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I'm new to this group and would like to share some of my thoughts on what it truly means to be a Goddess.

I'd like to discuss what it is that makes up the feminine psyche and truly being able to own herself as "she" was meant to be.

As nurturer's, we are able to take into account any individual or circumstantial need and attend to it in a supporting way. The child that lacks self-esteem will be comforted and shown that their is unique worth in who they are. The business that lacks a vision of service to the world, will be at the very least noticed by the feminine sense of understanding. The relationship that is going off-track emotionally will sound the alarm to the feminine's sense of what is needed. The self, that feels something is wrong in her world, will recognize the pain.

As the creative's, once we see what is needed or wanted or what would bring joy, we come up with the overall vision of how to move forward from that standpoint.

As inward contemplator's we arrive at our knowing by taking our nurture and creativity into account to heal and solve issues.

As lover's, we bring all of the above to our beloved as the moments unfold and surrender to our passion and gratitude for that individual being in our life.

Does anyone have a particular story or comment to share on behalf of the feminine?


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