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Maricel Piercey's Blog – January 2010 Archive (2)

Deathbed Witness

Not trying to be morbid here everyone, but have you ever been at the bedside of someone who was in the process of transitioning from this life? I'm curious about this as I was thinking of my dad today and reflecting on what I experienced when he passed away back in Feb. of '04 (it's hard for me to believe it's been almost 6 years ago now). Although the circumstances were tragic, our whole family (as well as some friends) were fortunate enough to be with him, surrounding his bed where he lay at… Continue

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On The Edge - A Year In Review (Musings From A Contemplative Mind)

First on the agenda, my deepest apologies for indulging in this hiatus over these last few months. I'm quite sure I've been very busy...doing what, I can't exactly say, but it must have been something EXTREMELY important and time-consuming!! In any case, apologies now expressed, time to move forward!

Well people, here we go...spilling headlong into the second decade of this new millenium and what have we learned? As I stop for a moment and ponder back over the last decade, I have to… Continue

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