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09/09/09 Meditation what's the focus of this number?

My cousin sent me the link to this site. Here is a portion of the site and the link is below.

This year on 09.09.09. we are planning to hold another gathering where we will celebrate family and extended family and life itself and raise our level of consciousness yet again. The energy of the number nine is all about passion and compassion and honesty. It is the number of humanitarian ideals and of planetary awareness. It is the number of completion and signifies that now is the time to "let go" of old out dated thought patterns and habits. We need to forgive and forget old hurts and squabbles. This is the time to close the door on our old ways of being and open the door on a bright new beginning. It's time to embrace the changes that are coming and to embrace each other. We need to move forward from this date with open minds and open hearts. Do not let this day 09.09.09. pass without some kind of celebration even if it's just sitting down to a meal with your family. Make the day special in whatever way works for you. If all of us all over the planet celebrate life on this day just imagine how many points of light that will create.

Here's her blog about it

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Comment by Lisa on August 28, 2009 at 4:24am
It is indeed a special day, considering that it is my birthday. So I am really going to make it special. Thanks for informatation.

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