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Now this is beauty!

I love these people! How beautiful, how creative! How… Continue

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This is rather strange, but a friend told me last week that the embargo is over and that a peace treaty is in progress. The cigar ships must leave. The dark forces which have controlled this world for the last ------yrs broke the first treaty and now that the light forces are at hand they will withdraw.

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How To Handle All Of This Energy

CAUTIONARY NOTE! If you believe ALL New Age teachings, channeled material, and information re ascension to higher dimensions consists entirely of unqualified, ridiculous, Dark Side manipulated bunk, then I suggest you not waste your valuable time reading this message.



Humanity is in the midst of an unprecedented shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness. Planetary and celestial events are causing the frequency of… Continue

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Benjamin Fulford: The choice: illuminati population reduction or exponential expansion into the future

The choice: illuminati population reduction or exponential expansion into the future

Now that their plan to kill 4 billion people has been exposed, the billionaires and trillionaires of the illuminati are trying the unfamiliar game of being “nice.” Their plan is now to offer “gentle” population reduction and moderate increases in the living standards of slave populations. Oh yes, and for the American slave population, debt slavery would be slightly more “regulated,” sometime in the… Continue

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Interesting. :) We've just read in "The History of Banking" that the world's controllers apparently have believed the earth cannot sustain a population at the levels already reached - but that those controllers are "of two minds" about how the problem should be approached - swiftly? or more slowly?

Earlier this month we'd received word of a meeting of Very Important People in New York and there was speculation about the purpose of that meeting.

Now comes this article from… Continue

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"Surely the Government is in control of the country and its supply of money? Surely money is only a symbolic token to facilitate the production, exchange and distribution of goods and services? Not so, say the Third Positionists, who reject both Capitalism and Communism..."

In the old days there was no paper money. The accepted token of exchange was precious metal minted into coins by the Church and the Crown. Because there was only a limited amount of gold and silver available, the… Continue

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GOD ATON: "I AM ATON and I see my beloved peoples in pain and confusion. I watch you of my children unprepared and without careful thought unto tomorrow. Tomorrow is upon you.

'I have told you how it will be many times through many ones and you heed not. So be it for the lands will be swept clean and ultimately only those who turn unto ME and heed the warnings, and take preparation shall survive.

...'what will you do when the 10-12 point… Continue

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May 04, 2009

One Upon a Creation

A guide to Ascent and Survival for these End Times of the Old Matrix

Preparing for the New Beginning

Dear friends:

This is Gerald O’Donnell. First let me tell you what happened to me this week and then I will address another series of subjects.

I never usually tell tales of successful remote influencing events on my part, but this time I think I need to share this with… Continue

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(Reply) from Benjamin Fulford


This is one of the best accounts of what is happening that I have seen

These people are in direct contact with me and I assure you… Continue

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"Re-Joice" The Return to Joy

Keys to Joy

We all have our own garbage that we deal with. Some people call it "demons." However it shows up for you, it can be difficult... but it's still only aspects of our "egoic selves," fighting to run over spirit; run over truth. All of our judgments and opinions we carry can make us angry at ourselves and others. This doesn't serve us. If we can be aware, and discern between opinions (beliefs we set in the physical realm) and truth (what we are; spirit), we can then simply… Continue

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You may or may not know this yet, but you are a wondrous gift to this Earth. All Life evolving here is blessed by your Presence. The Divine Intent of this website ( ) is to help you remember that profound Truth.

Regardless of how far you think you are from reflecting the fact that you are a Beloved and Divine Child of God, this information from the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth will awaken within you that Inner Knowing.

You have… Continue

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LaRouche: Obama Has Revived Hitler's Genocide Program

LaRouche: Obama Has Revived

Hitler's Genocide Program

by John Hoefle

[PDF version of this article]

[PDF of entire section: Obama Administration Revives Hitler's Genocide Program]

May 15—In October 1939, Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler issued an order, written in his own hand, ordering the extermination of those who were considered "unworthy of life." The order, entitled "The Destruction of Lives Unworthy of Life," stated that patients "considered… Continue

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CASPER UDATE #1 - MAY 23, 2009

casper 5-23-09 #1

EITHER the lack of deliveries Friday represents the most successful worldwide disinfo campaign ever, OR, OBAMA has reacted to the World Courts denial of Immunity for himself and the other D.C. Criminals by again blocking deliveries.

There were no dissenting voices anywhere in the world this time and all had variations of the same story, deliveries by 6p.m. Friday or OBAMA and others are arrested and Banks can't open next Tuesday (Basel non compliance) and… Continue

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Monday 18 May 2009, that day I went to the dentist because of a toothache. He hurt me a lot, so bad that in the evening I could barley eat my food. My jaws were so cramped up. My body was so stressed about this visit that after the food I had to vomit. So I decided to go early to bed because I had too much pain. My husband was studying in the living room and my daughter Sarah was already sleeping. I think it was around 10 pm. It started like a vague low vibrating sounds that get louder and… Continue

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Abundance is on the way to you

This is a message that I received yesterday from the STAR ELDERS (May 21st).

Apparently they are impatient, and they want to get this message out today.

This is the message . . .

Abundance is on the way to you. It has been written and activated into the ethers and the creative force of the universe. If you listen, you can feel the energy of abundance, prosperity and resources are returning. A corner has been turned. You can feel this as a lightening in your… Continue

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Here is a collection of poems:…


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The Prayer To Our Father - in the original Aramaic

The Prayer To Our Father -- in the original Aramaic --


"Oh Thou, from whom the breath of life comes,


who fills all realms of sound, light and vibration.

Nethkâdasch schmach

May Your light be experienced in my utmost holiest.

Têtê malkuthach.

Your Heavenly Domain comes.

Nehwê tzevjânach aikâna d'bwaschmâja af…

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Nesara Development Update May 20/09

There were 14+ Congressmen, you would recognize their names, who worked on the original provisions. Mr GS was NOT the author. He did write his dissertation on the subject of Gold, in 1966, I believe, and many thought that he might be a White Knight. That is not correct. He was arrested. A clone was put into place and then that--I hear--became a 'film star' after his last arrest. His wife is Andrea Mitchell. Congressional committees, under 5 associate Supreme court justices, were given the task… Continue

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