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Since it has been rising a great question,what are they,I think,we need to explore them more...

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Comment by Natalie Grove on August 30, 2009 at 10:49pm

Comment by Natalie Grove on August 30, 2009 at 10:47pm
This was taken in Beldon Town, CA on a 3 day camping even with house DJs and over a hundred people.
Comment by Natalie Grove on August 30, 2009 at 10:46pm

Comment by little light on August 30, 2009 at 4:44pm
Information from


Physical Characteristics and Personality

In addition to glowing balls, Orbs can appear in a rainbow of colors. Barely physical, their bodies can be described as bubbles of energy. Scientists, who have researched Orbs, believe their body is made of dense groupings of charged particles called plasma. This could mean that Orbs are the simplest sentient beings in the Universe.

In regards to polarity, Light/Dark, they appear to be polarized to the Light. Orbs feel and express “Light” feelings of love, happiness, bliss, and joy, etc. Their bodies are so fragile and sensitive that they are incapable of processing “Dark” feelings of pain and anger. Just witnessing a conflict can hurt them. Not being able to fully experience “Dark” feelings they are quite innocent in nature. Orbs are like children who never grow up. This, of course, is evident in their bubbly outgoing demeanor and child-like naiveté. They are very playful, inquisitive, and love to explore.

Societal Characteristics

Through a form of research that I call, “timeline work”, in which I use my psychic abilities to tap into alternate timelines, I discovered that like other societies that have polarized to the Light, Orbs live in collectives. A collective society functions as a unified consciousness. The minds and emotions of each member are linked so that everyone can experience what the others are thinking and feeling. This connection creates a peaceful and harmonious society but at the expense of free will and individuality.

The Orb belief system states each member of the collective exists to serve others not only in their own species but in the galactic community at large. Serving others is an important form of soul growth.

Fields of Expertise

One of the ways that Orbs serve their galactic neighbors is by using their capability for interdimensional travel to act as windows into other dimensions. In essence, they provide a telescopic view into another world. For example when we see Orbs in photographs, many times they are there acting as a window for someone in another dimension. In this capacity Orbs are like historians, recording events as they play out.

Due to their preference for living in groups, when serving within civilian populations, Orbs adapt well to family life. They can be employed as companions to single or aging people, or playmates to small children. In some cases, they are the childcare provider, giving the parents remote visual access to their child via their ability to be in two places at once. Imagine yourself as parent and on your desk at work sits an Orb. When you look at it much like peering into a crystal ball or TV, you can see a real time picture of your child at play.

Orb’s abilities are also used within religious or spiritual groups wherein they act similar to crystal balls, allowing individuals to see past or future timelines.

There are societies in existence that worship Orbs as gods because of the vast amounts of wisdom they possess from their service within many different cultures on many different worlds.

Orbs as Starseeds

Like many other galactic races, Orbs have sent members of their society to represent them as starseeds on Earth. These souls have agreed to incarnate as humans on Earth to aid this planet and themselves. Below are the characteristics that I’ve found to indicate an Orb starseed.

* Highly sensitive and psychic.
* A common health issue is severe allergies.
* Described as sweet, cute, naïve, and/or child-like.
* Tend to be very well-mannered and obedient.
* Tend to be very private, quiet, shy and introverted.
* Are great observers and are very creative individuals.
* Are passionate about learning.
* Learn by observing others and repeating what they are trying to learn.
* Strive for perfection.
* Tend to be followers rather than leaders.
* Can seem ungrounded or detached.
* React to situations passively and let others take advantage of them.
* Tend to ignore or run away from pain.
* Find social situations challenging.

* What Orb Starseeds are Here to Give

Being very playful and inquisitive individuals, Orb Starseeds are here to show others how to remain open to the magic of life which keeps our creative juices alive. They teach us to observe life, as a child does, examining and playing with everything possible, remaining open to the miracles of life.

Additionally, Orb Starseeds are here to help us understand the Universe in a new way. They are here to teach us about the oneness of life. Although individual aspects of life appear separate from each other, Orb Starseeds see all life existing as a unified whole. They live each day in respect and with empathy for all living things, as ones actions can influence the life of another in unknowable ways.

What Orb Starseeds are Here to Gain

The Orb Starseed’s goal is to learn to embrace individuality and the full range of “Dark” feelings that come with it, a trait they have not yet developed. This means that they need to learn how to make their own choices rather than follow the pack. To do so they must embrace the idea that having thoughts, beliefs, and desires that are outside of the norm or status quo are okay.

Further, they must learn to establish healthy boundaries or limits on how much they give and serve others. In other words, they must become healthily selfish. Coming from a belief that states that their worth depends on how and to what extent they serves others; this is not an easy change to make.

Additionally, understanding the value in pain is particularly difficult for them. The Orb body is nowhere near capable of withstanding the amount of pain that a human body can! Without boundaries, one does not feel safe. Instead of setting the boundaries to make it safe to feel and express emotions, these individuals may find any number of ways to ignore them and escape pain. Their daily activities, such as studying, playing music and even eating, become modes of escape rather than a source of enjoyment.

Living in such a way can leave one feeling very depleted and unhappy with their life. They may manifest any number of emotional or physical challenges that aid them in learning to set boundaries. The most common emotional issues for Orb starseeds are in the social realm. In facing fears and the possibility of pain they distance themselves from others and become reclusive rather than playful individuals. Without boundaries, they can end up in codependent relationships in which actions are taken to please others rather than ones self. In such relationships they try to rescue others from their pain or let others take advantage of them. While taking care of others, as Orbs are programmed to do, they deny their own needs.

When their fear of feeling pain and “Dark” feelings becomes the predominant focus in their lives, they will manifest this need through developing severe allergic reactions to others and to their environment in general. Many Orbs experience multiple allergies to foods, chemicals, dust, and even people! Allergies are the subconscious’s way of saying that it feels unsafe with its life choices. By setting personal boundaries an Orb starseed can learn to have self-love, joy, and compassion in ways they never had before.

In closing, I hope I have furthered your understanding of Orbs and their starseeds. You may even discover that you or your child is an Orb starseed. Having a better understanding of our galactic neighbors will help us to prepare for citizenship in the galactic community.
Comment by Rainah Goldfeather on May 22, 2009 at 3:57pm

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Comment by Zell on May 22, 2009 at 11:59am
I went hiking through the rainforest of puerto rico(el yunque) and stopped @ a waterfall to swim, and to take some piks... but to be honest i think the orbs are really just light spectrum activity, but whatever they make a picture look nice lol


Comment by Besimi on May 22, 2009 at 10:54am
very nice group :):):) I love stories about Orbs
Comment by Rainah Goldfeather on May 20, 2009 at 7:57pm
This particular concert we put on was in the middle of a huge cow field...this was an indian village with an indian mound still there near where we set up the drum circle. The orbs, i felt were ecstatic to have us there. they seemed to be dancing and celebrating with us

Comment by Rainah Goldfeather on May 20, 2009 at 7:50pm
They were on stage with the musicians

Comment by Rainah Goldfeather on May 20, 2009 at 7:45pm
and then at our last full moon concert that we put on there were thousands


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