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From: DM


Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2009 4:19 AM

Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10


I come from UK

What are\"deliverie"?


FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Feb. 19, 2009


Dear DM:

Thanks for asking. Deliveries refer to the bank packets to be delivered to… Continue

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Are You Starseed?

I found this post in the site “Book of Truth”, and I got me thinking, since besides the physical factor, I match in a 99% with the rest of the conditions, I don’t know how credible is this person since is a normal user posting in this site, but for some reason I got a big resonance with his writing

A little of me. I am formed Architect, all my life I have been technological oriented, I learn to use the electronic by intuition, all my life since I… Continue

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Last 3 videos posted to SOE each has 22 views each!

This is a trinity of synchronicity!

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A picture. Part of the Global Consciousness Project's image of world-wide consciousness for Tuesday 20th January 2009, the US Presidential inauguration day

Global Brain Paint

A picture. Part of the Global Consciousness Project's image of world-wide consciousness for Tuesday 20th January 2009, the US Presidential inauguration day. The Global Consciousness Project collects data from a global network of random event generators involving 65 sites around the world. Computers at these locations run custom software that reads the output of physical random number generators and records a trial… Continue

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blossom goodchild new channeling 21st feb 2009

The Federation of Light resumes communication.

1. Feb 21st 2009.

I going to try because I can feel something going on in my heart and my mind; I’m just not sure what. I ask that if you are ready to take up communication with me again in TRUTH for the betterment of mankind then so be it. I have no agenda on my mind, I am simply seeing if you are about and if you are have you anything you would like to say?

Dearest Lady, welcome to you after our little break away… Continue

Added by kosi on February 21, 2009 at 2:55am — 2 Comments

If the new global financial system is not announced soon the social fabric of the US and Europe will disintegrate and the Illuminati will be hung from lamp-posts

What was behind the bizarre Russian sinking of a Chinese ship?

The KGB linked site of Sorcha Faal

says Russia was forced to sink the Chinese ship because it might have been carrying a stolen Russian nuclear missile. The Sorcha Faal site is known to contain a mixture of disinformation, speculation and truth but in this case the official Chinese government Xinhua news site also confirms the Russians sank a Chinese… Continue

Added by jose v on February 21, 2009 at 2:52am — 2 Comments

Don't be scare while reading this

What i think about this ? fear base paranoia thing like David Icke. don't believe all thing your will read in this.. gimme a break this dude talk about a 4th reich

Dr Bill Deagle:

Telephone conversation transcript,

16 February 2009

By www.project

Bill Deagle (BD): Hello, Bill.

Bill Ryan (BR): Dr. Bill. Good afternoon to you. How’re you doing?

BD: Good. How is your manic day going on at the conference? Let’s see… Continue

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Dow Jones slips on opening: Feb 20 2009

Shares on Wall Street have opened lower today, sending the London market even further south.

The Dow Jones industrial average has fallen more than 100 points from last night's close of 7465.95, the lowest level of the financial crisis.

Investors are feeling increasingly beleaguered by the onslaught of negative news and fears that the recession will prove to be longer and more severe than previously expected.

There are also worries that US plans to rescue banks… Continue

Added by Dawn of Light on February 20, 2009 at 12:57pm — 4 Comments

Are we opposing?

I read the welcome message from Brad Johnson and I noted something. He said "oppose" the darkness and yet I have had the understanding from a personal view point that it is not about opposing, in some battle-like setting that we are doing, but we are actively creating something new regardless of what the darkness has plans for. The influx of light will do it's own work in making their job harder so we need not "oppose", or fight, or resist them at all just actively nurture the building of the… Continue

Added by James on February 20, 2009 at 11:03am — 3 Comments

Humans to live for 120 years and communicate with aliens in 2012

Humans will eat artificial meat, drink desalted water and live up to 120 years in the near future. Science fiction novelist Vladimir Streletsky made the list of the future achievements of mankind. The writer selected predictions of most renowned futurologists, prophets and scientists’ plans for his work. Streletsky’s future looks quite probable, although a bit frightening.

Humans to live for 120 years and communicate with aliens in… Continue

Added by jose v on February 20, 2009 at 3:28am — 2 Comments

2009 Feb. 19 MarkH on KOE, Diana and Dodi, ZPMs

[Mark wrote this letter to a friend and has permitted it to be shared more

generally. Some personal passages have been deleted.]


As you may already know, I am part of a triad [i.e., Rama, Tara, and Mark]

that obtains and posts information from Faction 3 which includes the Ashtar

Command which is protecting and offering counsel to Obama.

The "King of Swords" has planetary responsibility for getting NESARA

announced, along with St… Continue

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Mark H update : 2009 Feb. 19 Possible Dow "Break" Tomorrow

While we can not say exactly what will happen next, we can say that Mother

Sekhmet tonight said that it is possible that the StockMarket may take 'a

break' tomorrow around 1 PM.

She did not go any further.

That is a very awesome possibility of which she gave us a heads-up hint.


Dow Jones-Lowest Close Today in 6 years - Question for Mark

Dow closed at 7565.95 or thereabouts today. Lowest close in 6 years.… Continue

Added by Kihanyaking on February 20, 2009 at 12:17am — 9 Comments

the upcoming flood, where will you be?


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A gent Daniel salter is a retired former counterintelligence agent for the Scientific and technical unit of interplanetary

phenomena in washington D.C he was a member of the pilot air force NRO (national Reconnaissance office and DCCCD(develoment of Conscious contact citizenry deparment) whit the united states military . he was a CON-RAD courier for president Eisenhower, whit a clearence for above top secret (COSMOS) and a member of the Original project blue boor. His… Continue

Added by jose v on February 19, 2009 at 2:30am — 1 Comment

Ascending Earth 2012 Brilliant site

Just finished reading this, thought you would all like to read it too, Excellent info..


What if we can remember that we are indeed not that different from each other, that we all originate from the same source... What if we can suddenly realize that there is a much greater world, that currently is blind to our immediate senses but infinitely… Continue

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George Kavassilas

Found a cracking site you guys, was a link from George Kavassilas... which is the first blog post..

WHo's latest info is below... as usual take what resonates.. which is pretty much all of it for me..

Messages From The Heart – July 2008

I George Kavassilas feel the need to clear the air in regards to statements I made in my DVD of the lecture at the Eternal Spirit in July… Continue

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2009 Feb. 18 MarkH on Universal Agents of Change and Obama Plan

Nancy Tate is a beloved friend of many years. This composite channelling

celebrates what unifies us and speaks of some of the underpinnings of what is

already well-structured below the surface.

I believe that this is a fair, but not complete, picture of the Universal agents

of change of which the Sirian and Mushaba aspects represent only two.

You would have to include the 200 Million species that are on this planet and

that… Continue

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About the competing plans for a new financial system

About the competing plans for a new financial system

A member of the “family” that controls the US, England, Canada, Australia, France and Israel has explained to me the competing plans for a new financial system now being discussed in secret.

One of the plans is the long rumored Amero. The idea is to unite Canadian resources and Mexican cheap labour with the US. This plan has many fatal flaws. First of all it would unilaterally take away Canadian sovereignty without… Continue

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Mark H update Gulf of Aden/Big Picture February 17 2009

Today we received some more info on the Gulf of Aden StarGate Activities over the last 7 days, from the King of Egypt.

Spirals/Superstrings of energy have been emerging through StarGate Aden for the last 7 days. They are coming from 30,000 light years away in ‘Delta Quadrant’. The world’s Naval vessels are still surrounding that ‘anomoly’, and can do nothing and do not want you to know the magnitude of this phenomena or what it portends, which is your upliftment and their departure,… Continue

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