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This is what the Galactic Federation of Light told Blossom Goodchild just a few days ago. For some reason this explanation resonates more with me that some mathmatical encrypted message to us. They all do look like some sort of "coat of arms".

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THIS IS WHAT FIRE THE GRID IS ABOUT - only for those of you on this site who focus on the POSITIVE...


What We Know

On July 17th 2007 at 11:11 GMT, human beings from every corner of the world participated in the largest mass meditation the earth has ever seen. A wonderful accomplishment in itself but more so seeing as how the entire event transpired. With but an initial email; a website designed and created completely benevolently; three willing participants and instructions from the Divine, Fire the Grid expanded with the… Continue

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FIRE THE GRID...happens again next week. thankfully - PHASE TWO

for those who have been at this a while as I is Fire the Grid - Part 2. I was a part of this phenomenol worldwide meditation on July 17, 2007 at 11:11 GMT - I had to wake up at 4 something in the morning to participate (I live in the US) I can't describe the feeling afterward - it was universe had shifted. Then Shelley and this website went away. She had been lead to do this by aliens who visited her and brought her son back to life from the dead if she agreed to do… Continue

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I come here for the content. Small photos and graphics are okay to enhance a point, but can we do something about the huge ones that make you keep scrolling down for the blogpost?

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what is Merkabah?

I have been experiencing the awakening of my Merkabah. What is to others? Please tell me what your experience has been with Merkabah coming alive within you. Nice video explains somewhat...with Sarah McLaughin.

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Enlightenment doesn't mean light as opposed to dark; but rather light as opposed to heavy.

---enough said... - Jen

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