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Leonid Elenin : Real facts about comet Elenin Published on September 26, 2011

  1. At this moment the comet disintegrated into a large number of small fragments, which we may be able to see with the large telescope at the early October;
  2. The fragments of the comet did not change it path and will be flying by orbit of the comet, i.e., not will come to the Earth closer than 35 000 000 km;
  3. Currently the comet Elenin is not visible on the images from the SOHO…

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Message from THE ONENESS (Original Seed of All Creation) August 28, 2011

Many unusual events have occurred in this world in the last 3 weeks, shaking the ground level of entrenched control-and-command hubs of human power, rattling their very core, both physically and financially, and putting out stormy clouds and floods upon their horizons. This started the very day after we released our last message from The Oneness on August 7, 20011 


Aug, 7 Message Link : …


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6th day of the 9th wave of the universal underworld


From September 5th to September the 22nd, we enter into Day Six of the Universal Underworld, Overlighted by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light through the Cosmic Ray of Galactic Christ Consciousness, and the Brotherhood of the Light. This Cosmic ray focus brings a greater level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness by activating the DNA through the energy of the super-electron, also known as Divine energy transmissions of Metatronic Light.




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Comet Elenin Could Be Disintegrating


Animation of 5 images taken Aug 19,22,23,27,29 displaying the nucleus of Comet Elenin in the process of disintegrating. Credit: Michael…


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