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The pyramids are massive structures ... The earliest pyramid was the Step Pyramid of king Djoser of the Old Kingdom's 3rd Dynasty over 4,600 years ago, which was relatively small ... It had a low tomb upon which extra levels were gradually added to give it a step-like appearance .. Later on, the great ones were built ... How did they, such a long time ago, even transport those enormous stones in the first place, forget building the entire pyramid.??. scientists of today have tried to replicate them, and failed to create even a relatively small one .... Either they were far more advanced than us or some alien technology and help was present ... what do you think ... ?

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is that the earliest pyramid .. ??
hmm ... they were gr8 architects man ..

Sunrise said:
It is oldest and one of the first discovered in excavations
another possibility ??

Haha AK... My personal belief is that the pyramids were built by the Lemurians using sacred alchemy and geometry and the stones where levitated into place by the manipulation of energy. I envision them as beautifully sculpted structures with smooth alabaster sides angling straight up with no blocked edges with a radiant golden peak, with boundless energy emitting from them and in them. I definitely know I was there in the making of them, sometimes I feel like I can almost reach out and touch them in their original beauty. Regardless though, they hold the greatest mysteries and would be incredible to learn what those mystries are :)
We definetly were helped by ET's back then. Prolly reptillians.
these structures were not built by Egyptian people in the same consciousness as we have today the use of matter transfer was applied ,Who built them a race of beings from the stars if you like this area is a vortex a gateway


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