends and no one believes you and all of this stuff.  Worry and fear not.  However the change comes and whatever time it happens, it will be organic, natural and non-fearful and non-hostile to the people of the earth.  Some people who are un-educated and may not understand the situation may have some mild panic and that is our position.  If you want to get everyone’s attention on the world, I can’t think of a better way than shutting down the banking system.

No CC cards, no debit cards, no cash from ATMs, no transactions on line.  This will get a lot of people’s attention very quickly.  This notification and realization by the public may in some sense cause a brief amount of panic or concern but for those of us who know, this is intended to be very short-lived, ideally within 24-48 hours, or 72 hrs.  It has been indicated it may be as long as 2 weeks.  This will definitely create some tension and hardship amongst people of the world and force them to learn how to share and to network and to get to know their neighbors and to not panic.

This is the intent (educating) and mission of PFC and we hope that you will join us.  In joining an Event support group, creating a new one and first go to our information on PFC on how to join and create an event support group where we have the master list on our web-site and/or and we like you to do both – go to PrepareForChangealllocations on FB.  As you add your group, it will go to our master web-site list and you can always check it there if for any reason FB shuts us down, we will have your information populated on our web-site.  Please include your e-mail address in your PFC so that people can contact you and hopefully we’ll have plenty of people and groups around the world to aid and stabilize the emotional situation as well as act as liaisons to present not only the community leader’s brief, but other documents, gestation stages to be presented to the people in positions of responsibility and political control in your local area.

These include of course communication, transportation, hospital, especially the police forces and the major decision makers, whether its a mayor, governor, a chief, whoever.  We ask that you reach out to those individuals and take care of that stuff.  This is a little bit longer intro that we normally have.  All of us encourage you all to join and sign up under us  We are going to become more proactive into reaching out to you and asking for your suggestions and your interactions with us.  Not only to post information on our website but how you feel you can contribute to bring about awareness and peace and calm for the time of the event.

We are in a very unique situation in that we are close to critical mass.  When these things take place it will happen swiftly, hard and fast, 1 2 3.  The more prepared we are, the more calm we are, the more relaxed we are the better we’re going to be in regards to this situation.  I will appreciate for those people who sign up for our groups to begin to look for our e-mail and newsletter blasts and we may be contacting only our groups.  For instance, I would contact all those people who have signed up under me in leadership who very kindly said they wanted to help and listed their skill set.  We don’t have time to contact everyone but we may have group e-mails out to you in regards to certain plans and information we’d like you to keep abreast of.  Also, for those of you who would like to contribute in some way and have ideas, we are definitely wanting teams to start to create little islands of light in communities, either virtually in the internet, FB or any other media network to create positive changes.

I’ve noticed many many wonderful people creating their own web-sites and blogs, sharing wonderful information and basically affirming their alliance and allegiance that we’re not alone in the universe, never have been, never will be and that there is a purpose and a cause for us to aid as a ground crew in the breaking down of the electronic fence and the veil as it’s sometimes called, to increase our vibratory light frequency to make the compression breakthrough and the liberation of the planet a tangible reality for us all.  So, we would like you all to continue in your good works there and we’re very appreciative.

As you all know I sometimes talk about what’s coming up for me.  I’ll be very brief here  You can find all this information at ( should be  I may be getting a slightly new look.  Most of my content will remain.  I’m moving some things around on the web page shortly.  I’ve combined my newsletter and blog.  If you sign up you’ll get both.  I’d like to to check out my last blog post. We have offered a nice DVD available from my Mt. Shasta Conference, which hasn’t got a lot of sales.  A lot of people recommended it, and it looks like not that many people wanted it.  It’s a great job by my friend named Harold.  He’s a TV producer.  We paid for the cost of a certain number of DVD ‘s already in our sales.  All future funds will go to him for his kind efforts and his long long beautiful efforts that he did there.  All the speakers that we had.

Also, I will be appearing in Maui in Jan 31st at the temple of peace.  Look in the blog and there is a link there and you can purchase tickets.  You might want to hurry because we’re signing up those in the islands.  It’s a one day event.  It will only be 3 hours so it’s kind of a local thing.  Once again, another speaking engagement, I’ll be, on March 6-8 I’ll be in Washington.  And very shortly and sometime in the near future, probably sometime before April, I will be doing my own webinar’s on PFC and again charging a small fee and encouraging people to call me to answer all of your questions in regards to the event, ET’s, metaphysical questions, spiritual understandings and I will do my best to give my honest opinion and my own view point on that.

I don’t claim to be an expert and to know everything on these things, however, I have a unique perspective and I believe that one of my strong points is the ability to go from information of a spiritual nature to that of an E.T., to that of what is going on in the planetary situation right now and all of the forces that are in regards to that.  I’m happy to announce I’ve been contacted by a liaison from Veterans Today and Gordon Duff is announcing his candidacy for President in 2016 and I would like to believe that the white hats in the military can make this happen and I hope he’s well protected and that this will go forward.  I’ve offered my assistance to his campaign team and I personally will be supporting him if this effort of his to run for president continues.  He has promised the release of free energy, full disclosure of ET.  An end to warmongering, vaccination and many other things, many other truths, transparent, honest, and just financial system.  Speaking of finances, it may be of note in Cobra’s last post he mentioned that Russia has created an alternative to the Swift banking system.  This could very well be a precursor and the switch over to a honest just and transparent financial system replacing the central banking system very very quickly.

I can not imagine the logistics and the details of this.  It’s good to know there is a plan and honest individuals in place to make this happen.  Once again, on my schedule updates, I will be hoping to be creating a webinar with Omnec Onec and her beloved friend and manager Anya Schafer.  This is to be determined.  A date sometime in March or aprill.  It will probably be 1 1/2 hrs with Omnec Onec and Miss Schafer and myself will also be sharing and presenting some information.

I would also very much like you all to, if you could, and you’re feeling the love, to support with some donations.  Were very grateful.  We do have costs here associated.  We’ve decided we’re going with a new IT team who will be extremely advanced and powerful.  They are expensive but we’ve decided this is the way to go.  We’ve had some wonderful help in the past but we’ve run into some issues and we feel it’s necessary to  get more professional help.  Those of you who would like to become part of a team of consultants.  You will not be given codes, but to help us understand and act a s a consultant helping us to move forward with some help on the internet will be appreciated.

We are looking for experts in WordPress, SQL, Widgets, Plug-ins, Web-site management.  We don’t need a lot going on with PFC.  We have our infrastructure up.  We need to make it interactive and more viable and we want to create this on a solid foundation.  For those of you out here we ask that you please consider communicating with us and I’m going to say, if you will leave a title, you can contact me and I will forward this to the appropriate web-site administrator who will act as our liaison to coordinate with you and he will work with you in teams and as you create solutions, new ideas and wonderful new productive aspect for PFC to support our mission, we will populate it to our web-site with great appreciation and thanks to all of you.

I myself will also appreciate any donations.  I work very hard on my web-site and this work here for PFC.  I have a donation button as well.  I also have some wonderful products and I hope you enjoy my web-site : ( .  I also remind you that we will be having the conference at Mr. Shasta  this summer.  Omnec Onec, her first appearance in 25 years in the US.  The woman from Venus.  Also, Alex Collier has consented to appear at my presentation at Mt. Shasta, for the first time in 8 years.  The wonderful talented Scott Lemriel  the writer author  of the Seres Agenda.  Who will explain to us in depth the plans for the releasing of the quarantine for us individually and spiritually.  We will be joining our forces to release techniques.  James Gilliland will be heading up our night watch where we will be doing this up on Mt. Shasta near Panther Meadows.  It will be a wonderful event.

We should get lots of sightings there as well as giving a wonderful presentation.  The effervescent Ted Marr will be doing some MC duties as well as presenting himself.  Onya Schafer, Omnec’s assistant and manager will also do a presentation and we’re keeping the list kind of short and sweet.  We’re going to have yoga, meditations, excursions into nature, musical venues,  We’re going to have food on site hopefully.  I’m looking for a very natural, talented food chef capable of feeding 3 meals a day 100-150 people at this event in Mt. Shasta.  August 19-23, 2015.  I am also accepting applications for volunteers.  I have a coordinator who will be working with that so if you guys are interested to come, you may certainly send in the subject line: volunteer.

We will file them away and I will hand the volunteer status off to my Mt. Shasta Interplanetary exchange conference this summer of 2015, “” is the title this year.  We can’t take everyone.  The one requirement is that you’re on -site from the 17-23 to prepare the venue.  You don’t need to camp on site with us, but from the 17-23 to prepare the venue for our event.  With all those updates in the can, I’m also going to ask you all if you’re interested in a personal session with Omnec Onec I’m going to ask you to e-mail me.  Omnec Onec is very sweet person. She’s not technologically oriented and she doesn’t do computers and she doesn’t have internet connection.

The only way that her friend that she can do sessions is if her friend is by her side.  In order for that to happen, she wants to fly from Germany to Omnec’s location in the United States.  This costs money and basically for them to get together, they offer sessions with Omnec to support this financially.  Omnec charges $200/hr for a session and she likes to see you, so you must have Skype capabilities and this will be coordinated through Anya Schafer.  I’m asking you to e-mail me at: with your requests to have a session with Omnec Onec and I will forward this on to Anya Schafer.

Ladies and Gentlemen that is quite a bit of lead-in here today.  I wanted to get this information out to you  I know how many people around the world listen to this.  We have some important updates for you at PFC.  For those of you in Event support groups, I hope you’ll listen to this and read the transcript and pause it because this is a very valuable aspect of service.  For those who have asked how the can help.  This is how you can help:  Join an event support group, join us for meditation for peace on Sunday and networking with your fellow brothers and sisters who have sought like minded individuals to share their awakening process, spiritually, politically and any other good forms of action that you can do together to change this world, we support you all.

With that said, I must always thank DaNell Glade who is the leader of the financial group (transcribing), .  We send her our love and support.  She will be sending her questions in for us and we will read them on the air in just a moment.  We also wish to thank Rique Seraphico who tirelessly modulates Cobra’s voice and edits this interview so you have the clearest record of Cobra interview ever.  As always, Steven Smally always creating tremendously  talented artistic photos’ slide shows on youtube that will come out on this.

And I personally must apologize to Rique Seraphico, we’ve had some major software glitches and he will have some extra time this well to modulate Cobra voices and sound editing.  Hopefully we can do this professionally for him.  He also has some music under the music button on my web-site ( ).

He does the lead in opening music and closing music (432 Hz, written & performed by Rique Seraphico). If you want to support him, he has a beautiful CD available (the Mysterious Spheres CD, priced U$15.00 (Choose 432 Hz or 440 Hz) / U$20.00 (432 Hz + 440 Hz) can be purchased on Pay Pal, account name

I guess that’s it folks.  I didn’t mention that March 6- 8 is called the Galactic Wisdom conference.  There’s also a link on my blog.  I’ve also started to give out some information on a spiritual nature, as I promised.  Once I get through some of these hurdles, that’s all I’m going to be doing.  You can look forward to that good news coming on.  In the meantime, Victory to the light and here comes the Cobra interview.  Thank you.

Rob – OK thank you folks.  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Rob Potter, the Victory of the Light Radio Show.  We have Cobra on here.  Cobra has confirmed with me today that everything that we do on PFC is going to become very important.  The information that I mentioned about PFC becoming a hub at the time of the event is very important for all you PFC event support groups to know and realize.  Our language and our translation buttons are going to be populated on our site and we’re going though some revamping, so please be patient.  Without further a due, our beloved emissary of light, Mr Cobra. Once again welcome to Victory of the Light radio show.  We have lots going on.  Thank you for coming.

COBRA – Thank you for the invitation.  I’m glad to be here right now.

Rob – Yes, your last few posts are very good and we have a lot of wonderful information coming from you.  I’ve talked about it before with people, we can not underestimate the scalar plasma field grid network that is influencing humanity.   It is extremely important, is it not?

COBRA – Yes.  It is basically one of the main factors which is actually slowing down the progress of the light forces.  If this is removed things would be easier many many times over.  This is one of the key issues that needs to be addressed.

Rob – OK.  Thank you.  I also was told by Alex Collier that a Tesla coil will remove implants. That’s what he said the Andromedeans told him.  My technology involves that.  Can you tell me:  will that remove the other implants also.

COBRA – It can, but I need more information exactly what technology you have in mind.  There are many variations and versions of this.  Implants are not just on one layer.  It’s like, they are different dimensions, there is the physical aspect, plasma aspect, etheric aspect and you need a combination of technologies to remove all those aspects to completely remove an implant.

Rob – OK.  That’s what I was wondering.  He said he could render it.  What we meant was like the Nicola Tesla violet wand, which was described by Edgar Cayce which is available – I wanted to find out, would that wand disable implants.  Is that going to just disrupt a physical implant.  Is it going to disrupt an implant that’s invisible on the etheric and the astral.  And he said both is what he thought.

COBRA – OK.  It can help with the removal of the implants but by itself will not be enough to remove the implant because there is technology which re-creates the implants back again.

Rob – OK.  Thank you.  The technology that I use is Dr. Fred Bell’s Pleiadian technology which is the gold plated pyramids  We hook up a tesla coil to the whole pyramid he entire pyramid things becomes a violet flame generator.  If you walk up to it you can see the violate flame chalk and it obviously has a powerful energy force.  The other thing I’m very curious about is the Nigerian situation.  If the bases have been cleared of the reptilians, this horrible boko harem stuff is this all surface or is this combined astral parasites.  Does this have anything to do with the Congo portal.

COBRA – It’s all surface people which are actually gathered.  They are being directed to a certain location.  It’s a small number, it’s not a big number of people which can actually destroy whole villages quite quickly and effectively with machine guns.  It’s not a large number of people.  Those are basically reptilian beings incarnated in human bodies that came through the congo portal back in 1996.  Many of them were just living somewhere in Africa.  The majority of those surface reptilians have been cleared but small numbers is still remaining.  Many are part of the Islamic state terrorist organization.

Rob – OK.  so how did they come into the surface.  Are they holographically projected bodies.

COBRA – They came to the surface in 1996 and since then they stayed on the surface.

Rob – OK.  So, coming to the surface what I want to know is, how did they get into human bodies.

COBRA – OK.  They were basically teleported with teleportation chambers, so called, jump rooms, if you want to call them that, into the underground base, through other reptilian star systems back in 1996.  They just came with their bodies to the surface and they remained on the surface till then.   (in human bodies)  Yes.

Rob – Not in reptilian bodies?

COBRA – It’s a human body but a reptilian entity living inside a human body.  No shape shifting.

Rob – OK.  This confirms my information that they have a technology that when they go into a jump room, the leave their reptilian body behind and they actually appear in a human body.  Is that correct?

COBRA – Yes, this is exactly what happened and the other situation is that there were clones which were grown in underground bases and souls were actually projected in those cloned bodies.  The reptilian entities were projected into human like cloned bodies.

Rob – O.K.  That’s pretty “out there” stuff, but very good.  Next question:  we’ve seen some tremendous changes in the financial situation here.  I’m very interested if you could comment.  Russia has not cut off gas to Europe because that would freeze a lot of people but what they’ve done is they’ve forced them to go through Turkey. Can you explain a little bit about that.

COBRA – It is basically a pressure upon Europe to choose sides.  The Cabal is having a different style of pressure.  The Cabal is pressuring with terrorist actions, with military threats but Russia is simply making moves on the energy sector and the financial sector so European countries are beginning to realize that they will have to make a choice, either they support Russia and the Eastern alliance, the BRICS alliance or they support United States and Illuminati faction behind which is actually controlling the politics of the United States at this moment.

Rob – Right.  Ladies and gentlemen, when he speaks about Europe and America – he’s not speaking about the people, he’s speaking about the upper echelon criminals involved there.  So this is like a sanction type situation that’s taking place.  I just wanted people to know that the hardship is basically to allow the Cabal members to choose to go towards the light without any harm to the innocent people in these countries, correct?

COBRA – Yes, exactly.  The situation in Europe is intense because Europe is in the middle zone.  It’s like a transition zone between the east and the west and this is why there is so much pressure in this situation but basically the outcome will be very positive.

Rob – OK,  in regards to the financial system, they have created an alternative Swift banking system.  Can you comment if this is under the control of the Resistance forces and would be an alternative at the time of the event for a smooth transition when the banking system of the Rothchilds’ is shut down and could not be interfered with.

COBRA – OK.  The eastern alliance is creating an alternative financial system which the Rothchilds’ will not be able to control and this is the infrastructure which will be used at the time of the re-set, at the time of the event.

Rob – OK. That is good news.  Now can I get you to confirm that the resistance will take care of this, because we know there are many many dark forces out there and even though it’s well intended to be good, is it possible that it could be hacked or that there could be any involvement with Rothchild Jesuit moles within the new system or will this completely be controlled by the Resistance and a Galactic technology.

COBRA – OK , when the event comes, of course the whole re-set will be operated and guided by the Resistance and that will contact the positive forces within this new infrastructure and yes, this infrastructure has been infiltrated by the Rothchild and Jesuit agents because they have a plan to hijack the new system but at the time of the event those people will not have any power whatsoever.  Their plan will not be carried out.  There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of in this situation.

Rob – Very good.  That’s good to know, so the infrastructure is being put in place and being infused for the light of the Galactics to support it.  (Exactly).  Cobra, continue in the banking information situation here.  We have very good news.  BIS based in Switzerland has gone off he Euro you said.  Does this mean the bankers in Switzerland are becoming compliant with the new requirement to become Basil III or a true gold back currency system?

COBRA – OK.  What is happening in Switzerland has nothing to do with BIS.  It is that Swiss Central Bank who decided to un-pack the swiss franc from Euro.  Which means that the Swiss central bank has decided to align with the strategy of the Eastern Alliance towards the gold back currency and away from the Euro which have been basically a Jesuit creation.

Rob – OK.  So if you can go a little bit deeper into that, does that mean that the Rothchilds’ no longer control the Swiss central bank?

COBRA – They still control the Swiss Central Bank to a certain degree but they have no more absolute control over the policy of the Swiss Central Bank so it’s a mixed situation.  They still have quite much power in the banking system but this power is no longer absolute.

Rob – OK.  So that’s a very good progress for the light forces is it not?

COBRA – Yes, exactly.

Rob – OK.  We’re seeing more potential changes coming forth.  One more question in regards to the financial system.  Winston Strout had indicated to me previously, and some other of my contacts in the Resistance Movement (RM) in the RV group in Reno that’s talked about a lot.  He actually reported to me beforehand that the gold certificates had been given to the US and I said,  “why would they do that if the bad guys are still in control?”  And he said, “exactly”, which means they are not in control and that Benjamin Fulford’s post which came out 3 days later after I heard it, confirmed that the gold certificates have been given to the United States.  Can you explain to us a little bit about these gold certificates.  Is this in place for the transference to the gold back currency and to re-set the economy at the event and is it true that it’s taken place.

COBRA – This process has many phases and while I’m sure hearing it’s like, behind the scenes agreements which are taking place without the involvement of the Cabal.  But there’s no official acknowledgment of those agreements.  When you are creating a new structure, first you have to have a certain agreement between the key people who are creating the structure and this is exactly what has happened, but it does not mean that this new structure is already completely created and it’s not acknowledged by all the forces. But when the time comes, this new structure will be completely solid and this agreement which has been taking place right now, will be respected.  I would say, the initial phase in creating foundations for the new financial system within the United states.

Rob – Very good.  This is all very positive information and we’re looking forward to big changes there, so looks like we’re positioning ourselves for the event.  It’s not just going to take place in a vacuum.  This is the reason it could be taking so long and we could be moving forward.  You’ve also mentioned speaking of things, I guess, can you explain a little bit about the ultimatum to the Cabal that they were given to surrender and I’m sure there’s been a lot of comments on it.  But they’ve been ordered to surrender by the white force military group, is this correct?

COBRA - You’re referring to my latest post?

Rob – Yea, and I’m kind of reading between the lines here.  They’re either surrender, or they’ll be taken out and there were shots fired at Joseph Biden’s house.

COBRA – OK.  OK.  This is completely different situation.  Basically the RM has issued a few warnings to the negative military and their scalar directional weapons that work to cease with those attacks and those warnings were not respected so the RM has decided to further with a certain plans.  I will explain; in the past the RM was holding back certain people that wanted to start removing the Cabal from the planet.  Now the RM is no longer holding back those people.  Those are now on their own and they can do pretty much whatever they want.  The Cabal is there no longer safe on the surface of the planet so they are not taking any direct action yet, but they are allowing action from certain other interest groups which was not supported before, so this is the first phase.  The second phase is this is not enough. The RM will initialize certain actions that will lead to the arrests of the 4 key individuals that I have mentioned in my blog and there is also the third phase that I will not speak about yet.

Rob – OK.  So to make it clear folks, The RM, the Galactic Federation does not believe in violence.  They would like to make this a peaceful smooth transition.  Due to the situation of the councils and their inability to actually to be involved in this point of time, they have changed back parts of the positive Military who were sick and tired of waiting like all of us and are willing to take down these criminals in the arrest process.  If anyone goes in the arrest process and resists Police shoot them all the time.  So the RM the GF is not involved with it. This is 3D military earth allies who want to get the job done and they are taking the law into their own hands a little bit and the RM is kind of standing back.  Is that correct?

COBRA – That’s not entirely correct.  I will not comment on which group is taking action because that is classified information.  I will say the RM is not directly taking action and also the positive Military is not yet directly taking action.

Rob – OK, so there are other members that they are holding back.  So generally, so the fact that they are not holding back is significant.  So we’re seeing changes there.  Of course anyone wants to know, is it looking like the window of our opportunity is looking more possible at this time with these positive drastic changes in these last few days in regards to the event taking place within that window of opportunity.  Is it a possibility.

COBRA – It’s a possibility but it was always a possibility.  Those events that are happening right now are just a reflection of everything that has been happening before or behind the scenes.  It’s just not public thats the only difference.

Rob – OK, that’s kind of an update on the planetary situation.  I’m going to go into . . . we do have some questions from DaNell Glade our wonderful transcriber who does all our Cobra transcription.  She wanted to ask you a question:  Who determines the time and the circumstances of a person’s death.

COBRA – Basically the status of the physical body of that person. When the body is in a state when it’s not a good enough to sustain life, this is basically the moment when the soul  leaves the body.

Rob – This is a natural phenomena or is it determined by destiny or does a soul choose this?

COBRA – It’s a natural phenomena.  The body can sustain itself for a certain period of time and then it’s too fragile or there’s too much entropy to continue.

Rob – Right.  So a person with higher consciousness and lack of negative effects could live longer.  Its not actually pre-determined then?

COBRA - It’s not predetermined.

Rob – Thank you.  Is it spiritually helpful to try and communicate with those who have passed away.

COBRA – In some rare circumstances, yes.  But mostly it’s like trapped because people that have apparent communication, usually contact different forces which are not of the light.

Rob – Ok Cobra, as you know I don’t ever give you homework. For those of you who send questions asking what does Cobra thinks about this and they send in a 2 hour video.  That’s not going to happen.   I did send in this one time, someone sent me a file.  I sent it to Cobra.  It was actually an article about sounds that are being heard recently in the air, loud booms in certain areas.  There’s actually been recorded sounds.  Is this part of the scalar field network being brought down.  What are these sounds that have been heard in the air.

COBRA - It is basically, I would say a certain operations of the light forces which are connected to the removal of the chimera group.

Rob – Excellent.  Very good news, very glad to hear that.  Someone wanted to ask us about the reporters on the TV.  Are some of these reptilians, the shape shifters.  Is there any truth to that or is this just mind controlled people.  What is going on with the media.

COBRA – The vast majority is mind controlled people.  The shape shifting phenomena is actually a technology which has been given to certain very high ranking members of the Cabal which are of the reptilian origin.  But this is such a rare phenomena. This is greatly over emphasized.

Rob – That’s what I thought too.  Here’s a good question and I’ve heard information and evidence in regards to 9-11 that the engines that were found at the base of the towers were planted there and there has been talk, I have seen a helicopter video that there was some sort of small little probe released there.  Is it possible that the Cabal used an advanced secret space program technology to project an image.  So the question is; was there really a plane that crashed into the Twin towers or was there explosions set there previously and a holographic plane was used?

COBRA - It was a real plane but what actually destroyed the buildings was the main nuke explosion.  The plane was just a show for the people.

Rob – Yes, it was a thermonuclear bomb at the bottom of the towers was the first one. I met the key master of the towers William Rodrigez.  He spoke and I met him and he explained that there was dust, that the Jeb Bush owns Wakenhut the security firm for towers on 911. he said security made him give back the keys and for over two week-ends and two weeks the janitorial service, no one was allowed in the Twin towers while they set thermo nuclear charges inside the elevator shafts and within the staircases to bring down the towers, so thank you for confirming that there really was a bomb.

COBRA – Yes.  It was a small nuke and what is interesting here is that Donald Rumsfeld has released some statements about the black budget one day before 9-11 happened and that black budget is connected to the secret space program.  And basically the vast majority of evidence of this was destroyed in 9-11.

Rob – OK.  Here’s a question:  what would you say the odds are that Obama is playing his cards close to his chest.  We know he’s mind controlled.  And he’s biding his time until it’s safe for him to emerge as a light being to lead the global transformation.  1 in a million, pretty good, 50/50, not likely or forget about it.

COBRA – It’s not the highest purpose to answer this question.

Rob – OK.  Can you talk a little bit, I know suicide is bad.  Can you talk a little bit about that.  People want to know what happens to someone who suicides them self?

COBRA - I will not give any moral judgment here, but I will say that strategically it’s a bad choice because conditions on the physical plane are better at this moment than conditions on the etheric plane for the vast majority of people, so if anybody plans to commit suicide, it’s not a wise choice because on the etheric plane, the quality of life, at this moment is much lower and being on the physical plane is a privilege, no matter how absurd that seems to be or sounds to be, the physical plane at this moment is one of the best places to be on the surface of the planet.

Rob – Yes, there’s going to be a lot of transformations and opportunities for spiritual growth to be witnessing this pure transformation, correct?

COBRA – Exactly, so when the purification happens, the etheric and astral planes will be restored back to paradise state but we are not there yet and now the intensity of purification of the etheric plane is really high, so it’s like being in the middle of a hurricane.

Rob – A person has mentioned that the black people on planet earth in African and Haiti and the USA have been heavily targeted by the Archons, Cabal and the Illuminati. Can you illuminate on why this is and how they can manifest a better reality for themselves and for the entire race.

COBRA - I would say that everybody has been heavily targeted by the Cabal so there is no particular race that has experienced worse treatment.  I would say everybody has been targeted.  The mentality of dividing people into races is not part of the new paradigm.  It’s not part of what would be the highest perspective.  I would say there are souls incarnated into different bodies and all those souls have unique experiences.  The Cabal has been targeted certain groups more, but not based on race, but more based on their spiritual potential or potential for the planetary liberation.

Rob – Well there you go, and according to Omnec Onec, people from Jupiter are primarily of the black race and they are very very spiritual and work a lot with sound and music in their work here.  I like to answer questions from people from different countries.  PFC and this information is a world wide thing.  I don’t know where these questions come from.  Someone asked in particular, in Argentina, can you comment on the situation down there.  They obviously are close to the Nazi stuff down there and they feel they are very censored in their media.  They’re kind of curious, can you speak a little about Argentina in particular or what’s going on.

COBRA – Unfortunately Argentina has always been a fortress of the Illuminati faction and they are quite strong there still.  The situation will change.  I will say there is a certain secret group operating in South America that is aware of the situation and will assist in this situation as we approach closer to the event.  At the moment the situation in Argentina is not ready yet.

Rob – Yes, another question, kind of related down there is about New Schwabenland.  The Germans went down there.  They populated that area.  It’s beneath the surface of the planet.  Did they find an ancient base that was abandoned by the ET’s and re-inhabited that. What happened down there.

COBRA - Not exactly.  New Swabenland  was part of Antarctica and they have created or built an underground base in the ’40’s.  They have found some ET artifacts and this base has been cleared by the RM more than decade ago so there is nothing that is down there.  It is empty.

Rob – Awesome, so there are no Nazi’s in Antarctica anymore.

COBRA - Not anymore and if you are careful, all the intel that you received about all the underground bases is more than a decade ago. All the insiders speak about old information.  There are no insiders speaking about recent information.  It is because recent developments are highly classified and this intel does not come to internet.

Rob – Yes, that’s good to know. Well Thank you for sharing that with our people.  Speaking about underground bases.  The tunnels of Set, could you please elaborate, when they were made, what they are, how deep they are and what’s going on there a little bit.

COBRA - OK.  The tunnels of Set are not physical tunnels.  They are not underground structures.  They are structures on the plasma plane, on the quantum level.

Rob – Are these part of the plasma scalar field network or just part of the Archon and higher dimension negative ET’s where they exist.

COBRA – This is part of the anomaly of the plasma plane and I would say they are a quantum singularities which contain darkness and this is being cleared right now.  It is in the process of being cleared right now.

Rob – Excellent.  Here’s an interesting question:  Is prince William going to have a role in the event.

COBRA - Not as much as some people expect.

Rob – OK.  What do you think is the most important aspect to take into consideration at this stage on this planet in relation to the human species and the individual.

COBRA – OK. I would say that there is the middle of the liberation phase and focus upon the light and do whatever people can for the planetary liberation.

Rob – Very good. Was Howard Huges connected to the light forces.

COBRA – Yes, also.  He was in the focus of many different activities.  He had been heavily targeted by the dark, but also heavily inspired by the light, so he was like in the center of quite much of attention.

Rob – Yes, because of his company there.  As I understand it, he basically gave the Cabal and the illuminati the thumbs down, piss off, I’m working for the light, and they basically kidnapped him and killed him.  Here’s another question, we have George Van tassel, a very famous UFO contactee who’s son-in-law was Paramahansa Yogananda’s disciple.  Norm Paulson, very spiritual guy, had a lot of information, did he van tassel actually create an anti-aging machine?

COBRA – OK.  Van Tassel was connected and contacted by Galactic Confederation and he received certain technologies that were far ahead of the planet.  And of course he had been targeted by the Cabal so those technologies were not released.

Rob – Right.  I understand that.  What is a wingmaker?

COBRA - The original wingmakers, it’s like a term which describes people who belong to the central civilization and the central civilization is a civilization which has evolved in the central region of this galaxy because the center of the galaxy is the source of light, the source of evolution and the first conscious light has been evolved in that sector of that galaxy so it was the first spiritually awakened race which then expanded throughout the galaxy and created the Galactic network of light and was the founder of the Galactic Confederation.

Rob – Thank you.  What was the Tungusta blast in the 1800’s.  Was it a UFO, a meteor or a nuclear Cabal/Illuminati nuclear bomb gone awry?

COBRA - This has happened in the early years of the 20th century and it was a comet.

Rob – It was a comet, the Tungusta blast was a comet or a meteor.

COBRA - A Comet which fell on the planet as a meteor and most of it evaporated in the atmosphere and that’s why they haven’t found any solid evidence of this actual body that crashed on the planet.

Rob – So the big squishing of the trees was really from the concussion of the meteor, it wasn’t really caused by the physical part of it hitting, or what?

COBRA - It was like . . a evaporating and it was a strong blast from the impact but the whole thing evaporated from the heat which was generated because of the friction with the atmosphere.

Rob – How long will it take after the event before we become a money-less society.

COBRA - Ok. This transition can take some time, maybe a few years.  People need to first get accustomed to a fair financial exchange and become aware of the new technologies and know how to use them and then this transition to a cashless and moneyless society can begin.

Rob – Yes.  I love Ben Fulford and he did report to me in one of our interviews, he just reports what people tell him.  He doesn’t absolutely know everything correct or true, but he proclaimed the UK Royal family to be working with the Dragon family now and a handful of others, some goo,d some bad as a guarantor for the gold base for the currency issues, especially towards the US dollar and the US Treasury reserve notes.  Is this true or pure gossip or are there negotiations going on with the Royal family?

COBRA - OK.  There are certain people within the royal family that are cooperating with the Dragons and Fulford has a source which is connected with those people.

Rob – OK.  Certain ones, we’re not going to name them or anything.  OK.

COBRA - Name them but not everyone for sure.

Rob – Can you tell us a little bit about the Red Dragon family and can you talk about the funding project of David Schmidt.  He is coming to America here and he is charging $100 and he wants people to sign up for prosperity funds if they have a 501 3c for the dispersement of prosperity funds.  Is this reliable?

COBRA – OK.  Regarding him people need to use their own inner guidance and as usual if you have to pay money and sign something you need to be careful.  This is the first part of the question.  The Red Dragon is actually a force which deals with the physical aspect of the removal of the Cabal in a certain way.

Rob – OK.  Someone has asked in regards to the economic systems of the ET’s and the Political systems.  I know we have universal cash-less society which will be explained to us, we can maybe go into that in another interview.  When people think of the galactic confederation, could you kind of explain . . . I know that everything’s been divided down here to anarchist, communists, capitalism, democrats, republicans.  Can you explain a little bit about how the politicians and the society works.  Most people probably won’t have an idea of how completely different the world is without a scaler field network so it’s hard for them.  Could you paint a little picture on the workings of a planet.  How the administration of the society is run, the leaders and/or they’re usually masters of this nature.  The difference between the spiritual and the political aspect on another world.  give us a little sketch outline of that.

COBRA – The evolved societies have completely different perspectives on things and everything they do they do from a soul perspective so they do not run politics as people do on this planet.  They’re decisions are based on the soul contact and higher perspective and because everybody is connected with the higher perspective, they work harmoniously without having a need to have a massive infrastructure that would support decision making.  Decision making for them is very easy. Everybody feels, knows and understands the truth and the purpose.  And then each person just carries out that part of the purpose that he or she is aligned with.  So they don’t have political process in the same way that we know of on this planet because political process on this planet is basically just manipulation strategy of the Cabal to keep people enslaved.

Rob – Thank you.  How soon will the event start after the last Chimera group location gets wiped out.

COBRA - OK. When the last Chimera location gets wiped out, the event can start immediately.

Rob – Will they still have control over the reincarnation process after the last location is deconstructed.


Rob – OK.  Someone has said that they’re living in the UK and they’ve noticed a large increase in media black-outs and news from the neighboring nations and actually the British intelligence agency seems to be really doing a lot of censorship.  Can you comment on that?

COBRA – This is related to the internal struggle within the power structure in the UK because as already mentioned there is a positive faction that wants to make some progress and there is quite much of a resistance to that progress and this reflects in the media.  You have to understand that Rothchilds’ have a very powerful base in UK and they control the media so they resist quite strongly in a very indirect way.  The resistance to change is quite strong in the media sector.

Rob – Yea, we have noticed especially in PFC and Cobra related posts. . .  Eduardo had been blocked from some things.  He changed his name and he was getting 39-40K views on some of his information and it turns out they shut him down and he was getting below 15.  He got a notice that he was doing something that was obviously a lie.  Also our dear Anya Love who spends so much time in service there also had her entire IP address of her computer blocked and I’ve heard someone else report about their phones.  Can you comment on this.  This is still an internal struggle between the light and the dark forces on the internet, isn’t it.

COBRA – Yes.  So basically they’re trying to interfere with your computer, you can just change and use another computer.

Rob – Yea, that’s easier said than done for some people, but that’s what I said.

COBRA - It’s not so difficult.  People sometimes need to just change their belief system.  Because many things are possible even without large sums of money.  Many things are possible.

Rob – That’s true.  I didn’t believe I would be doing what I did today before I made my prayer to God to use me for the light and it’s happened.  Another interesting comment; I received an e-mail from someone they told me they spoke at their school board meeting about chemtrails and there were moves made and they’ve actually taken that person’s child away from them.  This will be ended at the time of the event, correct?

COBRA – Yes, that’s correct.  I would advice everybody not to expose the truth in environments like School-boards.  It’s not the perfect environment to release the truth.

Rob – In regards to that type of situation.  Someone has a question in regards to the event and how the vibrations will change in our bodies.  They want to know will people with learning disabilities and autism receive healing and changes at the time of the event or will they receive healing technology after or are they doomed to live in the bodies that have been genetically destroyed by the vaccinations.

COBRA – They will receive healing and in most cases this will be easily restored because most of that is trauma which can be healed when there is enough light present.

Rob – Will that take place naturally after the event or will this have to be organized through tachyon/healing chambers and the light.

COBRA – There will be many techniques and technologies available to address the situation and it will be a gradual process.

Rob – Here’s an interesting one.  I guess I’m going to ask it.  Will lots of couples get divorced immediately after the event because they will start to meet their soul mates and some of the programming will come down.

COBRA - Yes, some of the couples will get divorced.

Rob – OK.  One question about the 144K.  Why is it so difficult to reach the critical mass of 144K people.

COBRA – It is because people are not awakened and they are not cooperating and they’re not remembering their mission and they refuse to awaken to that part and even most people that are aware of their mission choose not to actively participate in that mission.  That’s why it’s so hard to get the numbers.  It’s not just the programming, it’s also the free will factor which is critical here.

Rob – Another question about the 144K.  I guess I’ll ask the first question.  Can you tell us something about what Sheldon Nidle calls the pa-tal.  Are you familiar with that?


Rob – The Pa-tal – according to Sheldon, if I’m correct, is kind of indicating that the earth based people are actually a combination of very many different galactic races have their genetic codes here and Alex Collier said on a certain level, they consider our genetic capabilities to be kind of like a royal line of genetics.  Of course we’re being jammed and right now we’re just a fractured mess, but the pa-tal would be the, I guess the collective genetic influence of the Galactics.  Can you comment, is that correct?  Do we have many different Galactic races in our DNA as opposed to other life in the solar system.

COBRA – Yes, there was a lot of genetic experimentation in the past and human DNA does have a lot of ET influence.

Rob – Is this more influence from different ET races than other planets in general.

COBRA – Yes.

Rob – OK.  The other question is; there’s a gentleman named Lyndon LaRosche and he’s had 40 years worth of effort to defeat the Cabal.  He’s had a lot of political spin against him. He’s been trying  to defeat the British Empire.  He’s one of the first people to uncover this type of knowledge in regards to the behind the scenes manipulations, at least in the US.  Can you tell us, is he working with resistance at all?

COBRA - Not directly.

Rob – OK.  Thank you very much. Can you tell us in regards to the BRICS nations alliance, are they aware of the Galactic Federation on some of these groups, or are most of this just regular political people who want financial liberty.

COBRA - Most of this is just regular financial political people that want financial liberty, but some people in certain circles of the BRICS alliance are aware of ET dimensional of the whole situation.  So it’s a mixed situation.  Some people are aware and some people are not.

Rob – Some people have noted that there is definitely been an increase in cell phone towers going up.  These repeater stations and many of them are part of the, I guess this network.  Is this increase being promoted on the 3D level to shore up the removal of the other aspect of the plasma scalar network that has been taken down recently.

COBRA - Part of this yes, but part of this is just spying networks because the alphabet agencies are hungry for data.  They want to have double check and triple check everything.

Rob – Is this on an individual, triple and double check information on individuals?

COBRA - There are some targeted programs and there are also mass programs that just harvest data and just process it and analyze it and then make more or less strategically stupid decisions out of them.

Rob – I see.  So these are harvesting data for strategic decisions based on listening to phone conversations and things of that nature.  (YES).  Oh.  OK.  So there’s a lot of people who are extremely paranoid of this type of activity.  I personally feel that they do not target individuals unless the individual has very hard evidence or is very much interfering with their dastardly Cabal plans.  But the average population person doesn’t have to freak out about what they post on the internet, right?  They’re not going to be targeted in their homes for their beliefs?  Or will they?

COBRA – No, No.  Most of this data is just sitting on a certain server somewhere.  Nobody actually reads it.  It’s just analyzed with a computer program and the vast majority of this data actually never sees a human eye.  It’s just sitting somewhere.

Rob – And even if it did see a human eye, they certainly don’t have the people and the resources to round up people for things like chemtrails or internet posts although they will obviously do some individual targets to try and send a message to put fear into people, correct?

COBRA - Individual targeting is very rare.  It’s extremely rare.  It does happen but it’s not something that happens on a massive scale and it never will.

Rob – They do have individual targeting of the plasma scale field network on light workers.  There have been a lot of situations where people’s relationships are being stressed and challenged even within the light worker community.  Can you please explain a little bit more about the technology in regards to how they are targeting these individuals within the light worker community.  I’m not going to name names or anything.  What can we do if we’re being targeted by this type of technology.  How will we know it and what should we look for?

COBRA - OK.  This is a more serious situation because, yes, the Cabal and the Chimera group is targeting the light workers and light warriors, especially with Plasma scalar wave directional weapons to lower down their consciousness, so if you are experiencing any unusual pressure, if you’re emotions are triggered in very strange ways.  If you’re tired without explanation.  If people around you are freaking out without any apparent reason.  If you have strange sensations in your body, problems with your breathing, heart rate or sleeping patterns, most likely it’s a result of this.  And usually the chimera group is combining the scalar wave attacks with etheric non-physical entities attacking at the same time, so people who are targeted with those facts usually have problems in their relationship which are artificially generated.  People next to them turn against them.  They begin to be attacked by people around them without any valid reason.  People are just freaking out and people around them are freaking out because they are provoked and triggered by directional weapons and by non physical entities.  This happens a lot especially with people who have a strong mission and have a strong potential to assist in the planetary liberation and those attacks can be extremely unpleasant.

Rob – They can.  There are people on another level of implantation and this is kind of a question that I have personally relationship to that.  I’m contacted by people who are very strongly targeted by a more powerful electronic harassment.  Literally where they’ll get burns, and there’s energies running through their electrical circuits and there’s  actually Cabal like vans outside their houses.  Or they go across and they target beams, not invisibly, but like with physical agents and these individuals don’t have anything to do with the Cabal.  Are these mind control subjects.  Why are these people being so heavy harassed.

COBRA – The first possibility is they are MK ultra programmed victims and they expect them to sit back and they have a strong mission that would endanger the Cabal.  Either they have a strong spiritual potential or they have some other potential that they view as a threat from the cabal.  I would give a certain piece of advice here.  Re-locate out of the US, if possible.  And in many instances it is possible.

Rob – Yes, there are actually 2 people I’ve interviews, Magnus Olson and Melanie Richin who’s electronic harassment.  She’s created a network.  She’s created strong against it.  I guess he spiritual or the MK Ultra answer is good enough.  We’re coming towards the end of our interview  I wanted to thank you for being on here.  I have, I guess the last question here, maybe two more here.  Bill Gates has claimed to develop a machine that turns sewage into water and electricity.  Is this a possibility that he’s trying to do the right thing or is this just a little PR.

COBRA – Most likely it’s PR strategy from his side.  He is actually, especially the last few years working directly with the Cabal.

Rob – Yes, absolutely.  The final question for us is;  what role do the Archons have, I know you don’t like the word Karma in how the law of manifestation is working here.

COBRA - They basically disseminate the belief systems that take the power from the people and limit people.  The whole karma, belief system has been engineered for people to feel powerless and victims of their last incarnations.  So people begin to think that  because of this and this and their past life and this is happening to me.  In most cases this is not correct.  The Karma programming has been engineered like a spiritual debt/slavery system, as we have physical death to control people on the physical plane through the financial system, they have created a spiritual debt/slavery system like people have a certain spiritual debt they have to repay.  Where the truth is people have zero spiritual debt to repay.  People are free spiritually regardless of their past incarnations.

Rob – OK Cobra.  I want to end on a really positive note here.  We’ve talked about a lot of crazy stuff and a lot of wonderful positive changes taking place.  We’re seeing real movement now and on the physical plane and things.  We’ve talked about the unholy 4 and the possible chaos and the importance of PFC event support groups.  We’ve asked people to sign up there.  On a positive note, you mentioned that there’s an activation, I think it’s taking place today.  Tell us a little more information about the comet love joy and the Pleiades and how these energetic waves are going to restructure the tunnels of Set and make way for a great transformation.  Can you share the good news and what you think might come from this.

COBRA - OK. The activation is taking place tomorrow although the energies are already coming.  The Pleiades emanate a very positive and loving energy and the plasma of the tail of comet love joy is right now in the line of sight as seen from earth to the Pleiades so the pleiadian energy passes through the plasma tail of the comet Love-joy before it reaches the earth.  So we will actually get some very highly charged plasma particles of light reaching the surface of the planet and those highly charged positive plasma particles will infiltrate the tunnels of Set which are plasma wormholes on a quantum level and begin to transforming them.  This will begin to address some primal basic situations and energetically speaking which has been keeping this planet in darkness for ages.  And this is the first time this is changing ever in human history so it’s a huge thing.  The consequence are hard to predict but they will be positive.

Rob – That is good news folks.  Thank you so much Cobra.  I appreciate your time and support here on the Victory of Light.  We’re all looking forward to more wonderful information.  God bless you.  Thank you so much.  Victory to the Light.

COBRA – Thank you everybody for listening and thank you for your support.

Music (432 Hz): Mysterious Spheres Medley (written & performed by Rique Seraphico) – Music taken from the Mysterious Spheres CD.

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