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~2012 TOOLKIT ~ Symptoms & Remedies~

We have now entered a highly volatile period, full of both potential and hazards.
The Earth’s magnetic field is changing it’s configuration.
There is a breach in the magnetosphere which surrounds the Earth,
protecting it from solar winds.

This is a naturally occurring cycle but the magnitude of this opening is huge,
and is allowing and will continue to allow large volumes of plasma
from the sun to enter our atmosphere.
This will increase magnetic storms, disruptions of telecommunications
and the bio-electric circuitry such as the human nervous systems.

The increased charging of the magnetosphere will increase over the next few years.
Our subtle energy bodies or etheric body, known by the ancient Egyptians as the KA body,
is highly sensitive to and affected by solar plasma.
This increase in solar plasma also increases the vibratory rate of the KA body
which is wonderful if one is consciously on the path of ascension,
but for others it can lead to disturbances and dissolution.
This list of symptoms and remedies are to help those of us challenged
by the symptoms of the ascension transition.
(Ascension in this sense means the upwards movement in our consciousness.
As we ascend, both our perspective and perception is radically altered
as we begin to see through the maya or illusion of this world,
which is created through the dance of subatomic particles into a configuration of matter.
Through the ascension process we realize that we are the creator of our experience,
which we call "the world."
In this way, we have transcended the world, while still being a part of it,
for you see through the lens of perception that life is a movie that you are projecting.)

Symptoms of Ascension May Include:
Duvet days take on a whole new meaning.
The body system is probably rebooting and needs to rest and recoup.
Trust that the body knows best .
As we step out of the old
‘denser’ us, a feeling of being un-connectedness
and of observing ourselves from the outside can ensue.

This can be accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of
wanting to go home, to return to the source.
Dizziness, loss of balance, back
and neck pain, ringing in the ears, "gritty" eyes and blurred vision are all common.
Cranial pressure can lead to a feeling of being squeezed, compressed and boxed in.
A result of trying to squeeze 5D into 3D.
Heightened sensitivity to one’s environment like crowds,
noise and smells overstimulates the senses.
Crying about everything and anything.
Often nothing to do with us personally but is a clearing of the lower realms.
Emotional roller coaster of ups and downs is a release as we make space for the new energy.
As the body loses it’s density, it goes through periods of restructuring
resulting in intense fatigue at times.
Loss of Appetite
As one’s body adjusts to a new higher state of being, one may lose the desire for food.

Clean air and pure water are more desirable.
Weight Gain ~Difficult to lose weight gain,
Low Blood Sugar attacks and a craving for protein are all symptoms of this time.
A huge amount of fuel is required for this stage of ascension.

During spiritual emergences, this can often become an emergency
as one opens to several dimensions simultaneously.
The usual filters that keep us in the third density can open, leaving us vulnerable.
Living in a higher state may leave one feeling out of alignment
with one’s outer world which can feel both frightening and depressing.
Aches & Pains Due to the body purifying and releasing blocked three dimensional
energy as you enter higher vibrational fields.
Inability to sleep especially between the hours of 2am – 4am are signs of the body realigning itself.
Loss of Memory
At a loss for words?

Short term memory loss is not uncommon either as one travels between the dimensions.
No longer time to dwell in the past, being present is the way of the ‘now age’.
Seeing Things That which resides beyond the veil of illusion
is making itself visible to us now as we raise our vibration.

As one dares to step into the void, see what becomes visible.
Difficult Relationships
As we start to disconnect from the denser energy fields,
one can develop an intolerance to l those that dwell in the lower vibrational fields.
Stress / Anxiety
Heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, panic attacks and feelings of hysteria
can be the result of the ego letting go of itself and the loss of old behaviour patterns.

Can feel like a part of you is dying…and you’d be right…it is.
Erratic and often violent dreams persist as many lifetimes are released.

Prolific dreaming is not uncommon in this time as one cleanses
and releases on an unconscious level.
Night Sweats
Hot flushes can occur as one’s body burns off denser energies.
Deep Sleep
Periods of falling asleep at strange times in the day should not be alarming.
The body is acclimatising itself as it integrates the transition.
As one’s frequency increases, a feeling of space and expansion prevails.

This is one of the more pleasant symptoms of a raised vibrational field.
Now here are some practical tips from the world’s wisdom keepers
of how we can raise our personal vibration in order to help with’ transition symptoms’ :
TM focused meditation has had amazing results in affecting the reality
of the world around us.
15-30 minutes meditation practise a day can help one to slow down and centre oneself.
It is also very energising for the body.
This will help to raise the frequency of one’s mind, body & spirit.
This is an extended period spent in silent meditation
when one can undergo the process of seeing what lies beyond the silence.
Non violent communication (NVC) is an opportunity to communicate
with our fellow man with greater compassion and clarity.

We create what we think and as we commit our thoughts and words into the ether,
we give them life.
Be careful what you ask for…
A positive attitude in both word and deed will most definitely raise one’s vibrational field.
To find a practise where one focuses on the simplicity of the rise and fall of the breath
can also be extremely beneficial.

Inhale into the belly and then exhale. This is known as ‘babies breath’.
A wonderful way to uplift the spirit and one of the fastest ways to bring joy into the body.
A fast track way to raise the Wei Chi meridian which directly affects the health of the heart.

Chanting mantras enable one to connect to the divine
and create transformation in one’s life.

For example, chanting
“I am a joyful manifestation of divine consciousness” can directly affect our vibrational field.
We are all vibration.
Listening to or chanting solfeggio frequencies for example
can have profound effects in one’s life.

These frequencies were found in the Book of Numbers in the Bible
and were sung by the Gregorian Monks to call in the divine.
One of these frequencies is 528Hz, also used by today’s biophysicists for DNA cell repair.
It is also known as the frequency of LOVE.
Dance is medicine for the soul and an expression of our true self.
An opportunity to unwind and release the stresses held in the body.

Get in touch with one’s inner passion
and connect deeply with the divine consciousness that guides us.
If you can access water from a pure fresh spring, well or bore hole…
and always be watchful of who you meet at the well.
That would be the best source of water but there are many fine filters around
which will help to clean and revitalise the water too.
Storing your water in and drinking from blue glass, restructures the water.
Sing into the water. Place it into a crystal bowl each morning and sound the bowl.
Bless it. Put notes of intention beneath it.
Speak your prayers to it. Do your puja with it.

And then drink it…..and feel it nourish and nurture you. That is the greatest blessing.
An alkaline, live and organic diet would be your best bet.
In fact to eat bio-dynamically would be the optimum.
This is where the crops have been blessed in a process that connects heaven and earth,
and where seeds have been reaped and sown by the moon and the stars.
You can also be assured in this way too that your food has not been interfered with
or refined in any way.
Do not microwave your food. Eat as little refined foods as possible.
Avoid as much processed/dead foods possible and above all.

Bless your food.
Whether this is to till the earth or to place in your mouth,
it is always best to use wood or ceramic utensils.

Cutting through the ground with a big steel blade has a very different effect
on the soil than using a copper blade.

The ultimate is to eat with silver cutlery.
Being born with a silver spoon in your mouth means a lot more than just being born rich.
It means that you used to have less risk of infection or a virus as silver is a natural anti-biotic.
By building sustainably with eco materials,
you minimise the risk of poisoning your body with unwanted toxins.

Minimise the use of plastic and metals and asbestos in your home.
Avoid glues and all chemical products if possible.

Use organic paints. Try to avoid sleeping in a ‘sprung’ mattress
and choose instead either a futon or memory foam.
Solar panels, Underfloor heating panels, good insulation and wind/water power are all a plus.
If your home is based on sacred geometry, this is the optimum for raising your frequency.
Natural fibres are the best like Hemp, Silk and Cotton.
Sew prayers or blessings into your clothing labels.
Avoid wearing metal jewellery if possible as this
can interfere with your flow of energy around the body.
Crystals are the optimum jewellery to wear as these enhance your electromagnetic field
and raise your vibration .
Mobile phones, Bluetooth, WiFi and computers should really be kept to a minimum,
especially in the areas where you sleep.

These items can cause cancer and alter our DNA.
Try to wear a personal EMPower plate or a similar device to protect yourself and your home
from these potentially harmful radiation.
Don’t choose to live anywhere near a phone mast or aerial if you can possibly help it.
Don’t use your mobile for more than a minute of so and keep away from your head and body.
Shower or bathe daily.
Himalayan salts are great to draw out the toxins from the body
and to replace salt lost whilst sweating.
Taking a shower will release the stress from the body, literally washing it away.
Adding essential oils in the water can boost the immune system, increase the body’s vitality.
Avoid applying chemicals directly to the scalp for obvious reasons.
Conserve water when you can and when brushing your teeth,
avoid toothpaste with fluoride in it as this is a major (not a minor), a major tranquiliser.
If you are suffering with a degenerative dis-ease, only confide in those around you
who have total belief that you have the power to heal yourself.
Do not surround yourself with those that are in fear or those who are cynical
as it will be less likely to help your recovery.

Be discerning in whom you seek help from.
Listen to your intuition and know that only YOU can heal YOU.
It is good to get regular healthy touch.
If you can’t afford it. Exchange it.
Surround yourself with like-minded souls.
Find a community which supports co-creative ideas about living.

There are more and more transition towns or towns in transition which means that
they care about keeping the towns’ carbon footprint to a minimum.
Car share where possible and ride a bike – it’s good exercise too.
Share seeds. Share ideas. Share your dreams.
Again, only surround yourself with positive and supportive individuals.
Choose good role models. Aspire to be like them.

Find a great mentor and have a councellor so that you don’t bore your friends.
Do good deeds. Be kind. Help others.
Treat others as you would want them to treat you.
Raise your vibration by being in nature regularly.
Get your hands into the earth. Grow your own food or herbs if you lack the space.
Breathe in good fresh air in wooded areas where there are good amounts of oxygen levels.
Take time to reconnect with Mother Nature. Love her. Love God. Love ourselves.

Remember: She is our Mother and she is our teacher.
Feel her vibration…and then feel it within you….rising higher and higher and higher
Live in truth and honesty - about all things.
Be positive. Always think the best of people.
Drop the judgements.

Above all – Love All >>
be the change...
Jennifer Larson
Diamond Ray Chiyu
Reiki Master Teacher
Quantum Healing
Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Comment by Claude on September 26, 2011 at 11:07pm

I do connect with this as well Bishop.

Thank you for your comment/shared thoughts.

Wow...the Powering up of our field of energy and pineal stargate gland..Love It..

Comment by Bishop on September 26, 2011 at 6:45pm
I really connected with all this :) thanks Claude!
Comment by Claude on September 26, 2011 at 1:53pm

Your Welcome one Again..Reb!

Yeah i know what you mean by experience, likewise..

I remember some days, all of a sudden i am very tired?

So I go and do something and try to energize by the Sun..

and Take some supplements, Inversion table, theta/delta Brainwave Session.

and Tada...It works...

Sometimes...I take the Power Snooze..for awhile.



Comment by RL on September 26, 2011 at 12:32pm

thanks once again.

i was texting a friend on my bed a few hours ago, and out of a sudden i just had to sleep, and KOed for half an hour

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