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11 Shocking Things You "Now Realize" To Be True !

(but you never would have believed just three years ago)
Friday, November 11, 2011
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of

(NaturalNews) We are living through a time of great awakening.
The people of our world are beginning to open their eyes and realize the stunning depth
of the scams and collusion taking place all around them.
These scams that steal their wealth, poison them with chemicals, enslave them
with financial trickery and control their minds with propaganda.
These scams are the very fabric of modern government, the mainstream media,
universities and so-called "science" institutions.
Here are 11 of those scams that you probably never would have believed just 2-3 years ago;
but now you probably realize these are true!
Welcome to the real world, my friends.
Now that we recognize the depth of the scams, let's change things for the better.
(Occupy America!)
#1 - Most of the honey you buy in the grocery store contains no actual honey whatsoever
      It's true, the so-called "honey" isn't even technically honey
Most of it is made of cheap "mystery" sweeteners, illegally imported from China,
right under the nose of the FDA.
#2 - The fluoride that's dripped into municipal water supplies is actually
       a highly toxic industrial chemical byproduct
This scam is exploding in the faces of all the ignorant dentists and doctors
who have been pushing this poison for years.
Once again, they were wrong; the "conspiracy theorists" were right.
#3 - Flu vaccines often contain live flu viruses and actually cause
      the flu as a way to worsen the flu season
      and scare more people into buying vaccines
It's also true with MMR vaccines, which cause the measles.
Flu vaccines are the greatest medical hoax that has ever been perpetrated on the world:
#4 - Ron Paul is deliberately stripped out of mainstream news reports,
      online polls and debate coverage in order to "game the system" against him

The power elite don't really want "fair and open" elections in America, you see.
It's all about rigging the system to make sure
a globalist puppet gets elected instead of a Man of the People.
#5 - The United States government openly trafficks illegal guns into Mexico
       as a way to cause gun violence in the USA
       It all seemed so very clever until they got caught, and now it just seems flatly criminal.
So why can the federal government run illegal guns and nothing happens to them,
but if you or I do it, we go to prison for a long, long time?
#6 - Prestigious U.S. hospitals are widely engaged in black market organ trafficking and organ transplants
      And why not? It's profitable, and they can claim they're "saving lives!"
Make no mistake: the organ transplant industry is steeped in dark, psychopathic criminal activity.
#7 - The child sex slave industry is huge, highly profitable,
       and found everywhere across America (and the world) You wouldn't have believed this, probably,
until the whole Penn State scandal recently made headline news around the world.
As everybody now knows, Penn State sports officials routinely raped young children,
even pimping them out to other criminal rapists who paid big money to rape young boys.
This went on for 15 years right inside a prestigious university, right here in America.
Are you shocked? You shouldn't be. Alex Jones has been sounding the alarm about this for a decade.
Nobody listened to him. They couldn't believe it was real.
People would rather bury their heads in the sand than face reality.
And yet, this Penn State scandal just scratches the surface.
The far deeper horrifying truth of all this is that Child Protective Services
routinely kidnaps young American children and sells them into sex slavery -- so-called "white slavery."
That story has not yet been covered by the mainstream media.
#8 - Commercial chickens are routinely fed arsenic,
      and commercial cows are routinely fed chicken poop
Oh, you didn't know that?
When you eat conventional beef, you're eating meat from cows who created that meat
by consuming chicken poop.
Yumm! Can I have some more poop on that burger, please?
#9 - "Natural" foods and cereals are routinely made with genetically modified ingredients
        Oh, you thought "natural" meant better than organic? Non-GMO?
Stop getting suckered by the cereal companies and dishonest food conglomerates.
Know what you're really eating:
#10 - The global banking industry is a criminal racket that steals wealth from working class People
         and redistributes it to the global wealthy elite

You wouldn't have believed this five years ago, but now, looking at your own bank account,
the job you lost, the house you can't sell and the health care you can't afford, it's all sinking in:
The global financial system is an engineered con that suckers working-class people

into giving up all their wealth, piece by piece, until they die bankrupt. Indentured servitude...
#11 - The U.S. government routinely conspires with pharmaceutical giants to conduct criminal,
         inhumane medical experiments on innocent people
         Recent revelations about the U.S. government's secret medical experiments
in Guatemala are just the tip of the iceberg here.
Dr. Jona Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine, also ran unethical medical experiments on people.
In fact, the entire history of modern medicine (pharmaceuticals, vaccines, chemotherapy and more)
is something of a "house of horrors" of inhumane medical experiments on innocent victims.
What else is true?
Ever wonder what else might be true about our world
that you never would have believed just a few years ago?
Maybe it's time you started reading books by Jim Marrs or even David Icke.
Now is a good time to start listening to the Robert Scott Bell Show on
where you'll also hear news from Patrick Timpone.
Perhaps it's time we all started questioning history, medicine, corporate science,
banking institutions and all governments. Discard your blinders.
Maybe it's time we opened our eyes to reality and stopped lying to ourselves
about the depth of corruption and evil in our world.
And why would we do that?
Because that's the first step to positive revolution where we work together to create a better world...
a world where such criminality and suffering is ancient history.
Accept reality, in other words... and then CHANGE it for the better.

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