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Interesting collection of contemporary prognostications. Only problem may
be that their viewpoint is strictly from the physical universe.

At least they are all quite positive which is hopeful, though could they so realize, they've all been on an endless dwindling spiral of devolution, not evolution. I fear the steps they perceive as upward were but the ones we took downward.

We are all holographic chips off the big, grand, omnific, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent hologram called GOD, and as such quite capable of same. If there is to be a mass reversal of our devolution, it would have to come from outside. This retarded mudball has no history as it keeps self-destructing. Twenty-twelve is most likely but another house cleaning. Nice to think positively though. In any case we've always been and will always be. I once clocked my own involvement in the finite universe of Universes at something like 153 sets of three digits, earth years I assumed. I imagine this is the time span of the whole time track, back to its start. I had a late friend who discovered tech to bring one to where he could view the whole universe of universes. It's a gigantic jelly bean shaped thing, with layer upon layer of shimmering lights. It's only big when we are stuck in the head of one of these mammalian life forms. Otherwise, we are bigger than big, endless in fact.

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