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A Divine Challange for Lightworkers/Starseeds

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Saviors of Earth is a Free of Charge Website,and a Free & Happy place to Be. - (as long as You bring Your Love & Understanding here with You ) :) , ....but by being part of this community, you must agree to the following: As a member of Saviors of Earth you will agree to keep all your opinions, perspectives and dialogues to that of respectability,cause any breach of for mentioned agreements may result in membership loss or deletion of posts without prior warning :) . This is because we want to keep some Sanity here . Please type ''Yes'' into the box below to accept these terms. Your request to join SoE will be denied or prolonged until You agree. Do you wanna accept these terms,Dear :) ?

Greetings To All Saviors!!!

I Am The One Who Is!

The Angelic Kingdom! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Ten Major Mighty Archangels with Great Honor do I feature here on my page, "Living On Love" and would like to honor, thank and hope that more of us would learn to use their power. Most of mankind nowadays views The Ten Archangels as either long-forgotten mythological beings who never really existed except in the imagination or the "spin-off" side of that they're actually beings from other-dimensional realities. The Angelic Kingdom is a direct expression of Source completely different for the "Space Brotherhood"! I will explain why but first for those of you who are not aquainted with the Cabalistic Tree, the ten points on the Cabalistic Tree of life fit very well to the ten Archangels and each one of them have a propensity for one of the aspects of the tree. So we will start from the top of the tree and work ourselves down to bottom and the responsible Archangel who is always closest to us and physical life. I hope that I can speak for all members of the LivingOnLove and would like to Welcome All Archangels and "Thank" them for their unselfish service to the Source and mankind.

These beings are like real people and they have specific duties and specific likes, dislikes and individual characteristics, although they are not evolving consciousness as we in the human evolutionary consciousness are. Many people have worked with these Archangels, and some have channeled them; if not in this life, then previous ones. The Archangels do not work alone, they direct a great host of beings....The Angels! One will see that the Archangel's are the director's and the Angelic Host do the work. The Archangels interpret and direct. The Angels take directions and follow them; they do not do any interpretation themselves. It is like a large corporation; the president interprets the overall program given by the board of directors, and the various department heads follow the directions given. The Archangels are direct manifestations of the Creator and have no free will as we have. They are like the right arm of the Creator, and like our right arm, they do not have any will separate from their source. Now, these direct manifestations - the Archangels - are not "becoming"; they are not growing, except in the sense that everything grows as the Creator grows. They have been created directly for these particular tasks and they do them magnificently. They do them without failure, without difficulty, without resistance, without false beliefs, without any needs, desires, or wants of their own. After they serve the specific time in creation they will be pulled back into the Source and they will cease to exist. They do not go beyond that point. At some other time in the future, the Angelic Kingdom may be different. It may be doing some other things. Right now it is allowing all of us to receive the benefits of its service to the Creator. The Creator has set it up to allow you to share in this manner. Their destiny is not, like you, to become a Co-Creator. It is to serve the Creator exactly as they are serving Him now and have been created to serve. I have said this last statement especially so that those of you who really do use and enjoy this group might have a personal "Awakening" within yourself to parhaps more deeply understand that your desitny is to become a Co-Creator with the Source or All That Is! BassMann22 ****************************

Let us begin with the Archangel who is at the very top of the Cabalistic Tree which is a great example where all ten Archangels have a place, mission and role to play. His name is Metatron and he is known as the "Archangel of the Presence". If you will note on the Cabalistic Tree, Metatron is at Kether, or top of the tree and Sandalphon is at Malcuth at the bottom. These two work together very frequently for balance and focus in the physical. Metatron is a direct representative of the Creator who acquaints individuals with their divinity, allows divinity to shine through him, brings that divinity through the steps of Creation, and allows it to manifest. He is spring-boarding the energy at the point of creation into a manifested state. Metatron distributes Light, and beautiful pure direct Light from the Source. He begins the distribution of the Light to various sub-departments of Kether and then down the tree towards Sandalphon. Metatron can be utilized to attune you to the Source if you have some hesitation approaching the Source directly. You will still get the essence of the purity of the Source, but won't be so overawed by such overpowering all knowingness. It is his responsibility and his privilege to represent the Source. Sometimes he does it at (Planetary Hierarchy) Board meetings. He is a special friend of mine and as I have worked with him, I can tell that he does wonders in helping you to feel Joy in your spiritual body. Metatron is standing among us and he is glowing. In answer to a question about whether he had a part in building the Great Pyramid, he says, "Yes, I did; it was created to be a great initiation temple, and at the same time it was finished, I placed within it the purity that goes with this high area." Metatron teaches classes on the inner planes and he has taught extensively in the area of using Light within physical manifestation to raise the consiciousness of the particular area. That is one of his specialities, and that is why he is so closely asociated with Sandalphon. Bringing into the awareness of people the great light of the Source is truly his claim to fame and responsibility, whether it is preceived at the very Source or on a stepped-down level. ************************************* The next Archangel, asociated with the aspect of tree called Chokmah, and his name is Ratziel. You will feel a complete difference in his presence. Since he is not quite as close to the Source, the vibration is not quite as fine, but it is very intense. Within this aspect of the tree are all potentialities. Ratziel holds a focus for all potentialities and works continually to bring the now-realized conditions of existence into fuller and fuller creation. He allows the energies to come forth with all potentialities, to burst forth in as full and encompassing a manner as evolution will permit. He seeks always to enlarge creation and its manifestation, focuses the full creative effort, and evolves it as the Creator's Cosmic Plan requires. He seeks to bring forth the progressiveness and evolvement that has been gained through the experience during manifestation. This means that when creation has evolved to a certain point, he can bring into manifestation a certain potential, but not before then. So he is constantly looking evrywhere to see, "Is this coming in now; can I begin doing this?" He is very much involved in timing, not from an Earth sense, but from an evolvement sense. As he looks at us now, we can say that the Earth is doing well. It is one the heaviest vibrations, but it won't be after the New Age. He will be able to bring into existence things that have never been here before. But remember, he is not concerned primarily with the Earth, but with all of existence, with all potential. He may direct an unlimited number of Angels to do whatever is needed. He can have all the help he needs to do his job. ************************************* The next Archangel is connected with the third aspect of the tree, Binah, and his name is Tzaphkiel. I've been interested in him for a long time because it seems to me that he has been changing. That is because existence is changing, shifting a little, and as it does, he changes. It is bringing him closer to Metatron, for one thing, in his area of work. This third aspect of the three aspects in the spiritual area of the tree is changing in focus. This Archangel is changing direction to focus, as never before, existence at the other levels (mental, emotional and physical). He is focusing this change for the New Age. He brings forth as required the specifics to begin the intent of the Creator. There is much joy and love in this one. The fourth aspect of the tree is called Chesed, and the Archangel associated with it has another wonderful name, Tzadkiel. He is the foundation, not in the sense that you walk on, but in the sense that you depend on the Archangels. Now, if you are going to build a universe, you have to have plans, and you get very practical about it, don't you? He can do that. Although at this level he is not sitting down and drawing plans and writing up specifications in the physical, he is bring the plans into the causal area, the higher mental, where they can be picked up for practical use. Tzadkiel is also a very visual manifestation of the love aspect of the Creator. I certainly have worked with him a lot and he is one that teaches a lot. He is very helpful in evolving consicousness. When you take the class called "Creating a Universe," he is going to help you. So, the best thing to do before going to sleep tonight is to request to travel on the inner plan to the university where Tzadkiel teaches the class "Creating a Universe" and enjoy. ******************************* Now we come to the fifth aspect which is called Geburah, and the Archangel is Khamael. He also is a good friend and a marvelous being, quite regal looking, quite powerful looking. There is much energy there, much serene confidence and a figure of authority, but in the divine sense. he is able to give directions with complete confidence, dedication, and understanding; and those directions are followed, my friends, believe me. No, this particular Archangel has centered within his essence the energy of Creation; and if there is a need for focusing more energy at a specific time, he or his department will become involved in doing this. Right now is one of the times when more engery is required. Why? Because of the changes that are coming about, more engery coming in at specific levels (such as Earth), and he is very involved inthe change of focus that is ging on and the means by whicfh this will be accomplished. His energy is controlled for the purpose of accomplishing his goal, which is to unify the energy of the tree creation and bring about a productive universe.

The sixth aspect of the tree is Tiphareth and the Archangel you all know, because it is Michael. Michael is will-known to humanity as the defender of the just. He definds people's right to attune to the true identity, to partake in the trueness of cration, which involves free will. He will go all the way to defend your right of your own free will. However, if you call on him for justice, please recognize what you are doing. He can see some fine destinction that you cannot, and you are going to get exactly that, but it may not be just what you thought you were asking for. There is still much polarity in existence, and every everything struggles to balance completely. If existence swings on way or the other, he is there. We preceive it as defending, but it is truly balancing. **************************** The seventh aspect of Netzach, and the Archangel is Auriel. He has the diplomatic ability that can smooth over trouble spots in creation, and often does. He focues the harmonious level of the feeling part of creation, and by attuning to him, you too can participate in the harmonious aspect of his area. If he were here on Earth, we would call him a courtly gentleman, but of course heis not a human being, but one who encompasses the smooth representation of harmony. He is able to harmoniously settle areas of disagreement between close associates. he does this with his engery; his harmonious energy causes the situation to become less tense. Now, if you called upon him for aid in a personal relationship, it might not solfe the problem completely, you have to do that yourself, but the particular moment of tenseness could be smooth by his harmonious energy. After that you should work to remove the causes for this disharmonious condition. Auriel has an overall view and directorship over every artist that ever lived, every musican, every painter, every dancer; but not in a personal sense. He is involved in an art movement withing a country as it begins to flow. Remember Italy in the Middle Ages? If you create beautiful objects at a time on Earth when there isn't much Light, you can bring about, in an esoteric sense, a harmony that will be very helpful. The art movement here is a reflection of wonderful celebrations we have for the Creator on the higher planes. Auriel is repsonsible many times for arranging these celebrations. ***************************** The next aspect, number eight, is Hod and we have here the Archangel Raphael. All of you know him very well. He is intellectually curious about absoutely everything. He is a logical focus that can deduce the specific was of bringing about what has been outlined and energized. Now, this is a specific in the area of logic. Can you attune to it? He is one what perceptively views creation, sees beyond the obvious, and aids others to do so also. If you are seeking to understand more in the mental area, calling upon him would be very productive, very helpful. He has the beauty of a great intellect and the resonance of understanding that goes to the heart of a matter. Raphael is a beautiful, great being. He is iinvolved in logically deciding the best way to accomplish most everything including how to bring in the most appropriate type of higher consciousness to the Earth. All of us in the Hierarchy (and we are not yet perfect, as we keep telling you) can call on him when we have doubts about the best way to accomplish our objectives. Archangels don't have doubts about the best way to accomplish our objectives. Archangels don't have doubts. They have figured it all out within their own knowingness, they know what will work; they just assure us and we believe believe them. It is very helpful. ********************************* The next sephirah is Yesod (number nine) and the wonderful being of Gabriel is the Archangel of this aspect. He is one that ever seeks to clarify existence; to focus the Divinity from the heights into the physical, and conversely, to allow those who live in the physical to focus and to transcend through him to the heights, to the Divintiy within. He thus stands at a very important point, seeking always to allow himself tocut through the illusion of Earth living and to aid others to do so. This is a part of his service. It is very interesting that Gabriel is know as the one who has a horn. What does that say to you? Gabriel deals with the astral plane, the part of creation that is very close to the physical, but isn't there yet. He says, I'm going to blow my horn here so that you can find me." He is announcing that you must penetrate the astral illusion and see what is truly there on the astral plane, because it will be coming into manifestation in the physical. If we see what is coming, then we will know what needs to be worked with. Gabriel then focuses all of creation, the creative activity that has gone on in aspects one through eight, and then passes it on to sandalphon, the Archangel of the physical. ******************************* Malcuth is aspect number ten, and its Archangel is Sandalphon. He is probably the most responsible Archangel that I have ever met. Try to feel him. You feel a solidness about this one. You could rely on him forever. He is very actively involved now with the New Age. He is directly connected to kether. He works closely with Michael, Auriel, Gabriel and Raphael. These four Archangels are called "The Angels of the Four Corners" and are a unique representation of the focus of energies before they come into the physical. Sandalphon is always working with the Earth energies, transforming them to the highest level possible, seeking now to guide the Earth and its dirct manifestation into a more smooth-flowing path as we move forward into the New Age. He focuses the Seventh Ray and seeks to implanet it more securely on Earth now. As a general rule, the Archangels are not assigned as personal teachers, but there are some exceptions. However, we many learn from any of them, and we study with them. All of you have gone to classes where these great ones teach. Depending upon your purposes, you can call upon any one of them to help you, but be sure that it is within the scope of their responsibility to address the probelm that you desire help with. They can only help you withing the framework of their job area. Most of the time, we are own teacher, your sould and your Monad are very capable of directing you. You really don't need anyone else. Then, of course, you have teachers on the inner planes also. Mainly, the Archangels teach evolving consiciousness through calsses on the inner planes. Then, when you evolve to the level of the Fifth Initation, Archangels take orders from you. You may wish at some time to call upon the Archangels of the Four Corners (Michael, Auriel, Raphael and Gabriel) for protection. You could say that in the manifested world, they stand ever ready to guard ayou against the polarity of existence. I don't like to call it negativity, bit it is the type of energy that is more disassociated from the Creator. By invoking their protection in a specific way, you can be protected from being invaded by those who have seperated from the Divine. Thank-You for your time, I Am The One Who Is, Comdr * LightSpeed * Knowledge/Wisdom/Action

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