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Can We Change the Future - if we have "seen" it / felt it ??

have been thinking a lot lately about the time conundrum, particularly due to a close enough experience of pre-cognition that I had some years ago. It was when I was in our house getting a cookie from the dolphin-shaped cookie jar. I lifted the lid (the dolphin’s head), and then I froze because I could sense or feel a presence there. It was very strong and I even sensed a person in our house, but there was no-one there, except me. I thought to myself “that is weird” because at the time, I did not think that I was being psychic and that it was a pre-cognitory experience. Anyhow, the next day, our house was burgled, although we found that the robbers had been disturbed by something (by me perhaps on another “plane”), and had left some CDs stacked on the floor of our Lounge room. While they had taken a lot of stuff, most of it belonged to my partner, and we found my little printer in my Study in one of their bags, ready to be stolen, but it seems something had startled them, for they had left the bag behind. The lid to the cookie jar was open, and the ice-cream container was out on the bench, with the ice-cream melted. I guess they were looking for jewels or money amongst the ice-cream or the cookies.

After this incident, I thought ….

* What if I had known or realized that there was to be a burglary in the future, and had taken extra pre-cautions, and the burglary then did not take place the next day?

* How could that be, because if it had not taken place, then how could I have tuned into it psychically?

The book at the URL below looks at this question from page 17 and says that “if the future could be changed, then it would not be the future”. If it is a true pre-cognitive experience, then it already or actually exists, or has happened (as “time” is really a measure of how we pass our moments or experiences). Then why would I have had this experience? Perhaps it just happened spontaneously and is evidence that the space-time continuum is not really linear, but is a spiral of events or of experiences all actually happening at the same time. Many say that the function or purpose of premonitions and precognitions is not exactly known.

I myself conclude that the fact that some people, including me, have had genuine pre-cognitions or premonitions, happens because there is no such thing as “time” as we think it to be. In other words, to flip this around - because there is no such thing as linear time, people do have pre-cognitions and premonitions, and when these happen, it is really a case of them just tapping into something that IS.

I suppose that we can act upon a future event (if we have glimpsed / are aware of a particular future event) but cannot change that future, but may change another “future”. For example, if I could see the Lotto numbers, then I could submit my own ticket with those numbers marked, and that future (i.e. the Lotto numbers) would still happen – BUT along with a very different overall future for me compared to if I had not seen the Lotto numbers, haha.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

See chapter 3 on page 17

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Thank you Kerrie, for your insightful and clear post. The question is interesting with respect to "time" as we see it. I wonder if my multi-dimensional / transcendental Self knew there was to be a burglary and stopped the thieves from taking my things. The specific "future" event that I felt still did occur, i.e. someone standing at the cookie jar, but something did spook them and send them fleeing. If I had stayed at home the next day, hoping to stop the burglary, it probably would have just occurred the next day or one day when we were both out. I certainly would not have planned to have got home early from work the actual day of the burglary, about 3.00pm, and literally turn up and suprise the burglars, whom might have attacked me in that case. It was about 3.00pm the day before when I felt one of the burglars, so if I had then thought a burglary would occur within 24 hours, I might have gone to work and come back early to try to stop it. Luckily I didn't do that .... I think!! Namaste, Celine


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