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Simon Parkes ~ 17th May 2015 Newsletter Update

7th May 2015 Newsletter Update

This interim update is the last one that will be sent to your mail box directly.  In future they will be posted on the website on the 1st of every month.  This has had to happen because we are not a wealthy corporation or a big business – we are merely a handful of people doing what we believe to be right.  As a result we don’t have the financial resources to pay for the enhanced capability that is required by the host.  I hope you all understand this.  As the membership has grown we have come under pressure to upgrade and therefore incur extra charges.  This move is designed to save money and save time.
Thank you.

As some of you will know Fran and I have embarked on the construction of a new website which is well on the way to completion and with the very great help of Susan. As you can all imagine this has lead to an incredible amount of extra work for Fran and Susan and while we have been able to protect the face to face consulting sessions, some time scales for other projects have invariably slipped.  Included within this is the setting up of the special Groups, however I know that you will all understand and will continue to be patient.  The Facebook page has gone from strength to strength and it is my intention to contribute more than I have been. 
The content of the forthcoming newsletter will focus more on spiritual development and concentrate less on world affairs simply because having been taken to the brink the elite are now marking time with the result that there are less international happenings at the moment although a number of fake terrorist attacks should be expected quite soon. 
This is a great opportunity for me to personally thank Fran, Susan,Tim Bacon, Andy Bale, Totto, JayPee and Ruby for their continued dedication to what is an incredibly important counter balance to all the negative energies that are currently being put around the planet.  We have also had much assistance from members – some of whom have given their time freely to assist us when we had all the computer issues, and we understand that another member has purchased a new computer for this projects use.  We all, and I personally, am incredibly grateful and indebted to everyone who sends us such positive energy.  It becomes increasingly apparent that good people are drawn to good people and this is the case with this project.  Please be under no illusion that there have been a number of ‘attacks’ against us and, as hard as it is to understand, the fact remains that some people have paid for a consultation with me, gained access to the Facebook page and then proceeded to cause disruption.  I personally have been on many websites as a member and I've seen good projects destroyed because those who managed did not manage effectively.  The work that we are doing for the planet and humanity is far too important and thus I will not allow any individual or small group of individuals to take down the work that we’re doing.  Again I thank you all for your love, your support and the positive energy you put our way.  Without you the balance of the scales would have tipped fractionally in the wrong direction, and this is where you can all help to keep those scales balanced, if you see anything on the Facebook page that causes you concern will you please email Fran. 
So on behalf of everyone we should all give ourselves a big cheer and a pat on the back - there is no going back.

Much strength, much hope and much love




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