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Could you guys send Jay a Christmas card again this year from around the world?

He is the minister of my NEW THOUGHT Metaphysical Church. Born in 1930! Full of life and love.

I have been asking for 3 years if you would send him a Christmas card...

He loved it so much, and you all have no idea how much he was looking forward to getting christmas cards…


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~The Awakened Mind~

Brainwave pattern combines the intuitive, empathetic radar of the delta waves,
the creative inspiration, personal insight, and…

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BLOG #3 - Things Are Thoughts...

All of us, especially those of us who came out of traditional religious circles, need to examine who and what we are and what is true about life. We need to return to that traditional exercise, innate to so many, where we ask ourselves: Who am I? What am I? Where am I? Why am I? and How is all of this? (The old tried and true discipline of newspaper "men" used to be Who-What-When-Where but we have to set it up knowing what the journey is and how does it apply to us. If we want to know what…


Added by Dr. Derek Lamar on December 10, 2011 at 3:00am — 2 Comments

Article: Our DNA is Mutating As We Speak! We Are Developing 12 Strands!

Scientists: Humans Are Mutating As We Speak!

Interview to Berrenda Fox by Patricia Resch

Dr. Berrenda Fox provides evidence of DNA and cellular changes in this article by Patricia Resch. Dr. Fox is the holistic practitioner of the 'Avalon Wellness Center' in Mt Shasta, California. The Avalon Clinic represents the re-emergence of the ideal of healing as…


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In the introduction to this book I wish to begin by stating that while none can help but find the contents deeply fascinating, I am fully aware that incredulity in varying degrees is bound to follow. Some will accept George Adamski’s claims that his experiences inside the space slips were real and factual. Many, feeling…


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Andrew Basiago, U.S President 2016 - 2020

Since coming forward with his DARPA Teleportation and Timetravel revelations in 2010, Andrew Basiago, claims in this interview that he has been harassed and put under Navy intelligence surveillance. He also describes the mudslinging aimed at him from other researchers in the disclosure and exoplolitic field.

Basiago claims that a device called chronovision allows us to view past and future events, the rulers keep this decades old technology to themselves. They also keep to themselves…


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NINGISHZIDDA, Ancient history's greatest architect and builder.

 Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.

Ningishzidda, the great architect, geneticist and musician to whom (along with Enki and Ninmah) humanity owes its existence and survival, was genetically Nibiran, though birthed on Earth. He was the son of Enki and Erishkigal. Enki'd seduced Ereshkigal as he took her to run the Climate Station in South Africa. He left her there, pregnant with Ningshzidda. 

Ningishzidda (aka Thoth, Hermes, Dionysus, Kukulcan, Xiuhtecuhtli, Feathered or Winged…


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Poofness – 12-04-11 – What an Operation, The end to the ART of War

Greetings and Salutations;

One thing you have to understand about the “rastas”, they view all mankind as Jah’s children, white, black, green, or indifferent. They refer to all this crap going on in the world as the works of ‘Babylon’, so our job as Jah’s children, is to work to be rid of it. First of all, of course, you have to know you have been victimized. If you realize how you’ve been abused, you just say, that’s the way it is, and keep accepting the refuse they give you and keep…


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Ben Fulford, December 5, 2011: The US Senate and Obama claiming the right to murder and imprison Americans without trial was a fatal mistake

December 5, 2011

 The word is that the Pentagon, the agencies and the militias are on the brink of taking violent action against President Obama and the Senators who claimed the right to kill and/or indefinitely imprison Americans without trial. The criminal cabal in Washington D.C. and Wall Street may be able to pretend they are setting up a fascist/totalitarian dictatorship in the US for a while longer but no serious armed group is going to support them. The same is true in…


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At The End Of All Things...

By Eve / Adama of Telos
December 4, 201

It was already at the end of November when I "heard" about evacuation
of the complete Agartha…

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“A NEW DOLLAR IS UNDERWAY,” reports Bob Chapman of International Forecaster fame.
Banking professionals of middle sized banks apparently…

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The Nature of Positive and Negative ET's

I was recently sent a summary of the following article, from which I searched for the full article. It's a long posting, but full of great information covering many issues. If it feels too long to read, I suggest jumping around in it to find key passages of interest. I am posting it here because it is highly relevant to many of the channelings posted here.



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~ LOVE versus Fear ~

For many ages of…

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~Creator Source - Time for Passage~

Creator Source through Hazel - November 30, 2011 - Time for Passage

The Earth’s clock has slowed down and the ticking sound of those hands becomes feint.
Prepare you ones who are in the knowing as night falls,
to herald an…

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Obama Issues Ron Paul “Kill Order” As Russia Prepares For War

The Federal Security Service (FSB) is reporting today that the “secret letter” sent to Prime Minister Putin by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda contains a warning that United States President Barack Obama has issued an executive-level “kill order” against US Congressman Ron Paul over fears this…


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The Love We With Hold ~ Lifetime After Lifetime? Is The Pain We Now Carry !

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Mexican Military admits ET Presence; Disclosure calls on Fox News

Is disclosure really happening now? Judge for yourself.



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