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10. Nov 16th.

Morning! A question if I may … nothing like whamming straight in there … Some people have suggested that ‘you’ are ‘us’ in the future. Is that correct? And if so … can words explain that? Please?

Again it is difficult to describe certain concepts because we are in a place where this is NO TIME … yet you set your clock by it! We would like to suggest that for a few of your minutes you enter into a world within your mind of what a week of ‘your time’ would be like with ‘NO TIME’. Literally, no passing minutes or hours… just Being in the moment, at that moment. It would be very strange for most of you for your usual functioning would go astray and many things would fall apart because you run your lives by this method of abiding by these limitations. Therefore do you see? How can we explain to you systems of ‘space travel’ where there is no time and ask you to understand?

Well … then … for instance … if you are still around up there in ‘our space’, are you in OUR now? Or YOUR now? And is YOUR now OUR now when you are here with us? And I can’t believe I’m asking this!!

Each moment of now is the now for the moment.

Need I say anything!!

Let us try and assist this process …

If you wouldn’t mind …

Back in the days of no time upon your planet ... and there was such a time … it was possible for BEings to BE anywhere they so desired at any given moment because of their capacity to understand laws regarding motion and BEing. Travelling elsewhere … for want of a way of helping … was not a matter of ‘going’ somewhere else … it was a matter of BEing somewhere else… for there was not the restriction that one has placed upon the self in these current days of yours.

It was not a place OR time that one moved into. We feel words are inadequate to take you to an understanding within the self regarding this matter.

I’m hanging on in there … let’s keep with it …

If we were to describe OUR portal of entrance to your time as a void of existence between your time and ours … perhaps this may help.

Not from where I’m sitting …

As in when we enter or exit THROUGH a portal we allow ourselves to BE in that place from which it allows us to travel.

So … are you saying you are from another place or another time?


From our future?


Are you us?

Yes. You see … We are all each other. We CANNOT be separate from each other. This is not how it is. Although one would perhaps question the knowledge that ones’ individuality has allowed the separateness of ourselves to actually separate us from the whole. But this is unable to take place. This cannot be. There is no detachment from one another. There is no detachment from the whole. There is a disconnectedness but there is no detachment.

We are showing to you Blossom an image of a phone wire that is connected to your computer and your telephone systems. Let us say to you in this way, that it can sometimes be that one is not connected to the computer from that phone line and yet the phone wire is still attached to the phone and the computer. It is just that there is a disconnectedness from the main source. Does this help?

Yep I get that. But are we not veering from the point here … staying on track is vital… considering it’s rather a hike!

It is necessary for one to try and grasp the ‘ONENESS concept. The ALL being ALL. For there is nothing else. Then perhaps one can grasp … however faintly … the possibility that the ALL IS ALL … All AR THE SAME TIME … because THERE IS NO TIME. There Just IS. All happening at once. And it depends on what ‘frame’ you are IN during that ALL that allows you to BE what you THINK YOU ARE. Where as in actual fact, you are simply focusing on a particular TIME LINE …

Yet there is no time????****!!!!!!


So how can we be in a time line?

Because you have placed it there.

We show to you now of a comic book strip of drawings. There are all there on the pages … there are all there within the comic. Look at it this way. Imagine that the actual square that you are focusing on at that time is the square that you have chosen to live in … not at this time … but just NOW. Then, you may turn the page and you are living in THAT square NOW. It was always there but you weren’t reading that page … or indeed that square on that page.

IT IS ALL … and when we say ALL … we mean ALL already there. EVERYTHING! Every thought that can be thought. Every move that can be made. Everything IS. It is just a matter of what PLACE OF THAT ALL you choose to reside in within yourselves focus.

TIME for my medication surely!!!

We feel what we have described MAY allow one to see things from another perspective. And aid you to understand a little more of past, present, future.

And I would assume then, that you are from our past also … actually … DER! ... I’ve never got this before about past, present and future all being the same but … by George I think I’ve got it!!! This means that there is NO past present future … There is just NOW … and that NOW is whatever comic strip square I choose to be in. But hold it … How come then ... I seem to be stuck on this page!!!??? In this lifetime???

You are not stuck. You are experiencing a particular chapter of your choice. That is all. There is NO END to this book.


Eh … What happened? You’ve gone!

And they had. Most odd. I literally felt as if … for whatever reason … the link SNAPPED. I have never had it happen like that before. Trying to find words … I have felt the link get fainter, but never the complete cut off … without so much as a 'by your leave' … Strange … and yet unavoidable I know that. So no hard feelings. Phew! Now I am going to read this back and see if it makes sense!

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