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AWAKENING THE WORLD ...~ from David Icke's website



Please join the peaceful revolution - click here for the global heart focus image at 9.30pm UK time every day (other times around the world listed below)…


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Please Participate in the Cosmic Convergence September 23-26, 2011! by Carl Johan Calleman

For The Whole Post Clink on link:

The Cosmic Convergence is thus about the participants taking responsibility for the transformation to unity consciousness and doing so in a…


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Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed

80 different countries have now formed an alliance against the Old World Order / Nazi-esque cabal.

Two huge underground cities were destroyed on August 23rd -- which may be seen by historians as the critical moment in which the war was won.

[UPDATED next morning 9:32 am. Credible insider source confirms these accounts and adds new information! Please link to this article but do not re-post it, as it is being dynamically updated as events unfold. Posting key excerpts with…


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September 11, 2011


(Jawaharalal Nehru)

Please take this message on board as you face everything that the corrupt can throw at you. I ask you to be strong during this time of disorientation as the energy of your planet changes and moves towards the light. The dark mind control that kept you in ignorance of who you are, and your place in the universe, will use every means at its disposal to keep you right… Continue

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Affirmations ~ For The Mind

Today's affirmations are in the areas of ~ "Self Esteem" ~

Self Esteem:

* I am a special, loving and unique person.

* I am happy just being me.

* Through love I can forgive myself.

* I make a difference to the world.

* I deserve to be happy and successful.

* I now choose to be happy.…


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Jesus: The Moment to Move to a Whole New Level of Consciousness is at Hand

The moment to move to a whole new level of consciousness is at hand

September 4, 2011 by John Smallman

Humanity is on an evolutionary path of spiritual growth that is approaching a point at which it will experience a great expansion of awareness, enabling vast new realms of knowledge to become available which will be of enormous benefit to you all. This is no… Continue

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Adam The Missing Link ~ The New History of Mankind's Creation

Marshall Klarfeld’s groundbreaking new book, “ADAM, THE MISSING LINK,”

blows the lid off a closely-held package of historical and scientific facts proving that the human race was created by genetic engineering technology nearly a quarter of a million years ago.

“This is the biggest news story of the century,” says Klarfeld, an engineer-turned-investigative researcher. “Once the public has…


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Sheldon Nidle Contactee ~ Interviewed by Ohio Expolitics ~ on 17 August, 2011


To Listen to This Interview Clink on link here:


Sheldan Nidle was born in New York City on Nov. 11, 1946, and grew up in Buffalo, New York.

His first extraterrestrial and UFO experiences began shortly after his birth and were highlighted

all through his childhood by various…


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ReBirth And ReNewal from Arizona by Patricia Cota-Robles'

Well worth To Watch this Amazing Opening Ceremony from Arizona ~ taped on  13 August, 2011


**Replay of the opening ceremonies is below. Please be sure to come back Thursday morning to watch the LIVE broadcast of the closing ceremonies.

                                                                     ~ Namaste ~



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Hope Begins In The Dark ;)

Quote of the Day

"Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don't give up."

– Anne…


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The Book Of Aquarius ~

The purpose of this book is to release one particular secret, which has been kept hidden for the last 12,000 years.

 The Philosophers' Stone, Elixir of Life, Fountain of…


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Dr. Masaru Emoto: Worldwide July 25, 2011 Water Ceremony ~ Please Join :)

Masaru Emoto Message from Japan ~ for 25 July, 2011 WorldWide Water Ceremony

Dr. Masaru Emoto, the self-described Messenger of Water, will do a major water ceremony in…


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Shifting Dimensions - Dr. Simeon Hein with Joe Diamo ~

Shifting Dimensions - Simeon Hein 2-07-09Watch this video on 57:59 - 2 years ago

Link to the Video :


Dr. Simeon Hein returns to Shifting…


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Shifting Dimensions - Jay Weidner "2012 and the Cyclic Cross of Hendaye ~

Shifting Dimensions - Jay Weidner "2012 and the Cyclic Cross of Hendaye ~ (57:59 - 2 years ago )


To Watch Video Link HERE:


- Jay Weidner "2012 and The Cyclic Cross of Hendaye" - Jay Weidner is interviewed

by Joe Diamo of Shifting Dimensions on CCTV54 from Louisville, CO.

Taping took place on June 29, 2008.…


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Spiritual Gathering of the Four Indigenous Nations of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta ~August 18th to 22nd of 2011


There are lots of movements that speak only of light but our understanding is to harmonize the two.

 We have to talk about light and darkness to harmonize them. They feed each other: heaven – darkness, men and women, both are important, both sides.



August 18th to 22nd of 2011…


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Mastering Alchemy ~ With Jim Self ~

The Shift Is Happening ~ The Greatest Shift Of All Is Happening WithIn Us ALL ~ Namaste ~

to listen to the last lecture of changes click on this link:


If you wish to see…


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UFOs Are Here ! - The Deyo Diaries Volume 1 with Stan Deyo


UFOs Are Here ! - The Deyo Diaries Volume 1 with Stan Deyo1:24:29 - 3 years ago

Featuring: Steven Spielberg, Stan Deyo, Jacques Vallee, Prof. Allen Hynek, Stanton Friedman, Margaret Mead, Ken Arnold, Betty Hill, Rev. William Gill, Klaus Nobel, RAAF Sqdn Ldr White, Ray Palmer and Colin Cameron. This amazing UFO documentary film was produced in 1977. It was way ahead of its time. Sadly, the master copies of this film and the two which followed it…


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The Planetary Grid Transmissions ~ Full Moon ~ Tuesday ~ May 17 2011 !

The Planetary Crystalline Grid


The Grid is part of our NEW consciousness matrix! It is a manifestation of our evolutionary process and the patterned growth of universal consciousness. We are all co-creators of this crystal matrix of diamond light energy. It is a self operating and self sustaining system of communication and energy transfer. It…


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William Cooper UFO's Are Not what you think ?

This Is Really Interesting Point !

We are All Aware that there Are ET's

Just Need to Remember that WE ARE POWER FULL Human BEings and The Only Way to  Freedom

IS Never Giving Our Own Power Away To anybody ~ Be it another Human or ET ! :)

Would Love to hear your feed back !



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HEALING WITH THE MASTERS ~ by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles ~


Listen In this Replay with Patricia ~ Healing with Masters ~ Take Charge and Change Today ~


Amazing Info about Why We are ALL Here NOW !




I believe this free reply will be available for 3 days expires on 26 April, 2011…


Added by Lydia on April 22, 2011 at 12:00pm — 1 Comment

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