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Here is a link on this specific sincronicity and containing also related files and links.
- the lecture above explains much on dna issue.

Who else has lectures or other materials on this please add them!

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Well done Mariell...I've experienced this more's staggering...the lesson is, the more you focus on things (and everyone here knows this) the more they manifest.
Thank's really very interesting the information.
Love& Synchronithity
many people all over the world noticed with 11:11, some said it's wake up call
that number also bring me here.. to join with all of you..

Love light & Blessing ;)
Wow, I love it Marie...I haven't been here in a couple of one's commented on this discussion since January, and the one time I'm on the net for a short while, coming here for a few minutes to post a blog about today's date, that contains 11/11, you put up this comment in a group that I started that's been somewhat dormant, literally up to the point I was going to sign off for another few months+! That in my book, is a great synchronicity! And note this link if you'd like to delve deeper:

Best wishes friends!


Marie said:
I see 11.11 a lot, also 111 and 33. Recently I see 11.12 or 11.22 or 11.42 lots of 2,22 and 222. If anyone knows what the number 2 means please let me know.
I also see 11:11 and other combinations such as 00:00, 2121, 15:15 and loads more. I believe it is a count down before the wake up call.


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