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There is a wisdom that says the two symptoms of enlightenment are, you don't worry anymore, and synchronicities appear with greater frequency in your life. By engaging in this group, you will put your mind on half that equation, there by, through thought, attracting more of them in your life, and moving toward becoming enlightened faster.

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Realizing that I had stopped worrying about things blew my mind. I was a constant worrier about everything. One day I just realized that I hadn't worried about anything for several weeks and I couldn't correlate it with my character, or what I thought was a part of my character and it had me on my ass for a time while I came to comprehend it and understand that I didn't need that as part of my character. Flow for me at the moment is calm and just moving along. I have had bits of syncronicity happen to me, but nothing so profound really.
A few years ago, I had a dialogue with Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the moon. Carl Jung, the great Swiss Psychologist who created the term "synchronicity," called them 'acausal' events, i.e., there was no cause and effect relationship between them. It was suggested to this scholar of Other Realities, that synchronicities were in fact related in a cause and effect way, but the subtle aspects of intention, as cause, were beyond the grasp of current scientific theory. The great man "didn't have a problem with that" as he put it. Validation from a great hero? That is a reward to prize!
"Only a paradox comes close to comprehending the fullness of life" -

It's through paradox that we encounter synchronicities...being fully in the moment.
Hi, how you heard about "reality shifts". Cynthia Larson is the pioneer of this. It is hard to explain her theory but it ties in with how synchronicity happens! It is probably best to have a good look at her site, if u are interested to do so.


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