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Christmas Tree and the Mushroom Cult

by Glenn Bullock


The traditional aspects of the Christmas tree of today come mainly from Germanic and Scandinavian origins. Christmas as we've come to know it is like other Christian festivals, a mixture of traditions brought together from a variety of backgrounds to satisfy all under Rome !

Those various traditions each had their own enlightenment rituals which became symbolized; over time we've forgotten the meaning of the symbols,… Continue

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Exciting Times :)

Exciting Times

In recent days I have spent much time in thought over the current “state of affairs” on our beloved planet. I feel a great shift taking place from deep within. My consciousness is expanding outward and connecting with the higher frequencies broadcast by my loving brothers and sisters in light. With all of the turmoil and dark energy that surrounds me, I find peace and harmony simply in the understanding that I am of the light and that I have the power and… Continue

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Pulled this off Yahoo news this morning. This is insane!!!!

Thinking negatively can boost your memory, study finds

SYDNEY (Reuters Life!) – Bad moods can actually be good for you, with an Australian study finding that being sad makes people less gullible, improves their ability to judge others and also boosts memory.

The study, authored by psychology professor Joseph Forgas at the University of New South Wales, showed that people in a negative mood were more critical of, and paid more attention to, their surroundings than happier… Continue

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*****This is an important message to the sheeple of North America*****

*****Please do not attempt to think for yourselves*****

*****We have done the thinking for you*****

The CONTRAILS that you see in the sky above head are normal!!!!! This is just frozen water. Please stop wasting time on the internet with conspiracy theories and turn on the TV or go shopping!!!!

The fluoride in your water is there to keep your teeth white and has no harmful effects… Continue

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