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Issued against the Corporations known as the Roman Catholic Church,…


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Another mass die-off: Millions of fish found dead in China

by: Jonathan Bensonfish

(NaturalNews) Two days before the massive 9.0+ magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Japan, millions of dead fish were found mysteriously blanketing waters at King Harbor Marina in Redondo Beach, Calif. (…).

And in a similar turn of events, millions of dead fish were…


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We CAN slow down: “Earn less, spend less, emit and degrade less. That’s the formula . . .”

So what would happen if everyone that worked five day weeks  started to work four days instead? Or six hours instead of eight. Or,  the ideal, for me, five hours a day, at any time of day, any day of the  week. That’s about all I can concentrate, and I’m doing work that I love  (and don’t need to get paid for). And BTW: even during those years when  I did need to “make money” doing work I loved, I made sure that I  didn’t need to make much. What’s always counted for me most was to be …


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ALEX SCHAEFER – Chase bank, painting en plein air, and the LAPD


I think this painting is really touching a nerve so I’m putting it up for auction. It’s getting a lot of publicity which I’m very excited about! It started out as a simple urban landscape painting for a series of artworks depicting banks on fire. But then after a few hours the police arrived and took my information inquiring as to whether I was a terrorist.

Here’s how I’m pricing the piece: In 1873 one French franc equalled…


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Benjamin Fulford, 9-6-11…”The people of the planet earth want peace”

Satanic cabal threatens to make San Francisco and Damascus “uninhabitable.”

The criminal cabal that has seized power in the G5 countries has reacted with new threats of mass terror to the concerted efforts by the nations and people of the world to remove them from power.

The latest threat, made by phone to a White…


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During the Three Days of Darkness we will remove the undesirables.

Montague’s Message for Sunday, 4th September 2011

There is so much happening on Planet Earth at this time that is being deliberately kept from you. Everything is going according to plan, even though so many obstacles are placed in our way. They just serve to delay us rather than obstruct us. Nothing on Earth can stop this Transition. The time has come for the Dark Cabal to face the…


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