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Groups and Dynamics on Earth

So, two major changes going on in the world right now that are really affecting everything. One, there is a group of people, also collected together in governments, business and places of influence and power, who believe that humans cannot take care of themselves, that the average human cannot be responsible for their own thoughts or actions or deeds. They believe that humans need some sort of guidance from governments, from churches, from other things. They don’t believe that…


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the origin of the strange sounds have been revealed?

On January 24, 2012, while a mother ship was recorded on the night sky of Hong Kong, were recruited strange sounds that match what has been heard around the world. It is the first time documented the occurrence of both phenomena simultaneously. Historical evidence.


they are returning?

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Interferers. Interferers. aliens you might call them.

there are beings from the other realms, aliens you might call them. Of course, we’re all aliens, aren’t we? Interferers. Interferers. You could say they’re angelic beings, but they’re not the angels with the nice halos over their head. They’re interfering right now. They stay the distance, for the most part. Why do they stay the distance? Why do they work from afar? So they don’t get sucked in. They know once they’re here, it’s going to be thousands of lifetimes, and they’ll get…


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