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1st January 2015: Simon Parkes Newsletter

1st January 2015 Newsletter
I wish you all a happy and peaceful New Year. 

This is the first newsletter and it is no coincidence that it has been released to you at the start of a New Year.  So firstly I wish to thank every one of you for signing up, unlike many others on the web I will not be asking you to "like my fan page" or use it to tell you how spiritual I am!  For those of you who have seen any of my presentations you will know that I do not indulge in flowery words or long drawn out sentences that only tell you what you already know!

The coming year will be a continuation of what has already developed so far and can only gather momentum faster with another forthcoming financial collapse or near collapse centred around the petro-dollar.  China, Russia and India are now challenging the US in an open way and no longer do they deal under the table.  Even Britain, the staunch ally of the US elite, is looking to disengage from the tottering giant.  Other countries have made noises and for their pains have had "terror attacks" occur on their soil as a stark warning NOT to leave the sinking ship.  As yet another aeroplane goes down we see the odd spectacle of the authorities using every opportunity to put bits of wreckage and personal belongings before the camera.  Nearly every nation on this earth has lost the confidence in the people that were elected by them to SERVE THEM.  No longer do we trust or believe what we are told, it is one great charade - a pantomime, played out on a global stage. 
Recently members of the audience who sat so captivated in hypnotic attention are shifting about in their seats while others look for the way out, no longer mind controlled by the elite.  Many who are waking up are challenging the facts and seeking the truth, if you are one of these then you are on the right path and I welcome and salute you in your own personal journey of discovery. 
Many of you will wish to know what soul family you belong to and this is a big part of your personal journey.  I am able to give you a soul reading and this would include a follow up a few days later as you will find that your consciousness will expand and you will undergo realisations, some will be easy others will be challenging, but all will be profound.  Therefore a further consultation is included in the initial talk to support you in your transformation.

The coming year ahead will not be easy but it has to be this way.  The advancement of humanity must be achieved by humanity itself and not by some individual or organisation offering salvation.  It can be done and it must be done for the good of the planet and all who live in harmony with her.
Keep strong and remember – much love, much hope, much strength.




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Comment by CHRISTINA on March 22, 2015 at 6:08pm

Guest Biography: 

*** Special 1 Hour Show with Simon Parkes ***

Show Story: 

Simon Parkes opens our minds to new possibilities.  We touched upon A.I., (artificial intelligence), the Hadron Collider, Alex Collier, Putin, Hitler, the Fourth Reich, reptilians, mantids, "experiencers vs. abductees", military and black ops, super soldiers, cloning stations, archons and more.  I enjoy all of Simon's broadcasts, and this new show adds depth and dimension to the empowerment of individuals and humanity.  It's time to open to the vast picture which already exists, "for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear".  More importantly, an eye that is single, one.

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