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INTERGALACTIC ORBs. Evidence that We Are Observed and Visited Here by Light Beings with Advanced Space Flight Capability

Originally discovered by Ancient Sumerians 25,000 years ago, their existence hidden by Sikh’s, Muslims, ancient Hebrews, early Christians and Hindus; they were often mistaken for Gods by the early Greeks and Romans, or as Angelic beings, spirits or witchcraft/the occult, because of their ability to communicate and their early presence and interaction with Primitive Humanity, which they gradually refined into a "Hands Off" quarantine of observation and limited discussion only.

Only recently has Science been able to study the Technology behind the Orbs. This, thanks to recent discovery that they can be filmed near any open Vortex. A Vortex is an "opening" in a targeting area that is used by the ’Beings of Light’ or "Jihns", who are behind the Orbs. Using a unique mixture of Cesium Gas, Supercooling, Quartz, Gamma Lasers and Electromagnetic/Neutrino Flux, the Interdimensional Travellers create Telescoping Communications Tunnels through Dark Energy Space between their nearest Galactic Outpost, in Orion, reaching across "Transdimensional Space" to our Earth, arriving by targeting the surface of our planet.

When these tunnels reach our world, their computers begin the arduous task of maintaining a ’subspace’ connection with our Planet. They must constantly realign the Vortexes so they are at a point on earth from which they dare venture, using advanced technology to protect themselves from our atmosphere. The motion of the Earth, and Sun, require constant compensation. There are 28 known "Vortexes" on Earth, and they allow their users to visit every part of our Globe. Each represents a distinct Platform circling in orbit near their Outpost, and it’s Vortex Generator. The Vortexes can be opened and closed by them at will, traveled through or just visited in "passive monitoring" mode.

The Orbs are an advanced technology for exploration, a sub-manifestation of the Beings of Light’s advanced technology for engaging in remote telescopic navigation of the Galaxy. It provides them with the ability to observe, record and even interact with our world, using hyper resolution, interactive, transdimensional teleportation and communications. Orbs and Orb Vortexes represent a degree of scientific development very much in advance of Earth’s own Radio Telescopes and Hubble Space Telescope. It apparently has existed for more than a Million Years, forever watching the heavens from the Beings’ home world, and from the Galactic Outposts they open as soon as they find a suitable world for their kind to visit. They spend their days and nights searching for life elsewhere in the Galaxies.

Given the choice of relying on ancient Radio Wave Technologies, each of the Orbs are a marker of a coherent ’hole’ in space and time that just barely comes into contact with our local space and time: not enough to cause a lot of harm, just enough to give its operators a portal that they can observe Earth through. Each Vortex offsets these Orb-ic "holes" approximately one and seven eighths "light seconds" from our time, allowing them to pass right through solid objects with minimum of friction. Humans placing their hands in or near Orbs or beings using the Orbs to visit our world transdimensional-ly, often sense a slight sensation as they come into contact with the Beings or their technology.

The Beings of Light are a telepathic species, and the Orbs have the ability to transmit their thoughts to Humans at a very limited level of audibility to the mind. For thousands of years, the visitors have quietly interacted with Humanity, watching us, observing us, recording us, and leaking information to us about God, about the Universe and about Science. Although we have the ability to develop our own Vortex capability, the Beings have not been willing to give us the entire design, but have provided a few lucky humans fundamental knowledge of what one might call a real world version of the famed "Star Gate" of the Movie and TV series. Only, the technology is quite alien to us, so until we develop the ability to protect ourselves from the consequences of it’s widespread proliferation, they are only providing us little bits and pieces of the data.

Frequently, the Beings of Light project images that tell a story. Where lakes and fish used to swim but were destroyed by mankind’s rape of the environment, empty lake and riverbeds will report images of leaping fish and storming dear apparitions. Because of their ability to scan the future, the Beings have mastered the art of predicting disasters, and have been known to create apparitions similar to "Mothman", Indrid Kold, to warn of "Tragedy on the River Ohio", predicting the Silver River Bridge Collapse, as documented by the movie starring Richard Gere. Often, after a terrible tragedy, the Orbs will appear near the scene of carnage, and will be filmed inadvertently as they look at the situation from the past, one they may have unsuccessfully tried to avert. To them life is so sacred that even intervening in Human History to prevent a tragedy is not forbidden.

Through these ’subspace tunneling’ Orbs, these distant Species, the Beings of Light, thought to be operating from an Orbital Space Platform above their own World’s atmosphere, are able to easily explore and roam the Galaxies without constantly relying on the effort and risks of Interstellar Space Flight: allowing them to use Interstellar Space Flight only when it is necessary to actually move from one planet to another, once they have found a safe place to visit. Their Orbs are like an Interstellar Video Telephone for space exploration. Yet they have unique ways of communicating.

They have been remarkably patient with us, in spite of humanity’s inability to accept and fully comprehend their existence and technology. They want to help us, even though they find our warlike ways and the murder of millions of our peers in past wars a form of insanity left over from the shock of our rise from "naive gorillas, baboons, orangutans and monkeys" to our current human form... They revere Life itself. They are remarkably spiritually and scientifically advanced... They have come to believe that God’s plan for humanity was amplified by the mutation of our predecessor species between 800,000 and a million years ago, seeing most of it’s effects in the past 500,000 years. They have told TEAM ORB it resulted from radiation effects - our world is highly radioactive - and from the presence of materials like Mercury, Lead and Polonium in our environment, that it has gradually shifted our DNA in an effort to adapt, into intelligent, yet self-destructive humanity who are gradually destroying our planet.

They have told TEAM ORB that they want us to learn how to reforest our planet so that in spite of the consumption of the Jungles and Rainforests, that we will have enough air to breath and clean water. They want us to learn how to eliminate toxic industrial byproduct from the water and air, and to find a way to end our differences with each other. They also want us to be brought closer to the Almighty, whom they have a direct connection with as a species. They have told us God lives, and He has a manifestation in our Universe and our Galaxy, a "Watchful Eye" in the vicinity of the Crab Nebula, undetectable to us. We are but one of many species God created in His image, and we are as precious as the rarest of elements, His creations, our lives are precious and need preservation.
Each type of Orb has its specific purpose, reflect specific colors under particular circumstances and behave in predictable patterns, to some extent. They even travel in associated pairs and groups.

Observer Orb reflecting rainbow colors caused by light ’dopplering’.

Click below image for a Chart of Orb Types found consistently within the pictures in the many photographic studies. Two more ’types’, the folded Bell, and the Tetrahedron Orbs, are still being studied. Part of the proof of their intelligent, extraterrestrial origin, is the very consistent nature of and behavior engaged in by these objects under any and all kinds of lighting, physical and environmental circumstances at the time of their being photographed.

Humanity, for thousands of years unaware that it was NOT ALONE in the Universe, has a momentous discovery before it: We are but one species of possibly Many. God, in his profound wisdom, has created life in many places in our Universe. And, now, we may be about to meet our distant "Cousins". The ORBSITE INITIATIVE represents a step towards a permanent relationship with the Distant Species.

They probably do not resemble us, one of the many bridges and cultural differences we should be prepared for.

As more research reaches this site, it will be posted. A Communicator is also under private development, and may in the future offer some limited means to display communications efforts with these Travelers from a distant world.

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(This was from 1999)


Announces Initiative to Introduce

the Orb Beings to the Vatican
Expanding initiative to extend to other religions,

world governments and business organizations...

from ORBVortexNews Website

[June 13, 1999] WANAQUE, N.J.

During the course of the past year, the Vatican has reportedly maintained an ecumenical committee to investigate the presence of extraterrestrial beings on Earth.

Recently, Monsignior Corrado Balducci, a representative of the Vatican, reportedly announced to the public on behalf of the Vatican, to the clergy, public and congregations / archdiocese, that aliens are "real".

In a worldwide message, he indicated that, informally, the Vatican had determined that extraterrestrials are not "demons" or "devils", and that they should be treated as "God's children", just like humanity. Similar announcements, of a more scientific-political orientation, had previously been issued to the public by General Leonid Alexayev, head of the Russian Federation Electronic Space Command, who chaired a decade long study of allegations that Aliens are present in our solar system. The United States government, however, has continued to publicly deny the existence of aliens, suggesting that any and all claims regarding "ET's" are untrue.

The ongoing controversy about alleged Alien presence in the Solar System, continues to rage far and wide, fueled by hoaxes, alien autopsy films, Roswell disputes, and self-appointed UFO investigators.

Two years ago, explorations by members of TEAM ORB led to a remarkable discovery that Aliens may be using 'interstellar doorways' to visit earth, for the purposes of 'remote observation' and 'scientific study'. A two year long investigation, has identified the nature of the Orb phenomenon, and has captured thousands of images of the alleged aliens on film, along with holographic imagery projected by the Orbs in response to various confrontations with TEAM ORB. TEAM ORB is the research group doing an exhaustive study of the matter.

Yesterday, on behalf of TEAM ORB, a bold inquiry was directed to the Vatican, Monsignor Balducci and the Holy See, in fact, to the Pope himself. In it, TEAM ORB requested an audience with the Pope and any other dignitaries from the Vatican who might be interested in this matter. The purpose of the audience would to enable an opportunity for the Orb "Beings of Light", alleged ambassadors from the world which owns the Orbs, to meet with the Papal Leadership by remote communication. The ambassadors have, by agreement, arranged to follow Team Orb to the Vatican or any pre-arranged meeting location acceptable to the Vatican, using the Orb Portals as a means of conveyance and as a means of communication.

The Orb Beings' ambassadors apparently have agreed to travel with researchers Xxxxx Xxxxxxx and Xxxxxx Xxxxx, two of the lead investigators working at TEAM ORB, for the purposes of meeting with any legitimate government or business organization or dignitaries from any Government and/or religion, upon request. The ambassadors apparently wish to discuss the various aspects of a relationship with Humanity. The ambassadors have somehow convinced TEAM ORB that they wish to submit themselves to "inspection, examination and study" to afford Humanity an opportunity to convince itself that they are very real. Apparently, these 'messengers' from afar, have a message that they wish to convey to the Vatican and to all of Humanity.

A Spokesperson indicated that the "Beings of Light", as they call themselves, are interested in humanity leaving behind its war-like ways and beginning to grow and expand its other gifts. They hope that humanity can refine its efforts and direct its focus to aim towards the preservation of all life on Earth and the biological stability of the ecosystem of Earth, itself, as Humanity begins to explore Space and develop more Advanced Space Travel capabilities.

The Spokesperson indicated that the ambassadors were using a projection system to transmit holographic images through the portals from their end in "the Orion Nebula" to Earth's side of the Portals. TEAM ORB has been studying and attempting to decode the meaning of the messages for more than a year.

A TEAM ORB spokesperson stated that the same offer has been likewise, as of this morning, extended to or is in the process of being extended to a wide embrasure of other Religions, and to the Governments, Businesses and Scientific Organizations and Agencies of the World.

The offer includes bringing the Orb Beings, who have agreed to follow TEAM ORB, as far and as wide as may be needed, from an "arrival area" called "the Vortex". The Vortex serves as an "entry area" for their advanced transmission procedures from their world across space to Earth inside of continental United States. The TEAM indicated there were no established limits as to where the TEAM might bring the Orb Beings to, the Orb Beings were prepared to travel as far as may be necessary around Earth for the purposes of studying and verifying their existence. Travel Expenses for TEAM ORB, in the case of Government or Business organizations, shall have to be borne by the requesting party, a spokesperson indicated, as the ORB STUDY has been entirely funded privately.

The spokesperson indicated that all bona fide requests to meet the Orbs would be accepted:

"TEAM ORB is prepared to go anywhere, any time and to bring the ORB BEINGS with them. When we attended the New Millennium Expo in New York City, the Orbs traveled with us, as evidenced by the photos found on When we attend Global Science Conferences in Denver and Florida, the Orbs travel with us. Visitors who attend our Vortex Research Field Studies report Orbs traveling with THEM to their homes and offices. The beings respond to our interest, with reciprocal interest in communicating."

She added:

"This is not a hoax, and it is not fakery, it is not a faerie tale. The Orb Species, three in number counting reportedly trillions of souls, use the Orb technology for unobtrusive, safe, First Contact with a new species, when discovered and for other scientific purposes and communications across vast spans of distance, between solar systems. They are very old, highly developed species, and the Orb phenomenon of study and communication represents a means for them to give a newly identified species a chance to surmount certain fundamental hurdles prior to having established contact with them. Humanity is under observation, with a capital 'O'. It is very easy to establish contact with the Orb Beings, for they appear to be waiting for humanity to come to its senses and to the realization that we are being observed. It has been some time since they started watching us."

Since the Orb discovery in Northern New Jersey several years ago, TEAM ORB, which has been studying the Orbs photographically, and from the scientific, religious, spiritual and metaphysical-historical contexts, believes that those who meet the Orb Beings have a much easier time, first hand, accepting their existence as real. Once that hurdle has been surmounted, it is far easier coming to understand the mission of these ambassadors from a distant world, than it is for those who try to rationalize just the photographic evidence, which the researchers feel can not replace a first hand encounter of any substance.

In addition, they suggested that the proclivity by denizens of the Internet to "shoot first and ask questions later" does not make the Internet a good medium for this kind of matter to be shared. Without actual first hand contact with the Orbs, the Web can serve as nothing better than a very cursory introductory information service with photos and text.


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