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2010 – A Year of Transformation: Astrological constellations may point to a quantum leap in consciousness

by Silvan Zülle

I am asked again and again whether the year 2012 shows something outstanding from an
astrological perspective. Does the astrological chart of December 21, 2012 present us
something special – in accordance with the Mayan calendar? The answer is no, and this might
be disappointing for some people who would have expected anything extraordinary! But from
an astrological point of view we have to look at a longer period of time when interpreting a
development of humanity that might be decisive. And here we find several very important
astrological indications taking into consideration a period between 2008 and 2015. From my
view such a timeframe makes more sense – also when we try to understand the Mayan
calendar. A period of time is a development of a new energy that is building up in a kind of
process and not something that changes in one single day only – my understanding from the
Mayan calendar is like that as well. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to look at a timeframe of
several years when trying to get an idea what the „Long Count“ calendar of the Mayan might
be all about.

But what does astrology tell us about this specific time? There are indeed many hints that this
time has a lot to do with changes, crisis and any kind of new structures. I would like to point
out some astrological aspects (there are others as well but I want to focus) that give us many
indications about this special period of time we are living in and that the year 2010 might
be an important year and whatever happens in 2010 may have a significant influence on
the years to come.

Pluto in Capricorn (2008 – 2024)

Pluto moved into the sign of the zodiac Capricorn during 2008 and will stay there for
approximately 16 years. Pluto is the god of the underworld and one main thing he is related to
is transformation. I believe the coming years have a lot to do with the way we look at any
kind of values (a different or new understanding of value issues). This view might see
dramatic changes. Many astrologers assumed that the period of Pluto in Capricorn will
impact the financial system of this world, which it indeed did – and still does – because Pluto
has something to do with debts and indebetness as well. Any kind of frozen or given forms
and structures might fall apart and be replaced by new structures in society, politics, the
financial world, family forms, school systems, and so one. But for all these new structures
many old things that do not serve anymore our society have to die first. This is a kind of
plutonic process and not all people will like this – especially those who still benefit from the
old world! We already see many aspects that go hand in hand with Pluto in Capricorn, but
don’t forget it is a process that will last several years.

Uranus in Aries (2010 – 2018)

By the end of May 2010 Uranus (ruler of the sign of the zodiac Aquarius) moves into Aries
and will be given accompany by Jupiter in June. The ingress of both planets into the powerful
2010 – A Year of Transformation: Astrological constellations
may point to a quantum leap in consciousness

and active sign Aries and their respective conjunction is something astrologers have a close
look at. There is a lot of Yang energy involved and this can bring some kind of reforms or
even revolutions. This hast he potential to go hand in hand with many breaks (of any kind)
and the surprise effect is huge – something Uranus is good for. There is a big chance for new
structures (again – see above with Pluto), the start of some kind of a new universal picture. It
is not so easy to control this very active energy, it might be very powerful. Power (electricity)
is anyhow a good metaphor for this astrological constellation, since Uranus has to do with
electricity. Uranus might finally bring free energy to humanity – it would be a good fit. The
ingress of a slow moving planet into a new sign of the zodiac is very often something
remarkable. But we should not forget, Uranus will be a couple of years in Aries. So don’t
expect all these kind of things to happen immediately – however with Uranus you never

Cardinal Climax (2008 – 2015)

The period of July/August 2010 is the most intense for this year. If you are searching for
some kind of 2012 astrological chart – well this might be something what you are looking
for! The astrological issue that makes it very intense and demanding is a special constellation
between the three planets Saturn (in Libra), Uranus (in Aries) and Pluto (in Capricorn). They
are all in cardinal signs and form a figure or shape which is called T-Square (Uranus in
opposition to Saturn and both squaring Pluto). This is called cardinal climax and the
timeframe during which this constellation is active from a mundane astrological perspective
is between 2009 and 2012, or by expanding it a bit from 2008 until 2015. The last time we
had this constellation was during the 1930ies (big economic crisis). Although – astrologically
speaking – we can already feel many impacts of this, the intensity might increase a lot during
the summer months 2010. This is because other planets will join this figure (such as Mars,
Venus and Jupiter).

July and August 2010 have the potential to become a time window that is decicive for
humanity. Things are intensifying and there is a lot of pressure. Many structures that have
given the impression of being stable might become instable and fall apart or collapse, for
example the (worldwide) economy or countries with heavy debts. But any kind of (old)
structures might be challenged. More and more people feel that we are driving or navigating
into such a development. I don’t want to predict any specific things – the Mayas are also
cautious with respect to clear predictions. But what might happen during the summer
months 2010 has the potential to have big effects for the years to come – even if it does
not look like being that important at first sight. And we do not have to wait for something
that happens in the „outer world“, it can be something we create in the „inner world“ which
then later on will show substantial consequences in the physical world.
So the time window of July/August provides a good opportunity to create something that has
to do with consciousness (conscious convergence or harmonic convergence – whatever you
prefer to name it). There is a big potential to co-create something that supports new
2010 – A Year of Transformation: Astrological constellations
may point to a quantum leap in consciousness structures. As quantum physicians say, we have the potential to be co-creators by observing
the process. From my perspective it is not so important, which specific day you choose. The
energies I described above are active during the summer months 2010 and well into the years
to come. I know other astrologers might be of different opinion and search for a specific day
– some kind of December 21, 2012 – but is such a specific date so important? I believe the
period July/August 2010 is a good time window for activating something around conscious

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