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Yuri Smirnov's Blog – May 2022 Archive (3)

Important message to all eco-minded folks

Dear friends,

In these uncertain times we are offering 20% discount on all eco-minded products (, from permaculture garden tools and handmade crafts to cold-pressed oils and holistic natural cures, if you make your payment in Bitcoins! We would like to encourage our customers to pay in Bitcoins, for it is the only way left, reliable and fast, to receive the money…


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Rocket Mass Heaters - to solve a list of global issues

Rocket Mass Heaters are possibly the most powerful solution to many of the problems confronting individuals and the global population today. Rocket Mass Heaters burn up the smoke, using that energy for heat, and not releasing nearly as many CO emissions in the air. The exhaust is nearly pure steam. For individuals, Rocket Mass Heaters can save thousands of dollars and bring greater comfort. Around our world, if a billion people used Rocket Mass Heaters as their…


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How to reunite with your Divine Essence.

Hey folks, my book The Prayer of Life was edited and republished recently under the title: "From Dying to Living". Please place an order:

This book will help you to find the answers to some vital questions, like What brings on life’s troubles and illnesses? How the feelings stored in human's body…


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