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Juan's Blog – December 2008 Archive (3)

Channeling from Devatas, "Solar DNA"

Channeled by Janet Trevisan on 12-15-2008


Devatas: “Yes we’re here. Indeed it is a joyful evening to be with you. For the Nature of Joy is to be Up-lifted is it not, and so We Up-lift you with our frequencies so that you may join us as Oneness. Oneness in itself is the Nature of Joy if you did but know it, and you pass Beyond into the Nature of Total Joy – Utter Unconditioned Love – and that is really… Continue

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Devatas: “You were speaking a little earlier on this evening about the orbs and what you call your spaceships which you see in the skies over your planet at this time.

Indeed, it is interesting from the point of view of what is more or less happening to your consciousness. Your Consciousness as you know, is Opening - and in Opening, it implies does it not, that your awareness expands. So, is it not a normal perception under those circumstances, that you start to perceive things which… Continue

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(Today, Janet’s Devatas come in very quietly – calmly, without their characteristic laughter, and on an even deeper level).

Devatas: “Yes we’re here. And as you know we’re on a very different level as we speak to you this evening.

The field of Consciousness which surrounds you and indeed, surrounds your Solar System and what you call your third dimension, is being gently and definitely Changed.

The Being-ness That You Are is now starting to… Continue

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